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I didn't remember yesterday was the anniversary of Owen's death until I was getting the morning talk show ready for the station and there it was... ABC talk show prep had it listed under the "On this date in..." material.

I won't pretend to have been a big Owen Hart fan. I always thought he was a very talented worker and was involved in one of my favorite matches ever, and he was a damn good heel - but had you asked me a year ago to list my twenty favorites, Owen would have probably not been anywhere close.

I won't pretend that I watched him his whole career...

But what I will say is that I thought the initial reports of his stunts were yet just another trick pulled by the WWF. Sadly, that's what wrestling has become these days. To top it off, Vince McMahon has the gall to get into verbal confrontations with Owen's wife and show footage of his grieving father at his funeral on national television.

Sometimes it sickens me to think I am a wrestling fan...

...especially these days.

As for Judgment Day, I didn't watch it, and honestly have no desire to. I wouldn't want to watch HHH and/or the Rock wrestle for 60 seconds, much less 60 minutes together. Considering most people overrated the Royal Rumble and No Way Out main events by about **, spare me your "well, everyone else loved it!" speech. I could care less...

And besides, the way things are going these days I don't want to watch ANY match, even if it was Benoit/Tajiri, that involves any run-ins. I'm sick of it all.

And here's my contribution to the "In one hour..." theme: "In one hour (Monday nights 8-9 CDT), Dale can sleep through two different wrestling television shows simultaneously."

There ya go.

And by the way, I didn't watch Nitro or Raw, either. I was in the midst of working 34 hours in three days...but I did see Kevin Nash back up to feel the full brunt of that deadly red liquid. Strange, mystical powers that Vince Russo has, I tell ya.

If anyone sees a point in watching Nitro, please let me know. As much as I hate the WWF, it's hard to not recognize that WCW just absolutely blows goats. I know this has been hammered home countless times by people who think about this WAY more than me, but I think I'll take this time to chime in. What exactly is the result of this "new era?" So far, we're nearly two months in, and Jeff Jarrett still doesn't have a title defense win. Vampiro has jobbed to Sting in every different way possibly, eventually leading to being burned to a crisp at the next ppv (so WCW would have us believe.) Oh, but that's right Russo, Vampiro LIKES pain. To quote DDP, "whatever." Hulk Hogan gets to throw Kidman around like a ragdoll, and apparently will take his girl at the ppv. Great. And the only old guy most people actually care about, Ric Flair, will lose a retirement match to his no-talent son.

Excuse me if I don't run to my TV Guide and see what time Worldwide comes out. (No offense, Tanvir.)

Buyrates are still in the .2's. Ratings have jumped a bit, but nothing to write home about. 1Bob is saying the titles don't mean anything, and then goes back on that saying the title has some integrity again. That fat fuck (hey, I can call him that - I'm one myself) Mark Madden has the nerve to insult ECW fans...hey Mark, at least they HAVE fans. That's more than I can say for your organization. Sure some people still watch WCW, but people also like to watch traffic accidents.

Actually, I guess that's not all that different.

Hey CRZ, how's 'bout a little 'stro?

Just seeing if you're paying attention. Probably not, oh well.

Dale Blasingame

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