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Hey All! I've been crazy busy this week playing catchup after taking Tuesday and Wednesday off to go to see Smackdown, so I haven't had time till just now to write about my adventures...I am going to forego any RAW thoughts...although I have a I hate Vince and wish he would get off my T.V. but besides that I am just going to quickly tell you about yet another crazy adventure with Heather and Jen...and of course Sharon was there in spirit although I wish she could have been there in person...

Heather came to my house on Monday night to watch RAW with me...Jen came just in time to see the okay swerve at the end...I thought it was pretty cool actually even though it involved Vince...I just have to quickly say please don't ever show me Vince and baby oil again ever...its enough to kill a woman's sex drive...and believe me if you knew me you would know that is a very hard thing to do. But anything having to do with Vince and baby oil...YUCK...ok, think of beautiful things...think of Christian or Matt Hardy or Steven Richards...ahhh there is a name you haven't heard me say before...well let me just say that I have always liked Steven, hell we are always rooting for the RTC basically because of him and Ivory...but I have been watching some old BWO stuff and its just classic (thanks Greg)...but I have thought he was pretty beautiful for a while, but on Tuesday night at the hotel, we got to hang out with him for like 20 minutes, just talking to him about the RTC and good lovin and man, he is drop dead gorgeous in person...and what a flirt...I think he flirted with every girl in the place, but paying special attention to me and my friend Jen...needless to say we were happy campers...

Ok, so I am getting ahead of myself...we get to the hotel and see some old friends who we met at Unforgiven last year...always good to see them too...I'm telling you we have met the nicest people going to wrestling shows...but anyway, I digress yet again...we get to the hotel and there's D-Von Dudley...Luckily he remembered Heather from Philly and we talked to him for a little bit...he is such a total sweetie. While I was checking in Tazz walked right past me...I said, "hey its Tazz" and he sort of just looked at me, but luckily I found my intelligent voice and started telling him what a totally kick ass announcer I think he is and how great Heat is because of him. He seemed pretty happy and gave me this really great smile and told me "thanks so much." Then Jen went out and talked to him some more. I wish I could have gotten a picture with him, but oh well. I just love the guy, I think he is totally awesome. I just wish they would let him wrestle more too. I ended up telling anyone that would listen to me what a great announcer Tazz was including my buddy John who is on the production crew and the Coach, Jonathon Coachman. Anyway, despite not getting the picture, this was still really cool.

So we're hanging out and Billy Gunn and Chyna come back to the hotel together...Everyone is ignoring Billy as it should be in my opinion...and we had heard that due to some kind of contract, Chyna wouldn't be taking any pictures. So me and Jen stupidly stood there and told her what an inspiration she was to us...yeah like she's never heard that before or what are you going to do...

So then Bradshaw came down and man he was looking rough...still we asked him for a picture which he said ok to...which was quite surprising to me since he really did look like shit...but he was really sweet to take the picture. Mostly we took the picture with him for Sharon's sake. She has always liked the APA. Suddenly everyone starts going a little crazy, and there's the Rock... He tells everyone that he just has to put his stuff down and then he'll sign autographs. Well I have to say he was true to his word. He put his stuff in the van and then he called everyone outside. Again Sharon was on our minds, so me and Jen took a picture with him, but only after all the real Rock fans got to take pictures first. Still although I don't like the Rock's character...Dwayne Johnson seems like one of the sweetest guys on the planet.

So next up we got Road Dogg and K-Kwick coming down. Now Heather loves the Road Dogg so I had to act...she has been wanting to meet the man forever. So he took pictures with these other women, and Heather in a truly Un-Heather like moment became shy and was going to let him walk past. Well, I quickly went into action and shoved her right at the Road Dogg practically pushing her into him. I said "Heather loves you...can you please take a picture with her." Although he was running late, he agreed. Now, of course I now find out that he was actually sent back to the hotel, supposedly because he was unable to perform. Well I am telling you, he didn't seem high to me at all. I mean I've been around enough high people in my life to be able to catch the signs and he didn't have any of them. So I don't really have any clue what happened, but it's a total mystery. Lewis is trying to blame this all on Heather somehow...but I still contend that Heather is totally innocent in this.

Ok, so that was our little adventure before the show. We get to the show and pick up the tickets that our buddy John left for us...(Thanks John) and man they were great seats...I was freakin out.....So we are waiting out in the freezing cold to get in...I'm talking it started sleeting and shit...and we were covered with little ice was finally they let us in. I was very disappointed that they did not have any Benoit shirts on sale, but it was a good thing, considering the fact that I am broke and I already spent way more money than I should have on the hotel and on wrestling action figures we found at the Toys R Us in Charlotte...they had the APA...I couldn't resist...they are a cool Tazz one...and Ivory...and on and on...anyway. We get in and get to our seats...totally cool...I do have to say that the place wasn't even close to being sold out...I mean up until the middle of Smackdown the front row was freakin empty, but they wouldn't let us go up there no matter how hard we begged.

Heat had the arrival of Dennis Knight pretending to be Dusty Rhodes, or maybe any Southern wrestler who dyes his hair. It was kind of cool, and he mentioned Ric Flair and of course the Charlotte crowd went nuts. Unfortunately he was wrestling Boss Man so needless to say the match was boring as hell...I must say we saw Bossman later on in the bar and he was really nothing against Ray Taylor but his character just sucks...

The best match by far was an extremely fired up Matt Hardy vs. Dean Malenko in the Rebecca is now salivating on herself match. I'll tell you though this match was awesome as hell. Matt can work and in the ring with the likes of Dean was a beautiful thing.

Oh yeah, during one of the dark matches, Jack Doan ref extraordinaire was out of position for the pin and he did a cartwheel to get over there. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. The rest of the night every time he came out we were screaming cartwheel. We saw him later on at the hotel and we started calling out cartwheel. He was really cute and embarrassed. He told us that Stone Cold made him do it when he came out and that one night he had Chioda doing jumping jacks in the ring. The refs were all extremely cool to us. We were all pretty trashed at the hotel...I never fact I can't remember the last time I had any kind of liquor...but on this particular night I had two gigantic gin and tonics and lets just say I was feeling no pain...but I am getting ahead of myself again.

Tazz comes out to recite Twas the Night before hook style and then gets knocked out by Santa with a bag of stuffed animals...please...stuffed animals...couldn't they have done better than that. was fun to see Tazz in his cool top hat...and I was cheering like crazy for him. So then Michael "Penis" Hayes (I swear that's what it sounded like they said) comes out to sing the National Anthem. He has a really deep voice, but I keep laughing my ass off looking at him singing the anthem. We told him later at the hotel while he was on his way out to the Men's club with Test and Val Venis that he had a really nice voice.

So Smackdown starts off with that very long winded creepy interview with Vince and Stephanie. Now Stephanie I love...I just can't stand her dad. He gets me sick...and their little exchanges come off really creepy. I told our buddy John that nothing will get me to turn the channel faster than Vince after he was telling me about the low rating that RAW got. I just can't stand him...maybe if he was on in a smaller dose it would be better but man, its just way to much...

Ok, so highlights of the live show for me were seeing Molly Holly live...she is so great...and Taka made her look even better out there. I swear she is by far the best woman on their roster right now. She is just so much more polished than any of the other women....

Speaking of women though, I love that they put Jackie with the APA...I think she fits in very well with them. And if it puts her back on tv than I'm happy with that. I liked the women's match despite it having zero crowd heat.

The six man tag match with the Hardys/Jericho vs. the Radicalz was like heaven for me. I got to see Benoit and Jericho hook it up...and of course the rest of the boys as well. Very cool match, and Jericho looked very crisp out there. I was upset to see Jeff Hardy grabbing his ribs, and Matt still seemed to be favoring the shoulder, but I guess its there decision to still wrestle even through the pain, so who am I to say anything I guess.

Loved when Austin came out to ref the Regal/Hardcore match. I don't know why but I just thought this was hilarious...and then when Kane came out...of course his pyro scaring the shit out of me...and chokeslammed Austin, I was jumping up and down like crazy. An Austin/Kane rivalry....well that's cool with me. I have to make a confession here...I am really starting to like Austin again. Its pretty obvious to me that he has been busting his ass since he's been back and it shows. He's put on consistently good matches...and true his opponents have been really good, but still he has to get a lot of the credit for it as well. Anyway, we were fortunate enough to meet him and Debra at the hotel and they were both so incredibly nice...I mean Austin stopped and signed for everyone there. As did Debra...again...he didn't have to do it but he did...and I just think that is the coolest.

Of course I loved the Raven/Blackman match, and what was even better was I got to sit in the second row, ringside for this whole was awesome as hell. I was going crazy screaming for Raven. I enjoyed this match thoroughly...I really did...and I hope eventually Raven can become the Hardcore champ...the title fits him well. Hell at least he's actually on a show other than I'm happy.

Obviously I loved the Main Event...I thought like their match on RAW that it was awesome as hell. The Kurt/Rock exchange at the end just reeked of awesomeness. I just read the recap of one of the wrestling observer shows and Dave Meltzer talks about what a great worker Christian is...hello I've been saying this for a year and a half already. The guy is just so well rounded...he had great mike skills, but he also bumps like crazy, and he makes his opponents look great by selling everything so well. His timing is incredible plus he has a bunch of moves too. I am ecstatic that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves because him and Edge really are a great great team...and he is a great wrestler. The best part about these two matches, is the way that Christian has been fearlessly going after the Undertaker...gone are the cowardly heels and now we have these new bad ass but still sometimes goofy heels in their place...and now they are the five time tag team champions...YES!!!! We got to see Christian again at the hotel after the this point I was trashed...and I tried to tell him how great I think he is but it sort of just came out all jumbled. I know I told him that both of their matches with Rock and Undertaker were awesome. Jen and Heather got to take pictures with him this time...but I didn't...I wish I did because he looked completely gorgeous...

Ok, so what else happened....we went into the bar and sitting at a table was Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Stone Cold Steve Austin with was amazing...I mean Jen was like man to be a fly on that table...I mean we just wanted to sit there and listen to Arn's stories...we got to meet him later as he was leaving and we took a picture with him but unfortunately Heather's camera got hoo so we won't have the picture...

Anyway, another totally awesome adventure...this one was truly amazing except of course for Sharon not being with us...but still it rocked... I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday and I'll be back next week hopefully with a joint column with Sharon doing our best of 2000 picks...

Until next time...

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