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Hey All! Before I get to my usual ranting, I would like to take this time to vent about the grave injustice that was done to me over the weekend. I guess my sad story starts back late last year, when I attempted to get tickets to the Royal Rumble. Me, Sharon, and Heather had all planned to get tickets to the Royal Rumble. Heather and I were to take a road trip to NY, and we would finally meet Sharon and her niece and nephew and go to the first WWF PPV of 2000. So tickets go on sale on Sunday, and the internet says they go on sale at noon. So I get an urgent phone call from Heather at 10:45 telling me that tickets are already on sale, and that we better call. Needless to say, we couldn't get tickets, and our plans were ruined. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, Bruce Springsteen is playing in the new Raleigh Sports and Entertainment Complex and I want to go. I try calling over 10 minutes before tickets go on sale, and I can't even get through on the once again I was denied tickets. Fast forward once again to this past Saturday. Heather and I decide to try it again...Backlash is in DC on April 30th, not such a long drive, so we plan yet another road trip. So on Sat. I get my phone numbers ready, I have my seating chart printed out, and I go to my mom's because she has two lines at her house, so I can have her calling on one line, and me calling on another. Again, I get nothing but busy signals, so I am starting to get pissed off. But then miracles of miracles, a few minutes before 10 I get through. An operator comes on the line, and asks me what I would like. I tell her two tickets for Backlash. She asks would I like floor seats, so I am like sure, she says well, there are no more left, so I tell her fine, best available then. She reads me off a section, and tells me what row. I tell her that's fine. Suddenly, she tells me a totally different section, I realize that this woman doesn't know what the hell she is talking about, so I ask her nicely didn't you just say another section, suddenly click....and the phone goes dead, the lady had hung up on me...needless to say I was not able to get back through. I was so mad, I thought I was going to break something. I of course called later to complain to Ticketmaster, and of course they did absolutely nothing to rectify the situation. Let's be realistic, why the hell would they do anything, they don't have to! We are stuck buying tickets from them, because no one else sells them. They can charge whatever they want, they can tack on whatever bullshit service charges they want, because we don't have a choice, except of course to not buy tickets. Which to me isn't really a choice, but in this case I didn't have a choice. Despite getting through their fucking horrendous phone system, I still came away empty handed!!!

Thanks for listening to me vent...I am just now starting to feel better, meanwhile, once again, my road trip is cancelled!! Bastards!!

Ok, now that that is out of my system, lets get on with it...I am not feeling particularly inspired this afternoon, so you must excuse me if these Rants are sub-par. I'm just not feeling it today, despite thoroughly enjoying Smackdown, ECW on TNN and RAW this week. So here we go, in no particular order of importance...

I read on the Ross Report that Christian and Edge are about to get a major storyline. I am so freakin ecstatic to hear this!! I definitely like where this whole story is going, except of course for that useless Terri "she devil" crap. I think my biggest problem with Terri is she is an attention hog, even if she doesn't mean too be (yeah right). When she is out there, all anyone cares about is her breasts, no one cares about the match in the ring, and this upsets me. On Raw, Edge and Christian took on the Radicals (ugh) in an excellently fought contest. Unfortunately, all anyone cared about was Terri's breasts which were popping out from her barely buttoned sweater. Even JR and the King (well no surprise there) were ignoring the match at hand and just talking about Terri. Excuse me if I am wrong, but I thought the purpose of a female manager/valet was to get her wrestler or wrestlers over, not to hog all the spot light for herself. I also thought that the job of an announcer was to get over the talent in the ring by their commentating, esp. if the stuff going on in the ring is as good as it was in this match last night. Hell it wasn't just Christian and Edge who were being ignored, it was the mastery of Malenko and Saturn as well, and that's just wrong. The sad truth is no one cares about Edge, Christian or Saturn and Malenko as long as Terri and her giant breasts are out there, so why not keep her away and let the "brothers" fight over something else. Now that my little "Terri is worthless" Rant is out of the way, let me get on to this new tension between the 2Blondes (as Sharon calls them). I absolutely love this. I think in the long run a feud between these two will elevate both men. And I love this new pissed off Christian, as he if finally showing some emotion in the ring. I think this tension will continue till Wrestlemania when something happens that will split these two up for good, and start a feud between them. I wish the Hardys could get involved in some way, because I just love the dynamics between these four guys.

Speaking of the Hardys...I wanted to punch Lillian Garcia for her blundering error concerning the Hardys on RAW. I mean its bad enough that Matt is the forgotten Hardy, and that JR can't ever get their names right, but now Lillian declares that Jeff is fighting when its actually Matt. Man that was lame, and Matt seemed none to pleased about it either. I thought his match against Blackman was really solid. Unfortunately, the crowd wasn't into it at all. It seems to this crowd, the only Hardy that matters is Jeff. Man, I love Jeff, don't get me wrong, but Matt is a major talent in his own right. The crowd popped for their entrance and that's it. Well if I was there I would have been screaming the whole time. I also find it very strange that the team that was voted Best Tag Team last year is currently without a real angle going into Wrestlemania. It's seems like the feud with the Dudleys was put on hold. Believe me, I am psyched that first off, the Dudleys are the champs, and that 2blondes are the #1 contenders, but where does this leave the Hardys. I still stand by my long running desire for a three way dance for the tag belts between the Dudleys the Hardys and Christian and Edge. You can't really go wrong with this one...but putting the Hardys in some meaningless match against another team would be a giant waste at this point. Put them in a race for the belts where they belong. Have them go for the Gold at the Big Show.

Side Note: No, I am not writing this to kiss up to CRZ, but Blackman looked incredible out there against Matt. First off his vignettes are pretty damn funny. I esp. liked the calm threat against the production guy. But he has also looked awfully solid in the ring. Sharon pointed this out to me in an email earlier today, but Blackman's style is pretty unique in the WWF. No one really does what he does, in terms of martial arts, its pretty cool. Also, his new end move, the flying Lethal kick off the top rope looks devastating. It certainly seemed to knock the wind out of Matt Hardy.

Ok, so I touched on 2 of my 3 favorite tag teams, so now it the Dudleys' turn. Man, I cannot say enough great things about this team. They have the look and attitude of real champions. It is so great to see some fresh faces with the belts. By watching the Dudleys it is even more apparent how stale the New Age Outlaws were getting. Now we have true BAD ASS champs. When Buh Buh Ray comes out with the belt around his neck, he just looks so cool. And man, that powerbomb he gave Mae through the table was sweet!! As much as I can't stand most of what she does on WWF TV, the woman can bump like no tomorrow. Her spot through the table looked about a million times better than her two predecessors. Mae Young is a bump machine...But this leads to the question...why are they getting Mark Henry involved with the Dudleys...he is not in a tag team, so he should not be starting a rivalry with the tag team champions. As a matter of fact, he shouldn't be on my TV at all. But the Dudleys, keep giving me more of them!!

So much to talk about and I don't know where to go next...

The Rock - I have to say, the Rock stepped up a notch in my book after his awesome cage match with Benoit on RAW. First of all, that was a PPV caliber match right there, that they gave us for free. I thought it came off as very solid to say the least. It was obvious that Benoit pushed the Rock to the limit, as I have never seen Rocky work so hard before, but he stepped up and held his own pretty well. The only thing that hurt this match was the cage looked really flimsy, so it partially took away from the atmosphere of the match, but only a tad. But still, not much to complain about here. The Rock took a pretty serious beating, Benoit looked amazing in there, they gave them over 10 minutes, almost 15 and you had HHH/Stephanie and Big Show/Shane out there watching. Pretty solid all the way around. This new "I have nothing to lose" Rock is pretty darn exciting. It will be interesting to see how this leads him to Wrestlemania.

Right now I want to highly recommend Gregg Mixdorf's last column on Slash. He talks about Mick Foley and his potential role at Wrestlemania. Great stuff there, you should go check it out. I emailed Gregg and told him as far as I'm concerned, and I know I am probably in the minority, but the only main event I want to see for Wrestlemania 2000 is Mick Foley vs. HHH. I really can't get into the Rock vs. HHH or even worse, heaven forbid...a three way dance between HHH, the Rock and the Big Slow! Boo hiss, boo hiss. Neither one of these hold the excitement of Mick Foley fulfilling his child hood dream of grabbing the belt at Wrestlemania from his hated enemy HHH. To me, that is the only match worthy of headlining Wrestlemania 2000. But of course this is just my opinion.

I read on LoP that Kane will be taking on X-Puke in some kind of Japanese exploding death match deal. Now as much as I go on and on about X-Puke's destruction, I can't get behind this kind of match. First off, I don't want my Kane to put himself in such a dangerous match such as this. Much like my feelings toward barbed wire, I just feel exploding devices should not be used in conjunction with human flesh for my entertainment. Now blading is one thing, but burning parts of one's body is a whole different and horrible story. Man, I keep thinking back to the chapter in Foleys awesome book, where he talks about having his arm burned to a crisp, and the smell of the burning flesh. Why do this to your wrestlers...hell, I agree something big is in order for their last (hopefully) match, but I don't think this is the way to go...I did like Jerry Root's idea for a hospital match though...Anyway, its great to see old destructive Kane back, shadowing X-Pac's every move, and I just love the X-Pac scared face...its give their last match the scope it deserves but find away to do that without involving explosive devices.

Quick Note: I just wanted to quickly give Kudos to Test, who is still able to garner a pretty sizable crowd reaction despite the fact that he has not been on TV very much lately. And double kudos for that super impressive BODYSLAM of Viscera last Thursday on Smackdown. I would love it if the WWF would find a meaty storyline for him. Hey, my friend Lewis has some great ideas...maybe the WWF should contact him.

Speaking of Lewis, I want to publicly thank him for sending me his only copies of Heatwave '98 and the events leading up to it, and following it. I am about half way through the PPV, and WOW is all I have to say. I have never seen a PPV so stacked with great matches, and each one lives up to its hype. From the opening contest between my man, Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible, to Lance Storm taking on Candido, to Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka (can't go wrong there) to the tag team champs, RVD and Sabu take on Japanese sensations Hayabusa and Jinsei Shinzaki there isn't a bad match in the bunch, in fact none are less than 4 star matches. And I still have more to go. So thank you Lewis, you absolutely rock!!

Speaking of PPV, the ECW has one coming up this weekend, which as of right now, has one announced match. Very strange marketing on the part of the ECW for this one. I actually went ahead and read spoilers for their upcoming ECW on TNN show, and it seems that all the hype will be this weekend, leading up to the PPV on Sunday. Doesn't leave the wrestling fan much time does it. Still, the spoilers indicated a very good show this coming Friday. This past Friday, I thought ECW put on one of their most solid efforts to date, and the ratings clearly reflected this as it got a 1.3. Go ECW!!! Pretty soon they will be beating Thunder!

All in all Friday's show was just good TV. The opener which saw a suicidal Spike take on the monster Mike Awesome was just brutal. Once again, Spike allowed Mike to do things to his body that just flat out looked painful. I mean, at one point he drove Spike through a table, and I thought Spike's body was broken in freakin half. Ugly stuff here.

Corrino came out next and cut a scathing promo on Dusty which was great stuff. I don't know about that Eric Watts guy though (if that's what his name was). I know who his daddy was but still, he just seemed like a big thug loser! So, this set up the one match that we know is going down at the PPV, which is Dusty vs. Corino in a bull rope match. Love Corino on the stick, can't imagine this match being very good though.

Finally we have Francine's awesome heel turn, and the crowning of new tag team champions. Now if Road Dogg needs some pointers on how to cut a heel promo he should take them from Francine. Man, she had the crowd pissed off, I was loving it. Then she slaps Tommy across the face, save by Raven, evenflow DDT, then he sits there for a while because he can't get off his fat ass!! Impact players come out, staredown with Raven, then they go and start kicking Dreamer's ass in the ring...Masato Tanaka comes out to join Dreamer. They start brawling all over the arena!!! The crowd is going crazy...(what a crowd that pops for wrestling? anyway) and then an awesome crazy move from Masato...NEW CHAMPS, NEW CHAMPS!! I wonder what's going to happen next week...ok so I already know, but I had to leave on a suspenseful note...

I'll still be checking out the ECW PPV!! You never know what Paul E will pull out of his hat.

Thanks to all for reading, esp. my loyal readers....write me and I will write back!

Rebecca Cerese
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