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It seems like every one is pissed because Mick Foley came back. Why is everyone surprised? Wrestling is a work, and we all know that. I have no doubt Mick Foley is a man of his word but he is an actor, and actors, like rock stars they come back from retirement. How many times has David Bowie or Kiss retired? Sir Anthony Hopkins said he wasn't going to act again and he just signed up for Silence of the Lambs II. I really don't think it's that big of a deal. Mick even made fun of himself on TV saying it only took him 3 weeks to come back. It's his life and he can do what he wants. If I retired from my job and my old boss offered me double or triple my salary to do an extra week or so of work, you bet your ass I'd be there in a second. When Mick is putting his kids through college with this money he will remember how he earned that money and smile. After reading his book (Which blew The Rock's book out of the water in case anybody cares!) I have so much respect for him so he would have to have to start shooting people before my opinion would change of him. He is looking out for himself, and he rightly should. He is providing for his family and making sure they are taken care of. You cannot fault the man for that. If you are reading this, odds are you take your wrestling seriously, just as I do, but you have to remember it is just entertainment, sports entertainment that is!

I have been reading the news boards and a funny thing happened. If you by chance read my first column (which is HERE) I wrote about the WCW and what I thought would be needed to change it. One of the things I expounded upon was to cancel Nitro and Thunder for a bit and starts fresh. Guess what? I was right. Being right happens so infrequently that I felt I should point it out. Seriously they are not going as extreme as I would have liked but they are certainly going in the right direction. All checks from the WCW for my ideas may be made payable to Jim Butler.

I watched most of raw last night, fell asleep for the last match. In my head I can imagine the carnage, but I probably didn't miss anything relevant. Not a bad show, but I just thought the matches were really short, even by Raw standards. The average match time was about 3 and a half minutes, and if you take out the main event it comes out to about 2.5 minutes. I think I need to get a life if I'm doing averages on match times. Sunday Night Heat was a great show, a really well paced hour of wrestling. The tag teams are so far advanced now that there is almost no stopping them. I am a mark for high flying and the lightweights. There is nothing wrong with the big guys brawling, but when one of the Hardys goes to the top rope or Lita does her hurricarana(sp) I really mark out. Why I don't know, I guess I just enjoy the gymnastic aspect of wrestling. A few random thoughts about Raw:

Good idea to put Prince Albert in a T-shirt, less focus on his back hair, more on his wrestling skills. I haven't decided yet on the whole T and A idea, but I'm sure it will make a great T-shirt!

I think everyone was holding back a little because of Wrestlemania this weekend. I can't blame them though, who wants to get hurt before the biggest show of the year.

The beginning promo was fun, especially HHH wondering what he has married into. The whole family would make a great hour on Jerry Springer. Something for the SCOOP THIS people to think about.

I keep wondering when Viscera and Mideon will disappear from our screens. The WWF is so stocked with talent that it really is frightening. I think that's why Heat was so good. They had enough quality talent to make a good, sometimes great 3 hours of wrestling from one TV Taping. I had stopped watching Heat for about a month, but I at least tape it now to make sure I don't miss anything.

Are they paying Bob Backlund to watch TV?

As Trish Stratus was WALKING last night, my girlfriend turns to me and says ' Just what the WWF needs, more tits!' Just like her to cut through the bullshit and just tell it like it is.

That's it for now, I will be back before Sunday with my Wrestlemania predictions. If the NCAA brackets are any indication, whoever I pick to win, you should pick the other guy or gal!

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