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Hey All!! Under a week till Summerslam, and I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Work is pure torture, and I can't wait till Thursday because then I go on what I am calling my wrestling vacation for 11 days including weekends. Heather comes in on Thursday night and we are going to hang and watch Smackdown, which Ryan Mancuso is going to in New Orleans (have fun Ryan!) and then on Friday, Sharon arrives by train and we finally get to meet face to face...I am so excited. Then when we get back from the train station, my friend Jen will be waiting for us and our crazy week begins...Needless to say I am ecstatic, and I am counting down the days till the end of the week. Luckily I have a lot to keep me occupied till then including a Neil Young concert tomorrow night...hell yeah, Neil Young RULES!!!!

So without further ado....onto the Rants....

What can I say, I really enjoyed Raw for some reason yesterday, and I felt it did a great job at building up most of the matches at Summerslam. First things first, a big fat congratulations to Lita, the most kick ass female in the WWF right now (sorry Chyna but she is) for finally taking the women's title from little Miss Stephanie. I could not believe the WWF put this match in the Main Event but it worked out well. Stephanie showed me more than I expected from her, and actually pulled off a move or two...sort of anyway, but still I was impressed. So now Lita is the women's champion, and suddenly the worth of the belt has jumped considerably. I am so excited that a woman who can actually wrestle is actually the champion again, and I think she will hold the belt for a long while, I mean she is one of the most over people out there. Her cheers even dwarf the Hardys cheers.

Speaking of the Hardys, they were impressive against the Dudleys this week...Jeff Hardy was feeling it in a way that I haven't seen from him in a while, not to mention he looked delectable in that red shirt of his...LOL!! And Matt is always solid out there as well (as witnessed by his excellent match against Kurt Angle in the Main Event on Heat Sunday Night, the man just has SKILLS). It was also cool to see the Hardys mixing it up with HHH and Kurt Angle during the Main Event, to try and keep things fair for their woman Lita...(man Lita is one lucky woman to have those two men to stand up for her, and to hoist her on their shoulders, and too...well you get the point). I fully expect the Hardys to join Lita in wearing gold this Sunday at Summerslam. They have paid their dues, they are one of the best tag teams of all time, and they are in their home state...I would say they are a lock to win...whatever happens, I just want everyone to remain safe, and put on a great match.

One match that can't help but be great is Benoit vs. Jericho...just when you think the intensity between these two can't get any hotter, they go after each other like rabid animals on RAW. I have to say I was enjoying the hell out of the Perry Saturn/Jericho match too...that is by far the best I have seen Saturn look in a long time...hell its been a long time since I have seen Saturn at all...but him and Jericho have that special chemistry that's for sure...and then Benoit comes out to try and attack Jericho and the Brawl is on...I swear these two act like they really hate each other, and every time they pulled them apart, Jericho would find a way to get back in Benoit's face. The best was when he did the dive out of the ring, and cold cocked the ref in the face (to bad it wasn't Korderas right Heather?) These two should rock the house on Sunday, and I have to tell you I love 2 out of 3 falls matches, and between these two, it sounds like pure heaven...

Ok, to totally change the subject, how damn funny was Mick Foley last night. I mean he even topped himself last night, he had me laughing aloud every time he came out there...."light it up for the commissioner and say shrimpin' ain't easy!" That ruled, and Mick rules. I loved when he came to congratulate Shane O' Mac on his victory only to announce seconds later of the rematch at Summerslam...(Hey CRZ...Blackman got a place on the card...yay!). Shane begs Edge and Christian to pin him, and they do with dreams of "double gold" dancing in their heads...only to be stopped at a 2 count...classic stuff. Foley has really excelled even beyond my expectations in terms of his on air commissioner role, and I love it! And I can't wait to chant his name, much louder than I would ever chant the Rock's name and he won't even have to say Raleigh North Carolina to make me do it.

So basically Mick guaranteed that Shane is going to get his ass kicked at Summerslam, and what other mischief did he about the IC intergender tag match...ok, so I had a strong suspicion that Mick would do something like this, at least I was hoping. I mean no one can be happy about having Val as the now we have a built in feud between Chyna/Eddy and Val...throw in Trish Stratus, and we have a whole lot of possibilities going on there...First things first. I really hope that Chyna beats the crap out of Trish, I want to be there to see it, and I hope Chyna gives it to her good. Second, I want to see Eddy get the clean pin over Val to become the IC champ. None of this Eddy pinning Trish, or Chyna pinning Trish or Val...I love Chyna but she should not be the champion, and I will be very pissed off if she is...and what does this mean for Latino Heat anyway. Pretty much, I think they are about over. I can't imagine that they can survive one of them winning the belt over the other. If Eddy wins, as he should, Chyna will pout like she did before, but I don't think a puppy is going to be enough to console her this time, and if Chyna wins, then I can see Eddy becoming very jealous of that as well. Either way I think it will be hard for Latino Heat to come out intact after this one.

Same goes for finally looks like they are going to bury DX, and I have to say its about damn time...they were so dead that they were stinking up the locker room with their stench. I can't imagine that they can survive after this, and I don't want them too....I think this will be a bathroom break for me, but then I wouldn't be able to gleefully chant X-Pac maybe I will stick around. Also maybe Road Dogg will exact revenge for going through the table in some kind of devious way, and that would definitely be worth seeing...heh, heh...

I will definitely be taking a bathroom break during the Kat/Terri stinkface match....I want to know what genius thought this match sounded like a good idea. I picture candidate for worst match of the!!! (Women writers... - CRZ)

RTC vs. Too Cool: now if only RTC actually had good people in it besides Stevie!!! I just can't stand Bull or Goodfather, and I certainly don't like Too this match hold like zero interest for me, except for the odd chance that Raven will somehow get involved in this match. Now I haven't even heard anything about him even being anywhere near Summerslam, but a girl can wish right, and I think it would be cool as hell to insert him into this storyline due to his past history with Stevie. Of course no one would get what was going on besides ECW fans, but who cares!! I will know what is going on and I will love it. And I know my friend Joe feels the same for our sakes, I will stick around during this match in hopes that the brooding, psychopath makes an appearance, and attempts to whip Steven Richards into shape. Even if he doesn't show up at Summerslam, I am hoping for an appearance either at Raw or Smackdown. I have only seen him live once before when I went to see ECW and he did an RI for about 3 seconds, definitely not enough time to feast my eyes on that man, so I am hoping for something a little more substantial...not that I need anymore stimulation if you know what I mean, my hormones will be raging out of control as is, and with my 3 girlfriends with me, we will definitely be in hormone overload!!

An easy way to get over hormone overload is to think of Jerry the King Lawler...yuck...the guy is just gross, but I have to say, I enjoyed how he was laying in wait for Tazz on RAW, even if he just threw some empty boxes on him...Tazz sold it like a champ. It did wonders to further push this rivalry, and I am actually excited about this match. I am looking for total destruction by Tazz, and I can't wait to see the King choked out in the middle of the ring...something I have wanted to do numerous times when the Puppy talk were about to drive me batty.

Ok, so Kane/Undertaker can be really good or really bad...and I am hoping for really good. Kane looked impressive out there against Rikishi on Raw. He has that fire back, and that is when Kane is the best. My hope is that the Undertaker actually puts him over, and I have a strange feeling that this might happen. How many times has Kane put UT over, making him look good as hell out there, and then lying down to get pinned cleanly. I think its time for UT to return the favor. Kane has yet to rejoin the Main Event, and I think a decisive victory over the Undertaker is just what the doctor ordered. Hell that would make up for giving us Kane vs. the Undertaker for the 800th time too, if the outcome was actually different. I realize that the WWF had to throw this rivalry together due to the pathetic Big Show getting injured due to poor conditioning, so I am hoping they plan to make the most out of it for the man who truly deserves a push...KANE!!!

I was going to say a few choice words for the Big Show, but I think that being the WWF champion, and then being pushed down to the minor leagues all in the same year about says everything. I predict that if he doesn't get his lazy ass into shape, that the WWF will release him for breech of contract, and I don't blame them. The guy comes to the ring with no ability to perform...and those top spots are precious and there are plenty of better guys than Paul Wight who have worked their asses off and who deserve those spots...

And Kurt Angle is one of them...ok, so I already gushed about Kurt Angle last week, but I have to say he just continues to impress me...I loved the aforementioned Kurt Angle/Matt Hardy match on Heat...good stuff. And he continues to entertain me with both his in ring skill and his out of ring antics. Him and HHH are like Abbott and Costello, they really play well off of each other. And that smirk...when he convinces HHH that he just wants to show Stephanie some moves, and then he turns away and just know he is up to no good. In a way I wish the match was just HHH vs. Kurt Angle, and that HHH was still the champ...but alas the Rock is the Champion, so he has to be thrown in there somewhere...but the real story is HHH and Kurt Angle, and where Stephanie's loyalties lie...with her husband or with her "friend"? I have a strong feeling that Kurt is going to come out on top of this one, at least that is what I am hoping for...I just want to see the celebration! Then HHH can no longer say that he has been a champion and Kurt hasn't and that will piss HHH off even more and I love it when he is pissed is the best!!

So needless to say, I see a lot of things changing at Summerslam, and after. I think that every belt will change least that is what I am hoping for. The IC belt needs new blood, the tag team belts need the Hardys, and the Heavyweight belt needs to be taken off the Rock's waist. And oh yeah, Steve Blackman needs to beat the crap out of Shane McMahon and take back the only thing that has worked in getting him over, the Hardcore belt.

So that is all from me today, short column this week. We will be running around like crazy next week, but I want to try to write a combined column about our adventures on Wednesday, which should be a relatively uneventful day except of course for the season finale of OZ!! So maybe you will get a column next week, maybe not, but I am hoping...If you are going to Summerslam, look for the crazy girl with the long curly brown hair and the glasses, surrounded by 3 other crazy girls and come by to say hello!

Rebecca Cerese
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