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Hey All! I am back after my week off from writing...I do have a good excuse though. Last week I indulged in my other obsession, live music, as my brother and I went to see the three opening shows of the Pearl Jam tour...all I have to say is WOW!! Pearl Jam is one of the best live bands of all time!! It was so great to see the opening show of the tour, and then the next two. The highlight for me would have to be the last show we went to in Greensboro. It was my mom's 50th Birthday, and she loves Pearl Jam, so we all went together, we had great seats, the sound was excellent, and they played an incredible set, pulling out many songs they don't usually play. The crowd was red hot and the band was really feeding off of it. It was truly a mind blowing experience. So I ended up missing Smackdown because of it, as for some reason it didn't tape, but I was able to catch some excerpts of it on Livewire, and of course my savior, Sharon will send me the tape because I can't miss one minute of the Hardy Boyz/Edge/Christian feud. So I am still floating on top of the world from my concert excursions, and not feeling particularly inspired to write, but I hate to miss more than one week, so here goes my best effort...

Onto the Rants...

Welcome to RAW is WAR emanating from my old stomping ground, New York City, and the greatest arena ever, Madison Square Garden. The crowd was jacked, and the WWF delivered with a very solid show....

Highlights for me:

  • The Tazz/JR/King exchange was just awesome. Finally, they allowed Tazz to be the total asshole bad ass we know he can be, and man did it work. I swear, there was so much tension between him and JR, and I couldn't believe what he said about God slapping him across the face. That was just harsh as hell...but it sure got him over as a heel, didn't it. Then to top it off, the King actually intercedes and punches Tazz out to defend JR...I was floored, and I was actually marking out for the King...I never thought that would ever happen, ever, but it did. This segment came off so incredibly well, and I hope that this is the beginning of a huge push for Tazz, because I think he can get over in the WWF, at least I hope so.

  • Benoit/Rock match was just another in a series of excellent matches for these two, but this one was something special. I was so hoping that Benoit would win the belt, but of course not. I knew that Jericho (fresh off his honeymoon) would come and interfere in the match, after all the crippler gave him internal injuries, so he had to get revenge for that. But before that it was just an awesome match, and I have to admit, the Rock has really been stepping up his in ring work for his feud, and I am impressed. The only thing is, I hate that he is still using the Crossface. With all the new moves in his repertoire there is no reason he has to steal Benoit's end move. It definitely diminishes the power of the move when Benoit uses it, if the Rock can also slap it on whenever he wants. So now it seems that Benoit and Jericho will feud once again, as suddenly, Angle is in the Main Event picture as part of the excellent and engrossing love triangle story between Kurt/Stephanie and HHH...

  • I have to say I am a sucker for romance...yes I am a woman, so shoot me ok, but this storyline has exceeded my expectations, and I have to say, HHH's acting during these segments has been they were handing out Emmy's to wrestlers I would have to nominate him. He has been incredible. You can tell he is really feeling the part. So lets go back to last week, on RAW, when the WWF ended RAW with HHH and Trish in the 69 position...I could not believe my eyes, I was laughing so hard, I thought this was great...and the best part is I am sure the people at the PTC were all having coronaries. HEHEHE! So then we have Kurt gallantly saving his "friend" from a fate worse than death, that being a table bomb by Buh Buh Ray Dudley, and on top of that he helps her to pin Lita. Kurt and Stephanie "celebrate" in the ring, although it really looked like they needed to get a room, and suddenly the tables are turned, and HHH is pissed off at Steph. So I must say, this storyline had me wondering what was going to happen next, and these three are one of the major reasons I was so looking forward to RAW this week. Would Kurt's real feelings come out ?(I mean we all know he wants to jump Stephanie) Would HHH and Steph's relationship splinter into a million pieces? And the best question, what would "evil" Mick Foley do to drive that wedge further between the husband and wife that drove him out of the WWF. Ok, so my friend Jen is obsessed with HHH and Stephanie, she calls them "her couple". She just loves them, and I knew the WWF were creating compelling TV when she was freaking out at my house on Monday. I mean the girl was screaming at Kurt (who she likes by the way) screaming at Mick, calling him evil...I told her girl, you better not disparage Mick in my house...but I have to say, I was drawn in as well. When all three were in the ring, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. Needless to say, the way the Main Event ended signals that this is only the beginning of this rivalry, as both Kurt and HHH pinned Jericho before all getting Rockbottomed by the indestructible, but terrible at commentating, Rock. The best part of it all, Stephanie getting the Rock Bottom....I just love watching that girl take bumps. And unlike my friend Jen, I kind of like Stephanie and Kurt together, but I do agree, it is much better as a flirtation, then it would be if they were together full time. Either way, Kurt has definitely stepped into the Main Event and I for one am overjoyed...its true, its true.

  • Steven Richards and the RTC: Man, I never thought I would actually find the Godfather interesting, but I do. I certainly don't like to watch him or Bull wrestle, but I love how they are under the spell of Steven Richards. The best part of all of this, is their hypocrisy, can the WWF be taking a shot at some other organization...anyway, they don't like gratuitous violence, but yet the Goodfather slams a ho through a table with full force. I too thought he would turn on Steven, but no, he took that woman and drilled her through the table. That was just insane. I love the idea of this faction, and I think Stevie is excellent as their maniacal leader, I just wish he had some better people in his stable. I mean I can't stand Bull and Godfather, but at least Stevie is getting monster airtime, and he is mad over as a heel, so these are all good things. I can still see Raven coming into the WWF at the end of the month (hopefully one of the days I will be in attendance) and knocking some sense into the that will be great to see.

  • Big Show being thrown off the stage by (the also returning from his honeymoon, fresh with a new neck! Tattoo with his wife's name) Undertaker. I have to say, I loved this bump, padded or was still a huge ass man being flung off the stage by another huge ass man, gotta love it, well at least I love it. I am so sick of the Big Show and his lazy ass. I read that they are sending him down to the minors (so to speak) to work on his conditioning...well I think that is a good idea. The guy just doesn't try in the ring, his punches suck, and last night he gave one of the absolute worst looking belt shots of all time. But he certainly took the bump well. I was happy to see the Undertaker back, and he looked rested and fit...I guess that's what a lot of sex on your honeymoon will do for you...although it didn't seem to have that effect on Jericho who in my mind seemed a bit sluggish last night, but anyway, it was cool to see the Undertaker, who I still love, despite what some evil columnists say about him, and I have to say, I loved the tattoo of his wife's name... what a sweet and romantic sentiment.

  • Eddy did the frog splash! Eddy did the frog splash! Unfortunately I missed it on Smackdown, but I was ecstatic that he finally was able to do his awesome splash. It was great to see him do it on RAW, esp. to do it while Val Venis was doing a bridge...quite spectacular. I think Latino Heat is ready for the IC belt, and I look forward to seeing him capture it at Summerslam, when he takes it off the totally undeserving Val Venis. Just a quick side note on Val...what is up with Val lately, I think he has gained weight, gotten flabby, and the man needs to hit a tanning bed, he is pasty white, he doesn't even look like the same guy, and he is the worst IC champ of all time. My friend Jen and I have a running joke...she always asks me, "Who is the IC champ again?" but the thing is its not to far from the truth, he has done nothing to add to the prestige of the belt, in fact right now I think the Hardcore belt has more prestige than the IC belt. Give the belt to Eddy, he will get his edge back baby, and the belt will get its worth back.

    By the way, after not seeing a Piledriver on WWF TV for some time we saw its return in dramatic fashion, when Eddy is piledriven on the outside of the ring before the match...Damn, it looked like it hurt. So why can't Kane do his tombstone anymore?

  • I just want to end by saying that Mick is the greatest on air commissioner of all time! I love that his office is in a different freaky place each week, and I love how he is always talking to himself before someone comes to see him. I also think he has excellent interaction with just about everyone on the roster. He is truly amazing, and I can't wait to see what he says and does next.

    There were a few things that didn't thrill me, but only a few...

    Not enough Hardys and Christian and Edge...hell Jeff had the night off, so we only got to see the older Hardy, which was fine, but they were all just an afterthought in the Big Show/UT rivalry, and I hate when they do this. Why on earth did they make this asinine 6 man tag match anyway. If anything it should have been Christian vs. Matt or something like that, you know a match that will actually advance their rivalry rather than squash it.

    I also could have done without Rikishi vs. Xpuke, but then again, I could always do without Xpuke. But this "friendly" rivalry angle is stupid as hell, esp, since its all based around the fact that supposedly these two have done all they can do as a tag team...please. I swear they think that if they say it long and loud enough that people will actually start believing it. I don't freakin think so...they need to finally kill DX, and find something new to do with those two, or how about just permanently remove them from my TV screen, but I know that would be too good to be true.

    One few quick notes about Sunday Night Heat:

    All night they are building up this Dean Malenko/Christian match, a match that I have been waiting for, for a long time. They have Christian in all of these ridiculous situations, and then they make it that he is too tired to even wrestler Dean. I mean it was a total squash, Christian didn't even get one ounce of offense in...what the hell is up with this???? I don't understand why they would make their tag team champ look like such a total loser, and it made me really sad to see him jumping around in a chicken suit only to come out to exhausted to wrestle. The WWF had a perfect opportunity to actually put on a spectacular Light heavyweight match and they blew it, and I for one was pissed as hell.

    On a positive note, I thought the interaction with Test and Albert about whether to shave off Albert's body hair was hysterical as hell, and their match against Lowdown was very good indeed. I wish they would break away from Trish Stratus, and go out on their own. Let them do more funny skits like that, and I think people will get into them, they are so damn goofy.

    Quick ECW note:

    I just wanted to say, I caught highlights of the Kid Kash/RVD match from the Hardcore say, and between those and what Sharon told me about the whole match, I feel another Jerry Lynn like rivalry coming on.

    Speaking of Jerry, he had a superb match against Tajiri and Corino...Jerry Lynn continues to be the man, I just wish Paul E would put him in a rivalry against Rhino and actually give him the TV title...but Paul E doesn't seem to really know what he is doing lately.

    Ok, that's about it for me for now...I am getting so excited about Summerslam, and we just found out that a bunch of wrestler are going to play in a softball game against music "sensation" Michael Bolton and his all stars. So I got us all tickets, and we will be sitting 3 rows behind the wrestlers dug out...I am seriously hoping that the Dudleys will bring tables, and Michael Bolton goes through one.

    Till next time dear readers....

    Rebecca Cerese
    [slash] wrestling

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