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Hey everyone, Yeah I was being slack last week. Nothing happened I just decided not to write a column. First thing I wanted to comment on was Sharon's comment about herself, Rebecca and I being the Charlie's Angels of the CRZ site. I take that as a compliment because that means that now, since I am an angel, I can kick ass and look great doing it. It's a hard job but somebody has to do it. One more thing and I promise to get to wrestling, I got into a little debate with a guy at work concerning the death penalty. To get to the point of the matter is that I am totally for it and him being the liberal do gooder wasn't. Now I am not saying that everyone in jail needs to die for the crimes they committed but if it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a person, whether it be male of female, carries out a crime that was premeditated and one or more innocent lives were taken. Then, yes, the person deserves to die. That's my opinion on the matter and basically I was in the minority on that one. So I decided to refrain from all talks that involve politics and penalties until I see fit to discuss them again....LOL!!!

With that out of the way,


First I would like to touch up on the first hour of Nitro and then I will hit some of the things I like that are going on in the WWF. I have to be totally honest with you that I forgot most of what went on the first hour except for the Vince Russo interview and the booking of the Lance Storm/Booker T match. From what I have read and heard that match was incredible. I can just imagine, I wish I would have changed the channel to watch it. I am sure some one has it on tape out there and would be willing to send it my way. Of course I would pay for it....Maybe. No really I would.

I really enjoyed the Vince Russo interview weather or not you did is not my concern. He finally explained why he left the WWF so fast and I have realized in my short 25 years that in order to feel successful you need to be doing something that is considered a challenge. Vince Russo is doing that, weather he fully succeeds is in the hands of the talent that he decides to push. Only time will tell weather the ratings continue to climb or if they stay where they are. Now I remember when Vince left the WWF and everyone was crying what the hell could Vince Russo do for the WCW? Let's see he is pushing younger talent, we are not forced to watch two fifty-year-old men parading around in their underwear collecting a damn paycheck and laughing all the way to the bank. We got a creditable World Champ who right at this moment deserves more then anyone to be wearing that belt. Weather he loses it at New Blood Rising is something we will have to wait for but you can almost guarantee that he won't lose it the Nash. The only thing that I could care less for is having to view Judy Bagwell every week, but I guess if wrestling didn't have something that you didn't like there wouldn't be any columns on the internet. Right?

On to the WWF.

I know in the past I have stated that I hate Stephanie and Shane together and I stand by that. When they are separated and and doing their own thing they stand out and I like that. Take Stephanie for instance, she is there fighting her feelings for Kurt Angle while she is married to that hottie HHH. This is what women live for guys, yes it's true. Stephanie is playing a game and walking the fence between these two guys and loving every minute of it. Who wouldn't? Sure she puts up a good act about how she wants them to get along and be friends. But come on, every women out there would die if one of the reasons two men were fighting was because of her. I am actually looking forward to future matches between the two. HHH has been really impressive in the ring as of late and Kurt Angle is just plain amazing. These guys will be meeting at SummerSlam weather it be involvement in a fatal four way for the Title or just in singles competition and it should be great.

As for Shane, Well gee there really isn't much to say about him except that he is an incredible person. I said some harsh things about the Shane and his new formed posse in past columns. I said it before and I say it again the faction will work as long as only Shane in involved and it looks to be that way for the time being. As soon as it turns into a McMahon fest it needs to go. I always liked Chris Beniot and his teaming with Shane only brought him to the level he needs to be at as a credible heal. So as long as Shane keeps Stephanie, and god forbid if Vince ever decides he needs to grace us with his presence, away this could be a major success.

One thing I read on a newsboard that had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to die was that Ken Shamrock will not be returning to the WWF because he has not received medical clearance to wrestle. Oh my god this was too funny because for all who are Ken fans should know that he has been competing with a company based out if Japan called Pride. I couldn't stop laughing I was like the man has medical clearance to compete in a REAL fight and yet can't get clearance to participate in a fake fight. For all of you that care Ken Shamrock has an official site, Go visit it, don't believe the shit you read on newsboards.

Some random notes and then I am outta here.

  • I am so happy that Stevie Richards has finally found his place in the WWF. This gimmick fits him well and should work for a long time

  • So I only have 17 more days till I hang with Rebecca, and finally meet Sharon. What a time we are going to have. As long as we can contain ourselves at the celebrity softball game and not rush the field...I will try not to I promise.

  • Rebecca told me something very interesting on the phone Monday night. The guy that Al Gore chose as a running mate. Leiberman or something like that, is on the board for the PTC. Interesting little tidbit.

  • I really like the pairing of Chaz and D-lo. These guys are very talented and deserve so much more.

  • Val Venis looks like he gained about 20 pounds. I must thank Rebecca for pointing that out to me because I never noticed....LOL!!!

  • Congrats to both Chris Jericho and Mark "Undertaker" Callaway on their marriages may they last for eternity.

  • Congrats in order for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston also, May that last as long as any Hollywood marriage can.

    Well that's it for me.

    Until Next Time,

    Keep it Real

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