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Hey All! Yes, I have survived my crazy wrestling weekend, but just barely. So you have to excuse any coherent ramblings and the like, because I am still recovering. Man, I totally enjoyed RAW this week, and the crowd was way into it, which only made it about a million times better. The big announcement was that Summerslam was going to be held in Raleigh, and of course I got my tickets yesterday. Unfortunately they are floor seats, not what I really wanted to get, but I will not complain, hopefully I will still be able to see. The good thing is that Sharon is coming to visit me, and me, her and my friend Heather are going to do the PPV, RAW and Smackdown. With all three of us crazy females together lord only knows what is going to happen... Should be a blast. But that is a long ways away, so I am instead going to concentrate on RAW, and mention a little about the great house show I went to see on Sunday.

I really love house shows, because it gives us as fans a chance to see real wrestling matches, without all the added storyline stuff. Although the storylines are still there, they are not the focus, instead the wrestling is. Which is fine by me. Since I live in North Carolina. The Hardys were given the Main Event spot for the House show...but more on that in a minute. The main event before the intermission was Jericho and the Rock vs. HHH and Benoit. Man oh man what a contest, which I got to see repeated on RAW the next night. I actually think the contest on RAW was a little better than the house show one, but both were really great. Of course the highlights for me were when Benoit was in there with Jericho. I am totally excited about their upcoming match up at the PPV this Sunday, because if Sunday and Monday were any indication, it is going to be a freakin war. I swear everytime, Benoit gave Jericho a chop I was wincing in pain. On RAW, Jericho's chest was completely red. I have noticed that Jericho wrestles up to the level of his opponents (except in the case of his match against HHH where he really carried "the game" to an excellent match). If he goes against someone mediocre, he only wrestles ok, but when he wrestles someone great like Benoit, he really shows up in a big way. There is an intensity between Benoit and Jericho that doesn't come along very often, and I love it. I have a sneaking suspicion that this match can steal the show on Sunday, and whatever the outcome, I think it will continue to elevate both men further into the Main event picture, and in my opinion they both belong there...

Another highlight from the house show for me was Malenko vs. Scotty II Hotty. Man oh man. I have never seen Malenko live and in person before, and I swear watching this match, I felt like I was watching an artist at work. Ok, I know that sounds cheesy but its true, its true. He is a master, and this contest was so amazing. Dean was also getting mad heel heat...of course I was cheering wildly for him, but me and Heather were the only ones. The crowd was really into this match, and I was happy, because it really was great, except of course for Dean having to lay down for 10 minutes while Scotty took an extra long time to set up the worm. I am looking for something different at the PPV, but they will probably be doing yet another rematch. It could be worse, so I am not complaining. Needless to say, I have become a huge Radicalz mark, and I am happy to report that I was able to pick up their super cool shirt this past Monday. It is even cooler in person, and I am psyched. Now if only they come up with a nicer Christian/Edge shirt, because the one they have now, it is hard to even notice Christian's name on I am also of course still waiting for him to have his own shirt, but I won't hold my breath...

Ok, on to the Main Event of the house show. It was originally scheduled to be the Rock and the Hardys vs. DX, but since X-Puke wasn't there (and I was heartbroken, really I was) they had to have a change of plans. So instead I got Rebecca's Dream Match up, her three favorite teams against each other...elimination style. I was lucky enough on Monday to meet Jeff Hardy before the show, and I have to say all the good things you've heard about him are completely true. He is the nicest guy ever, so not taken with himself in any way, and very willing to come talk to the fans. We told him how much we loved their match in Greensboro, and he actually said..."yeah its great to follow the Rock. " Meaning that by the time they came out, all the real heat was gone...and I was like, are you kidding me, your match was the best match of the night, and I wish you guys were main eventing the TV shows too. I know I am in the minority, but I am so sick of this Rock/HHH stuff. Now give me HHH/Jericho, that is good, but I am so over this McMahon/Rock/DX stuff, its not even funny. Right now I am so in love with the tag team division, that I wouldn't mind if it took precedence, but I know this won't happen, but a girl could dream right. Needless to say, it was a great match up, which ended with Jeff doing his super sweet swanton bomb, putting Buh Buh through a table. Man, watching Jeff Hardy in the ring is a thing of beauty, and I must say, Matt looked so good out there too, pulling all of these great power moves as well as high flying moves. And now he's also the Hardcore champion....

Ok, so I must say I was floored by these developments on RAW. I saw Jeff hit the Swanton, after their bullshit loss to the Holly's, and then suddenly I saw Matt pin Crash. On the replay, it almost looked like Matt had hit Jeff in the face, but that is not how it went down, as I watched the replay to see what really happened. But needless to say, Jeff was not a happy camper, and they argued all the way up the ramp, which for some reason they didn't show on TV. Right away, I knew there would be some kind of confrontation between the brothers on Smackdown, (which according to Sharon who peaked at Spoilers there is). I predicted a brother vs. brother match up for the PPV, esp. since the Hardys aren't booked to fight anyone as of right now. I find it very odd that the WWF has chosen to put this friction between the brothers, as I feel right now at least they are much better as a team. But I can't say that the thought of Matt vs. Jeff doesn't make me a little excited, ok a lot excited. But still, where do they go from here...

Ok, I have to say, the WWF gave me a special present, as I got to see my favorite wrestler, Christian, not once, but twice on RAW, and not only that, he came through right where I was sitting too. Of course I wasn't able to hear them on commentary, but I listened to it the next day, and I thought once again they did a fantastic job. Their little run-in spiel was hilarious. I esp. loved Christian mocking the Road Dogg with his jukin and jiving...Good stuff. I have to say, I absolutely love this new cocky Christian, when he took Tori, and gave her the inverted DDT, I was loving it! And I esp. loved his Suck It chops to her...of course he still got his ass beaten down later in the nights by the Dudleys, and 2blondes were only able to pick up the win yet again because of outside circumstances, but I really can't complain here. Their promo was great, the match was great, and I got to see the Dudleys vs. 2blondes. Man, its hard to know who to root for in a situation like that, esp. since Buh Buh has quickly jumped into my top 4. You can just imagine how I felt when it was all three of my favorite teams in the ring at the house show, Jeff and Matt are ripping off their shirts, Christian is mocking them, pretending like he is going to take his shirt off, and then there Buh Buh, who is just a total bad ass...hitting the 3D, and then pulling out the tables. Man, there was so much action in this match, it took me a couple of hours to catch my breath afterwards. I love when these three teams lock it up, and I think the WWF should have continued with the war between these 3 rather than send them all on their separate ways. I mean the Buh Buh/Trish stuff is interesting...I'm sure all the men out there are really digging it...but it doesn't have the same intensity as when the Duds are against any four of the "pretty boyz". And Christian and Edge vs. the Fake Outlaws leaves a lot to be desired to. I mean don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed when Edge and Christian were stalking Road Dogg but I would rather see a different match up at the PPV. I also hope my worst fear isn't realized and the WWF put the titles back on sad, tired DX. Christian and Edge have not gotten enough times with the belts yet. They are really starting to get good, give them some legit victories, and keep them on the mic, and maybe we can build some momentum.

In terms of the Dudleys vs. T&A, I am very curious to see what Trish's role will be at Backlash this Sunday. It is obvious that Buh Buh can't keep his eyes off her, and I really don't blame him, so where do they go from here.

So much more to talk about, so little room...

Ok, I love the Eddy/Chyna stuff so much (racial stereotyping sucks, but the woman worshipping stuff is just awesome), and what I love even more is the idea of Chyna vs. Lita. I have never seen a woman in the WWF who I felt could face Chyna in the ring, but I definitely think that Lita could hold her own, at least in terms of wrestling moves. When Lita flew off the top rope onto Chyna on the outside of the ring, my eyeballs almost popped out of my head. It was amazing. Chyna's look when she ran after Lita...wooh baby, I can only imagine what she will do when she actually gets her hands on her. And of course, lets not forget the men. I am very excited about the prospect of Esse vs. Eddy, as I think it will be a very high flying, fast paced match up...and by the way, for Jakked, they taped a Esse vs. Taka match that was simply AWESOME.... I think I was the only person in the place cheering Taka, despite his seriously insane aerial offense...Make sure to check it out if you have Jakked in your area.

I need to touch on Jericho again for a minute. This guy is beyond golden, and I know in my heart, he is ready to go to that next level. After the puke worthy love fest at the beginning of RAW between Shane, Stephanie and HHH, Y2J comes out and says what we all have been wanting to say for a long time...SHUT THE HELL UP. His opening promo was classic, and literally had me laughing my ass off. The crowd was so hot for it as well, which is always a good thing. Now it sucks that HHH refused to give Jericho his rematch, but I know we will be seeing it in the near future. Jericho is ready to wear Championship Gold and I can't wait till he is the champ. As well, despite not having as much heat, I think, no I know that Benoit is ready to go there too. I think that anyone that isn't into Benoit is a complete moron. The intensity he brings to the ring is unmatched in the WWF. He is such a total bad ass, and I really hope he starts getting the recognition from the fans that he deserves. That being said, although its probably a long way off, I look forward to the day that Benoit vs. Jericho for the WWF title headlines a WWF PPV, and we are finally rid of the GAME at least for a while.

Quick One liners:

The flirting between Kurt and Stephanie is going to lead to trouble for the Olympic gold medallist.

I loved the dresses Chyna was trying a dress wearer myself, I thought she looked BEAUTIFUL MAMACITA...

Are Big Show and Rikishi friends now?

I wonder how Test and Albert feel about being so overshadowed by Trish's huge breasts?

I have to say, I am pretty excited about seeing the Rattlesnake...we will see how long that lasts....

Who besides me liked it better when Vince McMahon was off TV... his promos bore me to tears... I know he was trying to set up Backlash, but his recap of his Families feud was just tedious. I was like hello, I watched it on TV, I know what happened.

I know I have left out a bunch of important stuff, but my brain is fried, so that's all for me today. Enjoy Smackdown and the PPV if you chose to get it. Join me here next week, same CRZ time, same CRZ URL.

Rebecca Cerese
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