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Hey All! I'm back from our nation's Capitol, the site of the next WWF PPV Backlash. Well, I am very glad I took last week off, as I felt it was a very off week for the WWF. In fact Sharon spoke well for me too with her excellently written column from last week. Its pretty scary how me and her think so much alike when it comes to wrestling and other things too. So I just want to publicly thank her for speaking for me last week, as I was a very disgruntled WWF fan with no time to write a column of my own. I was honestly afraid that Vince's ego had gotten so out of control that he was going to take the WWF down with him...but then just as I was about to lose hope the WWF rebound in a big way with one of the best Raws in a long time.

Onto the Rants...

For once I really don't have that much to complain about...I mean how can you complain when RAW starts off with a kick ass Heavyweight title match between Y2J and HHH. As usual Jericho's mic work was amazing, and how he goaded HHH into putting the title up was great. I thought it was brilliant...suddenly Jericho is Main Event, and honestly he looked good there, and he looked GREAT wearing the belt around his waist. To bad they took it off of him a few minutes later. But I think the WWF was giving us a glimpse of the future right there...and the future certainly looks bright from where I am sitting. Jericho was pumped up and actually carried HHH to a great match. Man, was I pissed when they reversed the decision, but I can't say I didn't see it coming. But this serves two purposes, one it shows that Jericho is more than ready to hang with the big Boys and two, it makes HHH even more hated than ever. Its not like this guy has never cheated to get a win...but of course selective officiating...gotta love it...

Next up was a dream match up for me, botched end and all, and that would be the Hardys vs. the man with the Latino Heat...Eddy and Esse Rios. Man this match left me breathless a couple of times, and really showcased the talents of all 4 of these great athletes. I think that with Eddy's help Esse Rios could really develop into a major talent, I mean he has the high spots down, he just needs to learn how to tell a story in his matches something Eddy knows how to do very well. I don't know if we will see more of this duo though, after the end which saw Eddy and his Mamacita beating down Esse, while Lita ran for the hills wanting no part of Chyna. I just want to say I love this pairing of Eddy and Chyna, it is great to see a woman being worshipped on TV, and Eddy has his role down...(must practice at home). Now my next question, who the hell are the Hardys facing at the PPV? It looks like Edge and Christian will be facing the Fake Outlaws (much more on that later), and the Dudleys are facing T & A if Buh Buh can stop thinking about that kiss from who are the Hardys going to face. I am seriously hoping it will be some form of the Radicalz, but then that would mean the Radicalz would be jobbing again, and that's not cool at all. But I would love to see Dean and Eddy vs. the Hardys...that would kick ass...

I am sure my questioned will be answered at Smackdown...

I am totally confused and intrigued with this whole Tazz is the ECW champion situation. I would guess that this is a totally unique situation to say the least that a man from one federation is holding the top belt of another federation and wears it with the full knowledge and blessing? Of the owner of said federation. I wonder what Vince and Paul E have up their sleeves...something big I can only guess. I read a scenario on Wrestline, that a lot of people are hoping that Tazz fights someone from ECW and Saturn comes in and interferes causing Tazz to lose the match. This way he doesn't lose much face, and it pushes the rivalry between Saturn and Tazz. Now that would be great. I can just see Raven showing up on Smackdown..."hey Tazz you have something that belongs to me", and challenges him to a match. That would definitely be sweet. Raven is my choice for the Champion right now only because he has the most personality and the most in ring ability out of the three choices that are being thrown around, and that's Tommy Dreamer (oh Please!), Sandman (all entrance, no ability) and Raven. Of course RVD would be the top choice, but I don't think he is cleared to wrestle. I say put it on Raven, he can have a good rivalry with RVD, and then drop the belt to him in the near future. Needless to say, this unique situation has opened up many possibilities, and I for one can't wait to see where they go with this.

I just want to take this opportunity to put in my two cents worth about the Mike Awesome situation. I for one think Mike Awesome is just what his name says AWESOME. I think that he is one of the biggest badasses around, and I think that eventually he will get over in the WCW because I really think he is talented as hell. That being said, I think the way he left the ECW was a disgrace. Paul E has spent the last _ a year building him up as this monster. Sending him out there against his top rival Masato Tanaka to continually amaze us with 4 and 5 star matches. When he wasn't doing that he was giving him Spike Dudley or Kid Cash to just destroy in the ring. All of this served to get him incredibly over as a monster. So how does he repay this push and care and time, he absconds with the ECW belt, holding it for Ransom in exchange for his release. I understand why Awesome felt he had to jump on this opportunity, but the way he went about it was underhanded and disgraceful.

Ok, enough about him...back to the WWF.

It was not a good night for the Radicalz last night, as Saturn gets pinned by Crash, Dean loses the belt to Scotty II Hotty (in a move that as much as I hate it, will probably be better for the LW belt in the end), and Benoit gets the snot beat out of him by the new improved Big Show. I honestly don't know what it is, but Big Show has looked a lot more impressive out there recently, its like someone has lit a fire under that boys ass. His strength is amazing, and to see him throw around a human being like that was impressive to say the least. And I love Benoit's counter move. Kick him in the balls right in front of the ref and get the DQ, smart thinking on his part. Big Show's new rivalry with Kurt Angle is interesting to say the least, as I loved when Kurt was preaching abstinence and then Big Show is walking around with the condoms on his head. Angles one supporter agrees with what Angle is preaching with a great, "its true, its true". So can I predict an Angle/Big Show match at the PPV, will Benoit be thrown into the mix? No more triple threat matches please. How about Jericho vs. Benoit again for the IC belt. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing that again. Who knows what the WWF has in store for us...

We do know one thing, and that is that Stone Cold Steve Austin will be in the Rock's corner at Backlash. I gotta agree with CRZ on this one, I thought JR was a bit obnoxious with his over zealous (to say the least) reaction to the impending return of Austin 3:16. I honestly thought JR was going to give himself a coronary. You think he likes Austin a bit? So will we see the long awaited heel turn by Austin? It sure looks that way, I mean we have Rock taking off after the PPV to do the movie, so it looks like he won't walk away with the belt. Do I see a stunner in the Rock's future? I think so. That's fine, as long as there is set up the next night to continue this awesome Jericho/HHH feud. I want to see Jericho with the belt. That tease on RAW just wet my appetite.

Ok, so I have not complained (much ) yet, so of course you knew it was coming right, and of course it involves my favorite wrestler Christian. But just hear me out, I think what I have to say is a very legitimate gripe. Since Edge and Christian have been the champs, they have had only one clean win (and that was against Head cheese the Smackdown after WM), and besides that they have had nothing but screwjob endings, count outs and DQ's. Let me start again. They give the belts to Christian and Edge but then they do nothing to build up their credibility as champions. The way the Outlaws became the "best tag team in the WWF" was by winning cleanly and convincingly over other tag teams in the WWF, including Edge and Christian among others. That is how the tag team champions build their legacy. But instead we start off with RAW last week in their match against the fake outlaws, Christian gets waffled by the belt, and gets pinned. Yeah, the ref came out and reversed the decision, but the damage was done. The fake outlaws should have put Christian and Edge over cleanly...ok, so they are setting them up for a match at the PPV, I get that but on Smackdown we have the makeshift team of Big Show and Kurt Angle against the tag team champions. What happens in this match, Big Show kicks Edge and Christian's ass then decided to destroy his own partner and they get counted out. Once again Edge and Christian are left standing in the ring, no decisive victory under their belts. I understand that they are trying to get the Big Show over, and that's fine, they just shouldn't do it at the expense of their tag team champs. Have Big Show turn on Angle against some other opponents, not the champs. So I was excited when I say they were fighting the B. B.'s last night, I was thinking, well finally they will get a clean win, an impressive victory, but no of course not. First once again, Christian gets beaten down by Bull Buchanan, then the match abruptly ends in a DQ. WTF? There is no reason that the B. B.'s should not have put over the Tag Team Champions. Even thought they are now the champs it still seems that Edge and Christian are putting over other teams. Other teams should be putting them over. Now it looks like DX is taking on Edge and Christian at Backlash, and I am already sick to my stomach about it. They should have this match so DX can put the TAG CHAMPS over CLEANLY. Give them some respectability and credibility, but instead I have a sick feeling, that they will instead give the belts to DX. I really don't understand what the WWF is doing with Edge and Christian. I mean, they put them on the stick, they did a great job, and now for the past 2 weeks, we don't hear from them anymore. Give them mic time...they are good on the mic. Let them cut a promo on DX. Then let them back up what they say with a clean win at the PPV. Give them the time and the push to make them great champions, and stop throwing in all the other stories into their matches. Let other people put them over for a change... Ok, I'm through, I promise, but you gotta admit, what I say is the truth, its not just because Christian is my favorite wrestler.

That being said, I will finish up here because I gotta run.

A main event without the Rock, will wonders never freakin cease. And it was awesome on top of that. Hated that HHH got the pin on Jericho, but at least it was a good match, with different people. And I must say, the ApA impressed me last night. Bradshaw was on fire last night, and I loved it. When he was holding Xpuke and kicked Road Dogg down, I was loving, I was hoping for them to get beaten worse, but hopefully Edge and Christian will give them the beating they deserve at the PPV.

Kane is back, and man he is PISSED!!! I am loving it. That Chokeslam he gave Bull was impressive, doubly so with one arm in a cast...I can't wait to see more of him over the next few weeks, just wreaking havoc and raising hell, till he can come back to the ring and maybe go to the next level. I mean the guy worked for weeks with a broken hand, give him the push he deserves, and I am not talking about a rivalry against the B. B.'s.

I cannot wait for the stiff as hell contest between T&A and the Dudleys. Somehow I think that Buh Buh will be under Trish's spell, but I hope this doesn't take him too much out of the contest. I think that Test and Albert are impressive as hell, and I think that with some more time they can be a truly GREAT tag team.

A special thank you to Vince McMahon for staying the Hell of my TV this week.

And a doubly special thank you to Linda McMahon for slapping the hell out of her bitchy daughter Stephanie, and judging by the insane crowd reaction, I wasn't the only one who was ecstatic about Steph getting hers.

Ok, that's all for me this week. Next week I will be going to see the WWF House show on Sunday, and then RAW IS WAR from Raleigh on Monday. So expect a full live report on Tuesday or Wednesday, recounting my adventures...Thanks for reading.

Rebecca Cerese
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