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Heather Birkett




Hey all, Its good to be back after a two week long rest. I did have a great time this weekend doing the wrestling thing. Before I get to the rest of the column I would like to do some shout outs.

Rebecca: Thanks for the best vacation I had in a long time. I can't wait to do it again.

Sharon: You rule.....Can't wait to hang out in December. More wrestling, Can we handle it?.....LOL!!

Jen: I am not sure if you will read this but if you do, We are going to have so much fun at the concert with Mark and Jeffrey.....LOL!!! But for the time being let me get out of my fantasy world. You are awesome, Can wait till we hang out again.

Okay for those of you who don't know these are my three wrestling friends and we shared the most amazing weekend attending not only Summerslam. But also the Softball Game in Durham NC, Raw and Smackdown.

Just one more shout out then I will get to the column I promise.

Matt Hardy: If you read this, I know you have the link.....LOL!!! Thanks for taking the time to sit and talk to us. It was a chance of a lifetime and you truly rule. May all your dreams continue to come true and may you soar higher and higher.

Okay as I promise I am getting on to the rest of the column. I have to say that SummerSlam was the best pay per view in a long time. Now I know what a lot of people are thinking. "She was there of course it was awesome". Okay, I admit that when you are in attendance the show seems a lot better then it truly is, but I did have a chance to watch the tape and it was a great show. Every match was at the least solid. Even the Roaddogg/Xpac match which totally threw me for a loop. I mean I thought these two guys gave us a lot in the ring that night compared to what they have been giving us. I am not, by no means, saying it was the best match of the night. But hell at least it was solid.

Best match of the night goes to the Dudleys, Edge and Christian and the Hardys. Truly amazing, I am seriously in doubt that these guys should even try to top this match, what more can they do without seriously injuring themselves. Its crazy. I was truly worried for all participates considering the bumps that they took. Of course I was quite disappointed with the winner, I would have much rather had The Hardys win it. They SO deserve it.

I was seriously considering giving out a Bump of the night award, I mean in my opinion but it was too hard. First we have Shane's crazy ass bump from thirty feet in the air(give or take a foot). Then Jeff's crazy ass Swanton Bomb off the ladder on top of a table. The Buh Buh's crazy ass bump thru four tables. I mean god and that's not even mentioning Matt's bump thru the table and Devon's nasty bump after he fell from hanging. It's was seriously crazy.

Okay , some random thoughts and I am outta here.

  • Could Buh Buh Ray get any hotter, I think not.

  • How far will Kurt go to get Stephanie? I for one will be glued to the TV to find out. Incredibly compelling television.

  • I want to thank Ryan for making that incredible Chris Beniot tape for me. I don't know what I could do to ever repay you the tape rocks. Thanks again.

  • How I hate going back to work after Vacation, It seems like you never left...LOL!!!

  • Hey Lewis, It was nice meeting you, And yes I want to braid that hair sometime...LOL!!!!

    Well that's it, sorry next week will be back to normal and please any e-mail y'all send will be answered in a timely fashion. I'm kinda slow with answering e-mail but it will get done.

    Until Next Time,

    Keep it real.

    Webmistress, The World's Most Dangerous Abs

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