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Well I had a diatribe on the actual reasons I don't like the WWF planned for today, but I just got done watching Duke beat Maryland and regain their spot at #1 in all the land…and the #1 seed in the East. Needless to say, I am a happy guy right now. Want to see me in a bad mood, though? Sit with me watching the selection show and them giving Temple a #2 seed and St. John's a #3 seed in the East with Duke…Ay yi yi. I'll have to go live with the Yapapi Indian tribe.


Kick him in the nutsac!

Ah, a normal night outside a bar at closing time, huh? Two males trying their manhood boots on? A parking lot fight in high school? Well, damn…where do you hear that line said more often than those places?

Try a six-year old in a WWF crowd.

I sat in absolute awe last January at the last WWF event I attended as this little kid kept screaming that, but worse was his father's reaction - he would high-five him after every time! This kid was sitting in the chair next to me, and it's amazing I didn't smack him myself. Granted, I wasn't having a good time at the event at this point anyway, but it furthered my belief that the WWF has an awful lot to do with kids not giving a damn anymore.

Don't worry, I'm not going to get preachy, and I will do my best to not sham this off as a Bob Ryder monologue.

When I was young, if we got bored we grabbed a baseball bat and went out to play.

These days, if a kid grabs a bat, it's probably to hit his brother or sister with it.

Is that the WWF's fault? Some say yes…some say no.

I sit somewhere in the middle…

I know I sound like an old man when I say, "Back in my day…" but it really rings true in this case. We played baseball, basketball, football whatever. These days, kids sit around and play video games and get fat, waiting for wrestling to come on in most cases.

However, the biggest change is that I don't believe parents are doing their part in raising their children. Yeah, that sounds like an obvious comment to make, but when my father realized I liked wrestling growing up, he made it a point to watch it with me and tell me the moves were choreographed and such. But in those days, it was the cartoon era…

These days, we are lucky to go two matches without a table spot or a chair spot. Hell, ECW can't go two minutes without either. Do those spots really matter anymore? We have gotten so used to seeing them that the novelty of a guy getting punished through a table is gone.

But worse, it puts the idea into a kid's mind that this is somewhat normal behavior.

Don't kid yourselves…kids are very impressionable, little people. And just like I used to try to imitate things my dad did, these days, unfortunately, kids look at characters like the Rock or Mick Foley as their idols.

Take a look at this ridiculous phenomenon known as backyard wrestling. It's basically a bunch of idiots wanting to be like Foley that have WAY too much time on their hands. I'm sorry, but I don't see the point in intentionally injuring yourself doing something that is extremely stupid, and thinking you are cool by doing it. It took Foley 14 years to get the respect of the wrestling world, and somehow these kids think they are going to get it by doing this. Yeah, enjoy your life when you seriously injure yourself, kids. Go play football and get hurt like all the rest of us normal humans.

Unlike 99.8% of the online wrestling world, I actually have a job in the media. And far too often it comes across the news that some kid did something stupid because he saw it on TV. And I don't even think it is the WWF's fault that they show what they do - mainly because I believe that it is a parent's responsibility to monitor what their children watch. But why does the WWF need to directly market their product at kids if they are for an adult audience like they claim to be?

That's the beef I have with the WWF, philosophically. I would be willing to at least somewhat respect Vince McMahon if he wasn't a complete hypocrite. He says they aren't intended for children, yet doesn't mind at all taking the money to advertise children's products throughout the entire show. Spare me your "well he's a good business man" speech. This is the guy who thinks the XFL will fly…

Of course, you could throw WCW in there if you wanted - but no one watches them anyway. ECW is about the only promotion geared at adults…but that seems to be changing with their video game now released.

So there you have it - my fundamental dislike of the WWF. Well, that and all the bullshit 2-minute DQ's. And Viscera.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Email them to

Catch y'all later.

Dale Blasingame

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