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Hey All!!!

Yes, I am still recovering from nearly 12 hours of wrestling on Sunday, followed up by 2 more fun filled hours the next night on RAW....So did WM 2000 live up to the hype, that is the question of the hour....well I say YES...and NO...what do I mean, well keep on reading.

The hype for this year's WM was pretty big, I say pretty big but not huge. Of course, it did seem like the only match they were hyping big was the main event, and the rest of the card seemed almost like an afterthought. Well one things for sure, it wasn't the Main Event that took top honors this past was of course the Triangle Ladder Match won by my favorite wrestler Christian and his wicked cocky "brother" Edge. The expectations leading into this match were huge, but unbelievably this match DID live up to expecation, and in fact IMHO surpassed it. Even though most people picked 2Blondes to win, I didn't really believe it was going to happen. I didn't even believe it when it happened. I just know that I was glad they were victorious at the end, but even more glad that no one seemed to get seriously hurt despite the high potential for serious injury that comes in a match like this, esp. when you have crazy ass people like Jeff Hardy in it. But more on this in a minute. Since this is my column, and my favorite wrestler is Christian, I want to discuss something that has come to my attention.

*****Christian Rant: If you are sick of hearing me talk about Christian pass this*****

Apparently, it seems that Christian is invisible to most fans out there. Even though he is in the ring, people fail to see him, and this includes J.R. who continually refers to him as Edge or doesn't refer to him at all. (last time I checked I thought announcers were supposed to try and put the workers over...not once did either King or J.R. comment about Christian's tenacity during that match...I mean a couple of times, I couldn't even believe that Christian was back on his feet, let alone in the ring, ready to take more punishment). I know, you probably think I am insane, but really its true...its true. Here's just one friend Sam (hey Sam!) emailed me after WM saying that it was very smart for Edge and Christian to "sit aside" while the Hardys and Dudleys "softened each other up". But at the end it just seemed like most undeserving team won. Of course these are his words not my response...I asked him if he was watching the same match as me, because from where I was sitting, Christian more than held his part of the match up. First off, Christian was the one who started the crazy offense by taking the dive off very nearly the top of the ladder onto Matt and Buh Buh below. Second, he got his ass stomped just as much as anyone, taking the modified 3D off the top of the ladder by Buh Buh, getting smashed in between two ladders by the Dudleys, and taking that nasty spill to the outside of the ring with Jeff Hardy when their ladder was pushed over...and the list goes on from there. I honestly think that for some reason people don't notice Christian in a match. Of course in this match the Hardys, more specifically Jeff stood out the most, I mean you can't beat the 20 ft. senton bomb off the ladder and to be quite honest, I really wouldn't want to see anyone try to beat it, it was scary enough to watch Jeff do it, and I am thankful that he was able to walk out of there ok. But there were five other competitors in the ring, most of whom equally contributed to the match...I mean Matt took 2 gigantic bumps through tables that seem to have been overlooked as well. Perhaps the noticeable exception was Edge who really didn't seem to play a big role at all, whether or not this was due to an injury he suffered earlier is still a mystery to me. But getting back to Christian, I am sick of people overlooking him and not giving him credit. He is an all around accomplished wrestler. He can wrestle both singles and tag team style. He sells moves for his opponents, and always makes them look good. He isn't afraid to take the beatdown, and usually does, plus he has quite a few moves of his own. Now finally they are allowing him to speak, and I think he is doing a great job, and once again all I hear is "Wow, Edge is really great on the stick, and I guess Christian can tag along." What the hell? Did Christian not do a sweet mockery of both the Hardys and the Dudleys on RAW (I thought his Buh Buh expression was particularly good). Is Edge the more dominant than Christian in terms of character...YES...But Christian is still a part of their team, a very important part and I am sick of him being overlooked. Do you think now that he is a tag team champ, he will actually get a shirt of his own? Probably not...

*************End of Christian Rant*****************

Ok, I apologize for taking up so much space with that particular RANT, but it really bothers me that he doesn't get the credit he deserves...but now onto other things...

Other WM thoughts....

I cannot tell you how much I hated he opening match. I thought D'Lo looked good, I thought Bull was impressive, but the Ho train, and Ice T saying Bitches, and D'Lo still dressed like a pimp, getting his ass kicked and getting pinned just left me depressed. I've said it before but D'Lo is being totally wasted in this angle...give him something better to do please.

Head Cheese vs. T&A: Man, this match could have been good, but it wasn't. Too many missed spots, to sloppy. The midget in the cheese costume was just horrible, and Trish didn't play a role except to show off her body, which I don't have a problem with, but I would have thought since Blackman had found her "appealing" on Smackdown that she would have somehow played a role in this match. I think toward the end when the midget was chasing after her, and Blackman looked over to chase him away, this was supposed to lead to Blackman being pinned because he was distracted, but like most of the stuff in this match, it did not come across that way. Luckily, on RAW, T&A came out looking much more impressive, and I would even say downright stiff as hell. Train Trish on the mike, and let her do more talking, because as talented as these guys are, they need a little extra something to help them along.

The Hardcore Battle Royale: I must say I was entertained by the sheer plunder of this match, and its always refreshing to see a jobber (Pete Gas) leak about a gallon of blood all over himself, but this match had no logic to it. Why wasn't anyone going for a pin in the last 3 minutes. Why was everyone satisfied to hang around the outside of the ring, and not go for the belt. I understand they wanted to give everyone a place in WM, but it should have been Hardcore vs. Crash vs. Tazz. However, it does finally seem like they have found a place for Tazz, as his upcoming feud with Perry Saturn has a lot of promise. With Dean holding the LW belt, Benoit holding the IC belt (hell yeah!!! And I have to point out that I predicted this would happen!) and now Eddy as the new European Champion, this leaves Perry in some serious need of a juicy angle all his own...and I think this just might be it. Throw in the newly heightened problems between Y2J and Benoit and Eddy (with his new main squeeze Chyna) and you have an interesting set up between these 7 individuals. Finally, the Radicalz (by the way how sweet is there new shirt? Where do I get one?) are out of Too Cool hell, they have a hot new "enforcer" and some great new rivalries.

Their match at WM was great, with Chyna looking better than I have ever seen her look in the ring, pants falling down aside. Her "house on fire" sequence was very impressive, and of course big time Kudos to Eddy for selling for her, and taking the pin. And it seems that by laying down for her, he was able to win her heart, because on Monday Chyna was definitely feeling some Latino Heat...Man, I love them together, and who cares if like CRZ says it doesn't make any sure makes more sense than her and Jericho. Jericho hated having Chyna there, he barely acknowledged her when she was, but Eddy obviously appreciates Chyna's assets. Plus from the surprisingly vocal crowd reaction when she turned on Y2J, I would say that most people agree with me and like this pairing. Her and Eddy definitely have a good chemistry together, and of course I LOVE any romance angles...esp. Hot Latino Romance angles...What can I say, I am a woman...Plus I don't know what it is, but there is something sexy about Eddy Guerrero...

What to say about the ladder match that I didn't already say...a GIANT THANK YOU to all 6 participants for putting it all on the line to entertain us. They went out there wanting to wow us and wow us they did...CRZ doesn't think this was a ***** star match, but I gotta disagree. I thought it was amazing as hell and scary. I swear I don't think I breathed throughout the entire match, I was just praying that everyone would be ok. But that being said, you could tell that these men worked really hard to put together an exciting match that also made a lot of sense. I am looking VERY forward to the continuation of this rivalry, that has now crazily shifted from 2 baby face teams...Christian & Edge and the Hardys vs. a heel team...the Dudleys... to 2 Babyface teams the Hardys and the Dudleys vs. a heel team E & C. It is truly amazing how over the Dudleys are right now. I must say, I think at WM they were by far the most over team out there...of course Jeff pulled the crowd to him after his suicidal Swanton Bomb, but before that it seemed to be a Dudleys crowd. Just goes to show you the lines between good guys and bad guys no longer exists in pro-wrestling.

And of course it goes without saying that I can't wait for more of the Cocky Boyz as I now call E & C, because I gotta say I am loving it.

I thought the Angle vs Jericho vs. Benoit match was really good, but the pathetically dead crowd at the Pond practically ruined the match. I know these guys have it in them to give us better, but I must say, I really enjoyed it thoroughly. Already Benoit holds gold in the WWF, and damn, if he doesn't look sweet with the IC belt. And Angle is beltless, and funnier than ever. It will be interesting to see who his next feud will be with...this guy is going places.

Ok, so I was going to go on and on and complain about the Kane/Rikishi vs. Fake Outlaws match, and then about how Kane is once again about to get screwed by being put in this lame ass angle with the heat killer Bossman but I just read somewhere that Kane actually worked his WM match with a broken hand and he will be out 2 months recovering. Well, this explains the Bossman match, and why his WM match was so goddamn short, but it still doesn't satisfy my desire for a real blow-off end to the very long Kane/Xpuke feud. Everyone got an ass in his face besides X-Puke, no blood, no serious beating, it was chokeslam, pin, good night....this is not what I call revenge, this is not what I call a satisfying ending AT ALL. Don't get me wrong, I think the rivalry is over, but I think the ending sucked...What I want to know is who the hell's ass is X-pac kissing ( I was going to say something worse but I am a lady after all) to escape taking any kind of big bump, and basically win all of his damn matches...I could get nastier here, but I will refrain...I am just waiting for the time when X-Pac gets what's coming to him and I for one can't wait.

Ok, the Main Event of the Crown Jewel of Sports Entertainment- lets bring back Mick Foley, pushing this boy hood dream angle, just to have him once again lay down for HHH to put him over yet again...Man, this ending sucked. Don't get me wrong a Vince heel turn is a good thing, and I understand that in this situation Vince chose what he thought was the best for his company, rather than a sentimental ending...but I'll tell you I was really hoping for that sentimental ending. I wanted to see Mick go out on top, instead it seems now that he was an afterthought, a road block for HHH to overcome before we got to the real match HHH vs. the Rock.

This is what I want to say about Mick...he MADE the Main Event in my opinion, without him there, it would have just been a crappy match with three average workers in the ring. With him there, the match had a heart and a soul. I mean the guy probably busted some ribs (why haven't we heard if he is OK?) and then still took two wicked looking pedigrees (one on a freakin chair) to go out the "right" way in his opinion as the loser to put the younger guys over. Fine that is his choice or the bookers, but it sure pissed me off to no end. Plus, once he was gone, the match lost something major for me, it no longer had its center. HHH and the Rock...please. These two do nothing for me in the ring together. After Foley got pinned, it should have just been a quick wrap up. Instead we get much too much McMahon stuff for my taste, and much too much of HHH vs. the Rock which couldn't be more boring in my opinion. I think the Rock is a decent wrestler who desperately needs a great wrestler to carry him to a good match ie. Benoit. HHH just flat out sucks in the ring, and is lucky that Foley agreed to make him look like such a bad ass these last three months against him. HHH has done a lot on his own to be the biggest heel in the business, and one of the biggest players, but one cannot overlook the impact Mick Foley had on his rise to the top either.

Ok, so I've babbled on long enough...I just want to say that I really hope that Vince cools it with the McMahon stuff, and lets some of the other midcard guys get some spot light as well. On Raw this week, as much as I loved all the undercard stuff, that's how much I hated the Main Event stuff. Too much McMahon...

You won't be hearing from me next week as I will be in DC producing my first video for my company, but I should be back the following week, ready to go...Take care and thanks for reading.

Rebecca Cerese
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