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Hey - let me save you some money. Don't go see The Skulls. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I probably could've told you that before I actually saw it. But one of my friends who proclaims her love for Joshua Jackson every day (she's in her 20's - sad, sad) dragged me out to see it. It COULD have been a good movie, but the ending just blows goats. It was sort of like The Firm in that way, the movie had you wanting to see what was going to happen next somewhat throughout, and then the ending made you laugh and scream throw the tomatoes you brought for salsa at the screen. At least that's what I did...I don't know how normal I am. Even Steve Harris (rapidly becoming my favorite actor on The Practice) can't save the silliness at the end of this movie. Leslie Bibb IS quite hot though, thank you very much.

NOW, if you want to spend your money wisely, go see High Fidelity. John Cusack rocks eight ways to Sunday, and the movie sort of hit fairly close to home for me. You know...a bunch of slackers who do nothing but bitch about former relationships and obsess over music. Why yeah, I DID live in Austin, Texas. Thanks for asking.

Didn't you miss these old rambling intros that have NOTHING to do with wrestling? I know I have...

Oh wait, one more thing - I'm visiting Enron Field in Houston Monday, so I will make sure and fill all of you in. I know you are DYING to hear how the beer tastes in the new ballpark. Man, I LOVE BASEBALL!

Speaking of Houston...I laugh at the size of Vince McMahon's testicles in scheduling the Astrodome this far in advance for next year's Wrestlemania. (Hey! Wake up - I'm talking about wrestling now.) First of all, the Astrodome SUCKS. Secondly, they're building the new football stadium in the parking lot of the Dome, and unless I am just completely wrong here, that construction will be well underway by next March. Yeah - THAT won't be a mess. Thirdly, that's an awful lot of confidence to have in your product to say you are trying to best 100K considering your latest Wrestlemania drew just over 10,000 paid. Sure, it could have drawn a lot more had there been capacity to, but close to 80,000 more? Who's to say wrestling won't be dead by next year (BISCHOFFANDRUSSOBISCHOFFANDRUSSO - hah!)? And finally, can 100K even FIT in the Dome? When configured for full capacity, seating is just over 62,000 - a bit less than the 64K the Alamodome can hold. And if you remember, the 1997 Royal Rumble housed 70,000 packed to the friggin' gills inside the Alamodome. That means they fit around 5,000 seats around the ring. To get 100K in the Astrodome means they're going to have to squeeze nearly 40K on the field at the Astrodome, and folks, that ain't happening. I guess they could put two to a seat...but that would be uncomfortable - unless it's a hot girl. In that case, I could probably fit three of four on MY lap. I read this somewhere else (Scaia, I think) and I would tend to agree - don't be surprised to see Wrestlemania 2001 moved to the Compaq Center by the time it rolls around. Not that THAT place doesn't suck, either. There's a nice debate - which Houston arena sucks worse - the Astrodome vs. the Summit. Discuss among yourselves if you've ever been to either.

Whew. There's your math lesson for the day.

And just so you know - my prediction for next year's main event? Shane vs. Stephanie, with a wrestler in each corner! Excuse me while I ask, WHEN DO TICKETS GO ON SALE?!

And in case you were wondering, the Silverdome (home of Wrestlemania III) seats over 80,000. I DO my research!

Now...about the TWA. Last Saturday we had huge storms here in San Antonio, and because I work on Saturday nights, I always set my timer to record the TWA shows. When I got home Sunday morning I rewound the tape and there was...nothing. I can only guess the KENS satellite went out or something, because I know we went off the air twice during the storms. It sucks because this week's show was the Justin Credible ladder match. And then comes Tuesday, you know, Shawn Michaels' last match...and I slept through it. You can imagine my demeanor when I woke up around 8:30 that night. Oh well, it should air this week, barring any tornado spawning storms. If any other San Antonians actually got that show recorded somehow and my Time-Warner digital box is just on crack, send me an email and we can work out a trade. Or any information on the show re-airing would help as well.

Alrighty, the whole reason for this rambling was a quick little sitdown with you about the lasting effects of Wrestlemania. But's my rundown of the card:

D'Lo and Godfather vs. Bull Buchanon and Big Bossman - One of my friends mentioned "shouldn't the Bossman arrest the Godfather?" Match sucked, 1/4* ... all for the ho with the red top and white pants.

Hardcore Battle Royal - Well, Crash took an arm and leg Tazplex...too bad the cameras failed to show it. The bit with Kaientai was "cute," but it's a sad day when Rodney and Pete Gas can both claim they were crowned champions. Thanks to ref Tim White for exposing the business. *3/4

Now, if only YOU were at Axxess, YOU could have learned how to call a match from Michael Cole! That's like learning how to diet from Mark Madden.

Head Cheese vs. T&A - Chester McCheeserton? God bless Vince McMahon. DUD

Triangle Ladder Match - Can't really say much more that hasn't already been said. I think it was a tad overrated by most of the internet community, but still a nice match. **** And I think we can say that WWF fans are the mutants now, instead of ECW's.

Kat vs. Terri - What a waste of time this was. DUD

Too Cool and Chyna vs. The Radicals - If the things Meltzer thinks are going to happen because of this "Latino Heat" gimmick are true, it'll just give me more reason to not like HHH. That's just total bullshit. As for the match, I would have rather seen just about anyone in there instead of Chyna. Match was "bleh." *3/4 I'm SO proud to see Malenko and Guerrero in the WWF, yeah.

EuroContinental Three Way - Crowd could've cared less, which is a shame. This was a good little match, if it didn't drag at spots. ***1/4 I wouldn't be surprised to see Benoit get the belt taken away if the pops don't come in the next couple of weeks.

DX vs. Kane and Rikishi - Fast forward, baby! 3/4* By the way, the Pete Rose thing would have been MUCH better if they wouldn't have shown Pete on Heat.

Fatal Four Way McMahon Extravaganza - Man, did Foley bow out to a "Stevie Ray-esque" Pedigree, or what? So that was the main event to the supposed biggest show ever? Yikes. Match was "bleh" as well, around **1/4.

In all honesty and good faith, I couldn't give this show more than a Thumbs Down, with one thumbnail moving towards the middle to see the ladder match. Unless you like seeing Mae Young doing the broncobuster, then it's right up your alley! Where's Vince Russo when you need him?! Har har.

Alright, enough Wrestlemania talk...

One more thing - Stephanie should NOT be wearing belly shirts.

The only other thing I feel like mentioning is this whole Kidman/Hogan debacle. Raise your hand if you think Hogan will put Kidman over. If you raised your hand, proceed to extend it in front of your face and move it swiftly towards your cheek. This whole "Young vs. Old" feud was tried once, and where did it get them? Buff Bagwell got a slight push in some of the worst matches ever, and that's about all. Ric Flair put people over, and that's it. WCW has plenty of talent they could build around and have some solid matches (Kidman, Booker, Vampiro, DDP, Kanyon, Jeff Jarrett, Bam Bam, 2/3rds of 3 Count, Kaz Hayashi, etc.). Good luck on that happening. Let me take a guess on what will happen - Kevin Nash will lead the "young" group, even though he is old enough to be Kidman's dad. Hogan will lead the old...and you can count on some classic Hogan/Nash main events in the future. Hey, sign me up!

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Email them to

Catch y'all later.

Dale Blasingame

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