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Hey All! As usual I should be doing work for my real job, but why do real work, when I can write about wrestling right...and with this Monday marking the return of Mick there is a lot to write about.

Sometimes I think internet wrestling fans are jaded. I have actually read people complaining about Mick returning, or complaining about the fatal four way...complain, complain...Now I realize I tend to complain as well, esp. about all things Christian, but these complaints about Mick, I don't understand. How can anyone not be ecstatic that Mick Foley is returning to realize his dream of headlining Wrestlemania? I mean hasn't the guy given enough of himself to ask for this in return. My answer is YES! Ok, so I am a huge Foley mark, but I'll tell you the man is worthy of serious markdom. His love of wrestling is unmatched. When he talks about his lifelong dream to headline Wrestlemania this is not an angle or a gimmick it is the TRUTH...ok, it has been turned into an angle, but it an angle based on the TRUTH. At least that is what I firmly believe. I went to see Beyond the Mat this weekend. There were many things that struck me from the film, the tragedy that is Jake Roberts was one thing, but the other thing was the sheer love Mick Foley has for Wrestling. I mean he has a plan behind all those crazy ass bumps, and that plan is to go out and entertain us, even if he leaves parts of his body (literally) behind in the ring. He really believes this, that is why this man deserves this match, he also deserves to come out on top, as the winner, so he can retire in the middle of the ring, belt on his shoulder, as the locker room empties, and everyone gives Mick the ovation he deserves. This is what was missing at the end of No Way Out, and this is what I want to see at the end of Wrestlemania, and anyone that doesn't want to see this isn't a true wrestling fan in my mind. Ok, I'm calm again, sort of, but I really don't understand these things...Ok, so the fatal fourway isn't ideal, it's a whole lot better than a triple threat match between the Big Show and the Rock. Realistically, the Rock has to be in the Main Event, HHH is the champ, he has to be in the Main Event, like it or not, Big Show has been in the Main Event Program since the Rumble so he has nowhere else to be, Mick certainly deserves to be there... so what other options are there...not any I could think of. So for once I am not going to complain, I am not going to dissect, instead I am going to allow the sheer joy I felt when Mick came out from behind the curtain to just stay with me. I will enjoy the moment because they don't come around often, and with Mick, I truly believed they are numbered. Yes, he said he would retire, and I still truly believe that after Wrestlemania he will retire, so cut him some slack, cheer for him one last time, and celebrate his career and all he has given us...ok, I will officially get off my soap box now. There are other things to talk about after all.

Where to go next...Saturday Night Live. When I saw Mick with the rest of the participants from the Wrestlemania Main Event I just knew he was going to be on the card....but that is neither here nor there. Saturday was truly a wrestling day for me. First I went to see Beyond the Mat, then I came home to watch the Rock on SNL. I used to love SNL, but I absolutely hate the new cast. I feel that they pretty much SUCK. But I had high hopes for the Rock, and man he didn't disappoint. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard from SNL. I was wondering if it was just because it was crazy to see the Rock in these bizarre situations, and non-wrestling fans would think its terrible, but I was watching with non-wrestling people and they assured me it was funny as well. I absolutely loved the opening segment with Vince, Big Show, HHH and Foley, truly classic stuff, with Vince delivering the "live from NY" line in typical Vince fashion. I must also echo the sentiments that I have been reading that Big Show really stood out on the show. The man had me busting a gut everytime he was out there, I will give him credit for that. Now how about bring some of that charisma to his wrestling character. However, having a better character still won't help his in ring performance which is just abysmal. I have a pet theory though when it comes to the Big Show. I always notice how the man cannot do any kind of move and make it look good...dropping the elbow, dropping the knee, anything like that. Not to defend him, but I really think that he is an extremely powerful individual and he is so aware of his awesome strength, the he consciously tries not to hurt anyone in the ring. Lets face it, if he dropped a knee with all his force behind it, he could crush someone's chest cavity. So instead he goes really easy on people, barely hitting them, and that is why his moves look terrible. Of course it could just be that the guy sucks, but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt...ok, I admit, his goofy side was kind of cute on SNL, so maybe my judgment is clouded...

I won't do a skit by skit review, but I thought all the skits the Rock was in were at least amusing. I read a lot of guys out there didn't like the Today's Lady skit...well I'll tell you this, as a woman, that was one of my favorites, because as sad as it is to say, women, even strong independent women can be total suckers for good looks, and a great body...and you can say what you want about the Rock, but he definitely has a great body...yes, even we can sometimes be as shallow as men...

So I want to say a few things about Beyond the Mat...First off, I went to see it with my Mom, and although she is not a wrestling fan, she enjoyed it very much, but honestly I don't know if I would recommend it to the average wrestling fan. The average wrestling fan could care less about the men or women (in Chyna's case) behind the characters. Many people want to stay Marks, and I see nothing wrong with that. For those people Beyond the Mat is not for them. For people that are more seriously into wrestling, Beyond the Mat is a must see. It gives you a different side of the business. It shows you the humanity behind the larger than life characters, it shows the darkside, but I also think it shows why these people get caught up in it all. My favorite parts were the Mick Foley parts, the man is the real deal, and it comes across big time. That is why re-watching that horrendous "I Quit" match from the Royal Rumble was painful for me to watch. I remember when it first happened. I hated that match with a passion...I felt there was no justification for Mick to have to take that many chair shots to the head unprotected. To see it through his wife and children's eyes, just made it seem about a million times worse. The crazy thing is, Mick was actually defending the Rock's decision to take those many shots, even as the doctor is stitching the giant crack in his head. The man is definitely nuts, but that is one of the reasons he is so likable. So I would say for anyone who has a serious love of wrestling should go see the movie if they can, definitely well worth the price of admission.

Ok, I promise that is the last I will speak of Foley in this column, onto other things.

This week's Raw saw a focus on the red hot tag team division which ended with what will hopefully turn into a triple threat match at Wrestlemania. I know traditionally, triple threat matches aren't usually good, but if you throw in the Hardys, the Dudleys, and Christian and Edge, I think you will find an exception to that rule. Logically, after the beatdown the Dudleys gave both the Hardys and Christian and Edge how can they not all fight it out for the titles. I loved the tag team elimination tournament. What better way to start off RAW than with the Hardys, taking on the fake Outlaws. The crowd was red hot, and seemed to be filled with thousands of Rebecca's all chanting X-Pac sucks...ahhhh music to my ears....the Hardys were jacked up and looked spectacular out there as usual. It was great to see X-pac and Road Dogg get beat down (sorry Heather!). Even better to see Kane come out stalking X-Puke as he like the true punk that he is leaves his "girlfriend" (and I use the term loosely) in the ring to get CHOKESLAMMED by Kane, with a little help from the Hardys. I guess all their dealings with Terri has made them bitter toward women...obviously they have not met the right women yet....Great opener, and I was ecstatic to see the Boyz walking away with the victory...

I wish I could say the same for the Christian/Edge vs. Acolytes match. During this match, the crowd was completely distracted, apparently by two girls who were making out...what the hell is this all about. I have nothing against two girls making out, but there is a time and a place for everything. Once again, Christian takes the brunt of the punishment getting his ass demolished by the Acolytes, and of course Edge comes in and get the pin...ok, I won't complain, they did get the victory, and I got to see Christian again, later in the night.

Ok, my idea for a perfect show: have Edge/Christian and the Hardys on, not once but twice. Man, I never get sick of these guys fighting each other. When Snow and Scotty to Hotty were thrown over the ring ropes, my first big mark out moment started. I knew the Dudleys were commentating...(and what a masterful job buh buh ray was doing!!! His comments about he Worm had me rolling on the floor) so I knew the Dudleys were going to clean house, setting up my dream triple threat match which I have been hoping and praying for. True there are still a few more shows till Wrestlemania, but I honestly don't see how or why the WWF would do anything other than this triple threat match. Buh Buh Ray was setting it up too, by saying, "here are the four we really love to beat down, we've done it before, and we can do it again at Wrestlemania".

***********SPOILER ALERT*******

Ok, so it's a new day, I had to go to my second job, so I had to interrupt my writing, but Sharon just informed me that on Smackdown, Vince announced a special Triangle? Ladder match between Christian/Edge, the Hardys and the Dudleys ....YES!!YES!!!YES!!! That is the sound of a very happy Rebecca screaming quietly at her desk at work...don't want to attract too many stares...All I hope for is that these guys are careful, and don't try to do too many crazy things to top either their ladder match or their table match, but deep down I know they will try. It is the first in ring appearance for all three of these teams at Wrestlemania, and I know they will want it to be a memorable one...Somehow, I think this match will be the highlight of my night...after all it does have my three favorite teams in it. I can honestly say I would be happy if any of these teams won the gold, but I think I might have to go with Edge and Christian because they have never held gold before, and then have them drop it to the Hardys sometime soon after Wrestlemania, so Edge could go ahead and get his singles push, and Christian, can hopefully go on to succeed in whatever place the WWF sees fit for him.

******END OF SPOILERS*****

Speaking of the Spectacular Hardys, I would just like to point out that over the past few weeks, they have consistently put on the best wrestling matches on TV. I just had to point out their excellent match last week on Smackdown against the Radicals, and then their totally exciting match against the fake outlaws. They continue to develop, and everytime they go out there they look better and better. And remember this is with Matt Hardy nursing various injuries...

Quick note on the these guys are incredible. The female columnist on, Laura actually wrote in her column last week that these guys were boring, she actually said "yawn". Well personally I think she is crazy. Last week on Smackdown, the Radicals were part of the two best matches of the night, the aforementioned match against the Hardys, with the great tag team of Benoit and Saturn, and then the equally impressive Lightheavyweight title match between Malenko and Brian Christopher. Good stuff for the Radicals, and I hope to see them put on a great match at Wrestlemania as well. The rumor is that it will be Too Cool and Chyna vs. Saturn, Malenko and Guerrero. I would love to see Eddy back in the ring. Look how much heat he gets already...

It seems like Wrestlemania will be full of triple threat matches, as they have now officially signed a triple threat match between the two Chris's (Benoit and Jericho) and Kurt Angle. We got a little preview of this on Raw this week, as Benoit and Jericho locked up in their first singles competition in the WWF. I was impressed, and I know it is not even close to what they can do out there. Needless to say, I'm sure Benoit is none to pleased about being clocked by the belt, and will no doubt be out for Angle's blood...all leading to an explosive contest at Wrestlemania. Again, although triple threat matches are usually pretty weak, somehow I think this match will kick ass. I am excited to see what these three can do in the ring together.

Ok, so we saw the debut of the new tag team T & A. I truly hope that Test and Albert are able to get over with this gimmick. They are both super talented guys, who just need to find their spot. Having Trish Stratus as their manager is a good start. She is beautiful, and she doesn't have that empty look in her eye....a good start for me. I thought her mike work was decent, and considering it was her first time and the crowd was huge, and crazy, I think she did pretty well. As long as Albert and Test keep covering her body up they will be hated heels in no time. Good luck to you guys!!!

We also saw the debut of Bull Buchanan, this guy also impressed me, at first I was like what the hell is this crap, the Godfather vs. the Bossman...YUCK, but then this stiff Bull comes out and proceeds to destroy the Godfather...I was like, hey I can get used to this...the Godfather lying in a heap on the ground, heh, heh. My friend Lewis wrote me that he hopes they find a way to put this guy in a program with the Acolytes, and I agree. I think their stiff styles will compliment each other. As well, I heard that the WWF is thinking about taking Vic Grimes back from the ECW (I do wish they would leave Paul E. with him, but Vince will do what Vince wants). I think he would fit in nicely with this style as well.

Man, the crowd in Chicago was red hot!! They bordered on FRENZIED a couple of times. I mean did you hear them go berserk for the Dudleys, when they jumped in the ring, and hit the 3 d's I thought the roof was going to explode off that place. Then when my man Buh Buh went for the table, the crowd went even more crazy...nothing like a little blood, I can't imagine what these guys are going to do at Wrestlemania!!!!! At times the crowd was scary, like when that fan ran out on the ramp when Linda McMahon came out. I was like what the hell is HHH doing, he's tackling someone...who is it, then I realized it was a crazy fan...and what about during the supposed Hardcore Match between Tazz and Crash. Man, the camera man couldn't even get near the action on that one, as the crowd was swarming like a bunch of angry wasps...Still, despite getting out of control at points, I love those type of crowds...its like being at the ECW Arena, but amplified by 20x. I mean when Mick came out, the crowd gave him the hero's welcome that he deserved...(oops, broke my promise about not talking about Mick, but you can forgive me). What is the purpose of going to a live event if you're not going to go a little crazy right?

Ok, so I want to take back what I wrote last week, suddenly, Wrestlemania is starting to shape up very nicely...Of course it could consist of only the Triple threat tag team title match, and the Main Event with Foley and I would be happy, but throw in the other matches and it is definitely starting to look like a card with a lot of question...why the hell are they doing a Kane/Rikishi vs. Road Dogg/X-puke match...can we say squash. There is no way in hell either X-pac or Road dogg can last two seconds in the ring with these monsters...Curious choice for a match, but I can't say that I would be upset if Rikishi's big ass is smashed into X-Pac's face...that would be worth the PPV fee alone...

Until next time...

Rebecca Cerese
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