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Since it's been so long since I last wrote, I didn't want to scare anyone into thinking I disappeared. Don't fret - I'm still here. I just haven't had much to say.

And quite honestly, I still don't.

Backlash took place late last night, and I didn't watch for the same reasons I never watch ppvs, namely because I work on Sundays and am too poor to pay for them. Pretty sad, huh? Results didn't sound too bad...but then again, WWF "success" stories are usually way overhyped by the internet as a general rule. I will wait until my copy hopefully arrives Wednesday to judge it...

I guess one thing that has been on my mind with this whole David Arquette fiasco has been Vince Russo and Bob Ryder's reaction to the negativity. Both have said the title change was good because it has people talking about WCW.

I don't think either understands the difference between good heat and bad heat.

That would explain why Ernest Miller still exists.

It's the same with word of mouth.

A person talking about your company in a "I will never watch that shit again and I suggest you find other things to do than watch it" kind of way isn't exactly what they were looking for, I'd be willing to bet. Hey, and so much for that vaunted media exposure, huh? As far as I heard, the story got a bit of pub on Entertainment Tonight, and that's about it.

The Triple Cage JJ/DDP match actually had me interested in the ppv, but I am a fan of both JJ and DDP. I don't think they needed to do this hotshotting, but who knows? We won't know the result of it for a while to see if it really did hurt business. One thing I do know is that a company that has recently been trying to cater to the internet so much sure pulled a boner if that is where they are trying to get over.

But then again, if Courteney Cox (or Courtney, as everyone mistakenly calls her) makes a couple of appearances on Nitro and Thunder, I would call the title reign a wonderful success. Long live Vince Russo if he gets Mrs. Arquette-Cox on my television screen a few extra times a week.

And hey, that title match wasn't even the worst thing on Thunder. Nobody is talking about the -****3/4 match on that show...if you can't figure out which one it was, think "catfight." Yikes, that was AWFUL.

Shameless Plug: My buddy Wayne Edmondson and I are working on a "25 Worst Workers Going Today" extravaganza that should be ready late this week. Some of the picks will surprise you, some will anger you, but all will touch you.

Here's sayin' CRZ pulls the Maestro picture back out for [slash] in honor of his release. "What about the 'stro?!"

The 'stro

Whew, this column's going nowhere fast.

So, how you doin'?

That's good...I'm alright myself. In fact, I have enjoyed quite a bit of wrestling in the past couple of weeks. ECW has put on a couple of top-notch television programs in the past two or three chances, and my boy Justin Credible is champion, so I got no complaints there. I think a Credible/Raven program could be quite successful, and could result in some pretty decent matches if you know, Raven weighed less than 400 pounds.

Jerry Lynn is back, and is immediately made to make RVD look good again, which is fine and dandy as long as Heyman learned his lesson that Lynn has to go over ONE of these days. Who out there thinks RVD is losing his return match? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, I will always be willing to watch RVD as long as Lynn is there to carry him, so I'm fine with that.

And what is Heyman thinking by announcing a few ppv matches weeks before the ppv is scheduled? He better be careful, or fans may start expecting that. I mean, hell...he has RVD/Lynn, Credible vs. Dreamer, Storm, or Dreamer and Storm, and Rhino/Sandman (which will apparently be booked at EVERY ECW ppv in the year 2000) all already announced! Being they just weeks ago announced the actual LOCATION of the event, having a bit of the card ready at this time is simply amazing.

Regardless, this is about as happy as I have been with ECW since the Awesome/Tanaka wars, so I won't complain. Those last couple of months have been fairly crappy, but hopefully Credible holds the belt for quite a while, trying to restore a little bit of order to it.

And finally, if you haven't read Bret Hart's latest column, I would highly suggest you go read it. He has a couple of wonderful takes on the Arquette developments, and is actually upbeat throughout most of it.

I guess that's it...I'm going to go back to listening to Lenny Kravitz's latest CD, 5, which gets the ultimate recommendation from myself. The two most played tracked somewhat blow (Fly Away and American Woman), but the rest of the CD is golden.

See ya!

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