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WM Main Event Changes - and No one's surprised!

It's that time of the week again, the time where I update my column and hopefully add a little to your Internet wrestling experience. I would like to apologize for giving out the incorrect link for my exclusive Steve Corino interview. Please go to my homepage and scroll down to the section labeled Jimmy Deo's Cruel School of Professional Wrestling and click on the hyperlink. Also be sure to check out my tape trading page, I'm always looking to get my hands on some new stuff, and help out others in the process. I can hear you all now: "Enough with the plugs already B-Real, get on with it!" I hear your pleas folks, now on with the show.

First things first, the tag-team tournament idea was a good one, one that did not need to end in a schmozz with a Dudley Boys run-in. It seems like this will be the Wrestlemania of the three-way and four-way matches, so it is my bet that you can add another one to the list: Dudleys vs Hardyz vs Edge/Christian. That just goes to show how deep the WWF roster is right now. 13 wrestlers tied up in 3 title matches and they still have enough left over for a good undercard. There are those out there who have been calling for an Edge/Christian title reign since the minute they formed a team, but despite their talent, I never really got the feeling that they were a team with a bond. Sure they're supposed to be "brothers" but they just don't have that team atmosphere, and I believe a good part of that is their lack of a team name. Almost every great duo ever has had a team name, something with which they can both be identified. Edge and Christian just don't have that, and with the long running rumors to give Edge a singles push, it doesn't look like they ever will, at least not in the near future.

Nearing a year into his WWF run, who is really into Y2J's personality these days? Not me. The babyface Jericho has always sat wrong with me, even though he has managed to get over as both face and heel. I didn't buy the mutual respect thing with Chyna, and I don't really anticipate his arrival like I once did. I do still admire his in the ring work, as he and Benoit managed to have a solid matchup, despite the Angle/Backlund shenanigans. Jericho mocks Benoit's interview style before the match, but the irony is that his promos have become just as boring, and predictable to boot. He still has all of the potential in the world, and I believe he will prosper when he returns to heeldom. I look for Angle to lose, and focus on the "coveted" European title. Benoit should shine with the gold, and a nice title run with several successful defenses will solidify his position as a major player in the WWF.

Trish Stratus. Good move. Test and Albert. Bad move. Trish managing Test and Albert. Stalemate. Like any red-blooded male, if it involves Trish, I will probably watch. But lose the trenchcoat please.

So Mick Foley is back in the mix, thanks to one Linda McMahon. I guess it was inevitable, considering Linda was the lone McMahon not to place a participant in the WM main-event. Will she come down to ringside, making this whole thing an even bigger mess than it already is? If she slaps Stephanie I guess it will be worth it, because that will bring the heat-o-meter up to a hundred degrees. Anyways, I guess Foley deserves his "dream" of main-eventing WM, but why did he have to make all of those comments about not being one of those guys who won't label a six week vacation a retirement. How long ago was No Way Out anyways? I can't say I blame him because I am sure the payday will be a huge one, and who knows, maybe we will see Austin and Undertaker come out to pay homage to Mick on his way out. Hopefully this time it will be for good, if not for the safety of Foley, for the happiness of his wife and children.

I'm not going to lie, I didn't watch all of Nitro. But I will comment on what I did see, and believe it or not, it wasn't all bad. The Artist is horrible, and the fact that he had an untalented valet handle his interviews give me a good indication of his talent on the mic. But the whole purpose is to hype Candido, and judging by the crowd response after his victory, it is working. He will be the bully of the cruiserweight division, and I can see him working well against Chavo, Shannon, and Joey, and possibly even Psychosis and Juvi. By the way, whatever grudge WCW holds against Psychosis they need to drop, because he is the most talented wrestler they have right now, next to Kidman. You can't supress true talent, but with the inept booking at WCW, they have managed to find a way.

If you want to make The Wall a monster heel, have him chokeslam Daffney. It's as easy as that WCW. You don't have to risk killing Devon Storm and David Flair every TV taping. You have never had a woman the stature of Daffney receive any moves, so if she's up to it, then do it. Your mission will be accomplished, as WCW fans are not as bloodthirsty as WWF fans, who cheer the Dudleys when they powerbomb a 77 year old woman. Either way, the big lunk will get over. What do you have to lose?

Big Poppa Pump, despite back injuries, was a dominant force on Nitro, and possibly the only thing that could attract RAW viewers. The censored tape over his mouth was classic, and I hope he gets to cut some killer "shoot" promos on Hogan, because it is becoming painfully obvious Hulkster is going down the tubes at breakneck speed, and he is taking all involved with him. A dream booker would have BPP take Hogan out, for good, and become the mega star that they are trying to make him. Have him challenge the returning Goldberg, and bingo, you have a match that a lot of people would steal PPV or order to see. Welcome back Scott, you aren't always good but you are rarely boring, and you are something that WCW desperately needs.

This Friday on the campus of Penn State University, the Nittany Wrestling Federation presents the second annual Pain State University card. I will, as always, be providing play by play alongside AJ Acosta and Marty. If you are in the arena after the show feel free to stop by and say hi. Here is the card but you can go here for more info.

Ladder Match: Tommy Golden/Fumar vs Dave Desire/Yutzak Arafat
Tag Title Match: Rick Silver/Joe Rules defend vs The Damned
Maniac Jimmy Deo vs Don Juan DeSantos
Powerhouse Hughes vs General Massacre
Little Dixie vs Derrick Destiny

That's it for now. See you soon!

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