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Hey All! As Sharon wrote to me earlier it is Hump Day...yeah, one more day till Smackdown, two more days till the weekend. You know you are a wrestling geek if you break up your week by when the wrestling shows are on. So I get Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday that's a lot of wrestling, and yes I really don't have a life...but enough about me...Ok, so I am trying to plot a way to go to Unforgiven. If I knew I would be guaranteed a ticket, I would consider driving up there from North Carolina. I know Sharon, who only lives 30 minutes away from Philly is going to try her luck, but an 8 hour drive is a little bit longer than an 30 minute one, still I really want to go. See I have to admit I feel a little cheated. Don't get me wrong, I loved Summerslam, and I wouldn't trade my experience there for anything in the world, still I thought that the Hardys were a lock to win the belts, but alas they did not win them. So once again, my two favorite teams are squaring off, this time in a steal cage, and I am certain that after insane bumps and uses of a cage, the likes of which we have never seen before, the Hardys will finally emerge as the tag team champions...and I really want to be there to see it. Is that too much to ask for? I mean Unforgiven is the day after Matt Hardys 26th birthday (hey we're the same age) and he is going to be crowned the champ...Happy Birthday Matt....Ok, so I am still plotting for a way...but I don't see it if any of you dear readers have any suggestions email me and let me know. If you have any extra tickets...good seats of course that you are willing to sell for a fair price, let me know that too...if I had a ticket I would just take off and go.

Ok, enough of me lamenting, there is much to talk about...where to start....

I think I will pull a repeat of last week and talk about ECW first. RHINO LOST THE BELT!!! YAY!!!!!!! (fireworks go off, champagne bottles are popping everywhere, all over the world people are eating, drinking and being merry) ok, perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but I practically had a party when he finally lost the title, esp. since Kid Kash won it. I have to say, I loved the way Paul E. booked their match. True it was a giant clusterfuck, but this time it worked for me. From Paul E getting knocked senseless by Cyrus, Kash crowd surfing his way to Rhino, the flip onto the entire locker room, and the interference by RVD....good stuff. Congrats to Kid Kash!

Speaking of good stuff, although Tajri and Mikey lost the titles, their match against FBI was awesome. I swear I love watching those guys in the ring. Tajiri is just amazing in the ring and Mikey ain't too bad either. Ryan told me they had them drop the belts because Tajiri is going back to Japan, so I am hoping that when he returns they keep them as a team and have them challenge for the titles again.

So we are getting to the last weeks on TNN for ECW...I really hope they are picked up by USA and find great success. The idea of some of those guys being out of work or working for the Indys is enough to make my heart break, so I wish ECW the best of luck.

Onto the WWF:

What can I say, my dream week at the WWF continued last week when Christian found himself in the Main Event on Smackdown as well. So first we get to see Christian replaying his pin over the Rock, 8 times from every different angle imaginable (much to my delight I might add) and then he ends up in the Main Event challenging the Rock for the title with his mystery partner...KANE...ok, like my friend Lewis wrote me...what were YOU booking the WWF last night...and I have to say it felt that way. I loved this match, and I was ecstatic that Christian got to show off his stuff once again in the Main Event. He looked good out there too, after he was done hiding outside the ring. He showed serious testicular fortitude later on in the match though when he actually pulled Kane off the rock, the pull of double gold, clouding his better judgment. Still he managed the low blow, and even got an almost 2 count on the reigning champion...all the while I am jumping up and down like a wild woman at my house, pinching my arm thinking this is some kind of dream.

Ok, enough hyperbole, you get the point, I was excited ok, I was damn excited to see two of my favorites, and yes I love Kane for all you Kane haters out there, teaming together to take on the stupid Rock! Of course it ended with Christian getting the Rockbottom, but he still looked damn good out there, and props to the Rock, (even though I just called him stupid) for putting Christian over in their match on RAW and allowing him the chance to really shine on Smackdown.

So on Monday, the tag team champions basically had the night off, but they did grace us with their presence during the #1 contender match for the tag team titles between the Hardys and the Dudleys...ok, so you know I love Jeff, but what the hell was he wearing on his looked ridiculous...of course the man is still a god, but I really wonder what he is thinking sometimes. You know it might have been a little better if JR didn't announce in his Ross Report that Edge and Christian would be taking on the Hardys at Unforgiven, then maybe we would have anticipated the outcome a little bit more, but I am not complaining, we get an E & C RI and the Hardys win. The best part, Lita wasn't out there...don't get me wrong, I have said it before, I like Lita, but she sucks up to much of the Hardys Heat...between Lita and tables, the four men in the ring are the least important parts of the equation. Speaking of tables...I was very upset to see the table not break when Edge went through it...Ouch!

Just one more note on the pained me to see Matt wrestling on Heat with his ribs taped, and Jeff was still noticeably favoring his ankle. I know exposure is important, but don't you think that allowing these two men to have a little time to recuperate instead of forcing them to do house shows for one weekend is the smart thing to do...but of course I am just a fan...what do I know?

So I talked about the Hardys, now let me talk about their beautiful companion Lita. I have noticed that when you put Lita in the ring with an experienced wrestler, ie. Jackie or Ivory she really looks bad out there. Her match against Ivory was very sloppy besides the amazing huricaranna. I swear though, I was having flashes of Bob Holly getting his arm shattered by Kurt when Lita landed that moonsault. That was just scary. Thankfully I read that Ivory was not hurt, despite Lita's leg coming down right across her throat. I think that Lita needs to train a little more in the ring, before they throw her into singles matches. She doesn't look as bad when she's doing 6 person matches, but in singles matches her flaws really stand out. Also, she really needs to learn how to kick and punch, and make them look at least somewhat decent...and no none of these remarks stem from my jealousy of her getting to hang out with the Hardys...

Totally switching topics here...but does anyone really give a shit about the "who ran over Stone Cold" angle. I certainly don't that's for sure. I think that in the back of my mind, I have a strong feeling that this is going to somehow be equivalent to the Higher Power angle...a giant buildup and then oh...its just Vince McMahon. So I am weary of this angle, and I have to say, the whole time they were going on about it at the beginning of RAW I was wondering what Kurt/HHH and Stephanie were doing backstage. This is just the angle to beat all angles...the storyline of the year in my opinion, it is thoroughly engrossing, and each week, the hatred between HHH and Kurt reaches new heights. This week, Stephanie got in the middle, and got clocked not only by her own husband but by Kurt too. Man, she bumped like crazy, and I was laughing my ass off...ok, I am now officially considered a sick bitch, but it was funny, esp. when Kurt punched HHH when he was holding Stephanie in his arms...classic stuff...I cannot wait to see the payoff match at Unforgiven...I know it is going to be good, real good. Yet another reason why I would love to be in attendance.

You know what kicked total ass on RAW this week, Chris Benoit...the thing is Chris Benoit always kicks ass, but this week, he really came off extremely well, not just in the ring as he usually does, but on the mike as well. First off his opening segment interview was great, but even better was his interaction with Kane in the locker room, man I loved this. Me and Lewis both agree that we sort of like Kane and Benoit as a team...they sort of have a cool chemistry together. And the best part of all, after Mick spent the entire match building Benoit up on commentary, the UT puts him over totally cleanly to end the match. My eyes almost popped out my head... never puts anyone over my ass, last week he put over Christian, Edge and Kurt and this week it was Benoit. Can't wait to see what he does on Smackdown.

Speaking of Smackdown, I heard that Eddy is going to make a visit to the Playboy mansion to try to convince Hugh Hefner to hold the press on the new Chyna Playboy issue. I love this storyline and I will tell you why, I love Eddy as a heel. Some people are just better heels, and he is one. Not that I didn't melt whenever he would declare his love for Mamacita, but I like his aggressive heel tactics a lot more. Especially his attack of Too Cool while they were dancing. So of course I saw it coming, but it didn't make me like it any less. Despite what I have read to the contrary, I think that both Chyna and Eddy are doing a spectacular job playing their respective roles. I look forward to seeing how far Chyna will be pushed before she snaps and low blows Latino Heat.

Random thoughts:

So what the hell is up with Tazz tapping out to the powers that be in the WWF and giving up on his stay in the Federation. I am telling you I didn't see this coming, and I have no idea what the hell it means...

Ok, so how obvious was it that Val Venis was going to join the RTC. Man I hated this match, it was so stupid, and so predictable. I hate everything with Val Venis, and I hate him with Steven.

I thought Al Snow coming out dressed as a German with his theme song in German was hilarious...too bad the audience didn't seem into it. Now I hear that they are going to feud him with Steven Regal. I hope this time Regal's stay in the WWF is a little better than last time...a man's man...I don't think so.

So the WWF found a place right away for Regal, but are still floundering about Raven....but what about RAVEN? Now I have read rumors and I hope they are just rumors that they are thinking about changing his gimmick...what gimmick, Scott Levy is Raven...I have never heard such a ridiculous thing in all my life. They should align him with Kane, make him be the one who has been teaching Kane how to speak, because if there's one thing Raven can do its talk. Whatever they do, I hope they put him on TV quick. I miss him.

Also bothering me... why the hell are they feuding Xpuke with Jericho. Hasn't Jericho outgrown this feud? Lewis pointed out very astutely that last year Jericho fought Xpuke at Unforgiven, and I should know because I was there in the infamous Eat More Beaver match...and it looks like they will perhaps lock it up again. I hate this rivalry, and I hate the way they set it up. Why did X-Pac feel the need to run in and attack Jericho in the middle of his match against HHH. I will admit it was fun to watch HHH beat up X-Pac though, but its always fun to watch anyone beat him up. And Jericho's blade job was cool, but why didn't X-puke do a blade job. At least we got to see another match up between HHH and Jericho. Now there is a great rivalry. So my question, why is Jericho stuck feuding with midcarders like X-Puke when he should be going for the World title.

Ok, so I think I covered what I wanted to cover...oh yeah, a giant thank you to Lewis for sending me a drawing of the Hardys and Lita...and of course Lita looked the best...I wonder why Lewis...Thanks for reading.

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