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Hey everybody, Just want to say that I had a great day today, infact 100% better then last year at this time. I often catch myself thinking what wrestling would be like if Owen were still here, but he's not and life (along with wrestling) has moved on. So thanks for the memories man and always and forever he will be in my heart.

Enough sad stuff...With out further ado.


I just want to quickly shout out to Jerry, You are the man. Loved the column on your loves. It was great to see a column, finally, about loves and not how much people hate this and that. Thanks so much.

Okay so I must admit that hey I can't comment on the PPV this weekend. Because my cable company sucks and cable was out until 9 PM Sunday night. What I wanted to do to the Cable Company is a felony to even mention so I won't. (For all the smart people out there they will know what I mean). Needless to say I spent the night watching "Growing Up Brady". Which was very funny to say the least. But since this is a wrestling column I will spare you the review...LOL!

I just want to address something really quick and then I will get on to Raw. I read in a column, hey it may have been posted on this site (crz's) that wrestling is headed for a downfall. Oh and honey it will happen. When is the question. For exp. Take a look at the grunge rock period, which started that was Nirvana's "Smells like Teen Spirit". To get to my point, With the outing of Nirvana came Sound Garden, Pearl Jam and several other Seattle based bands. For 3-4 great years we were treated to great music and so sadly the popularity of the music died the day Kurt Cobain blew his brains out. . Point of the matter is all mainstream popularity comes to end. Sure wrestling is hot, hell hotter then ever. But most of the fans are new and quite frankly dumb. They watch to see what color Jeff Hardy's hair is going to be, or if the Rock can get any hotter. This is some of the stuff that I have read in other columns on the net (before I piss people off, I am not talking about any column on the sites that post my column) . Sorry it's true. I watch wrestling due to the fact that I like the sport of it and could, if needed be, live without the entertainment. Sure the guys are hot, but that's only a fraction of the reason I watch. It's true.

With that out of my system. Lets Move onto Raw.

I absolutely loved Raw. I have nothing bad to say about it at all. Let me see this pissed off, stalking Rock all the time. I loved it. The Rock picking off the McMahon Helmsley era one by one. Starting with Vinnie Mac and ending with the Rock Bottom through the announce table on HHH. When the Rock finally did talk it summed up the entire night and quite frankly I thought it was the bast damn promo he ever stated.

The APA is another great highlight in any WWF programming. I must admit that for the longest time I was so pissed at Bradshaw and Farooq that if anyone even mentioned their names I was fighting back the urge to hurl. I am happy to say that I am so over that. I enjoyed the whole confrontation between the Acolytes and Crash Holly. I am glad I got that on tape then I can go back and watch it whenever I feel sad. Its is just too funny. The match was, well can we say, brutal. Poor Elroy, he deserved it you SO don't fuck with the Acolytes.

I am happy to announce to you that I took a 60-minute interval here and watched the Iron Man match that my friend, who is the lead singer of this kick ass beach music band (shameless plug), Brent taped for me. Gotta love him. I must say that I was really surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am not saying it was the best match but it had its spots that seemed to keep my interest. I try to look for good in everything I see because it's so easy to sit here and point out the bad. (Another hour break Oz is on).

In all reality this is Thursday, Hey I am moving and had a softball game (which we lost)...gimme a break.

Where was I, oh Raw, Yea well actually I am going to start with the ending of Judgement Day and end with the ending of Raw. How happy was Heather to see the return of The Undertaker. Love the new look, he looked like complete and utter bad ass.

Just a few thoughts and then I am outta here.

  • Didn't it seem like it took Kevin Nash an hour to get out of that coffin.

  • Why in gods name is Reid Flair on my television?

  • I think Edge may be the Billy Gunn of Edge and Christian.... I mean god all he can say is "For those with the benefit of flash photography"

  • I want more Michael Hayes on color commentary....and soon.

  • Lita turning on Essa...Great move..But please don't put her with anyone else. Get the Women's division to mean something again and get that belt around her waist.

    That's it, I am outta here. The column may be late next week to. I am moving this weekend so I will be working the worst of worst hours next week.

    Until next time:

    Keep it real.

    Webmistress, The World's Most Dangerous Abs

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