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Sharon: Season's greetings sports fans! I hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas and I wish you all a very Happy New Year! Now, here's Rebecca:

Hey All!!! Sharon and I decided to do our Best and Worst of 2000 column together this year. So since this is probably going to be long as hell, lets just get on with it.....

Wrestler of the Year


1. Kurt Angle: I know most people picked HHH for this, but I definitely feel its been Kurt Angles year. He went from a unpolished rookie to a great heel who is now holding the WWF championship belt...Now that is impressive. This year he has held every major belt excluding the Tag Team Championship...he was KOTR...he rules on the stick and his character always makes me laugh my ass off...definitely one of the major reasons I tune in every week to watch...

Sharon: No argument here, it's funny that Kurt used to bore me but now I find myself anticipating what he has to say!

Rebecca: 2. HHH: HHH gets my second pick because there is no denying how he reinvented himself this year...and with a lot of help from Mick Foley became the DOMINANT force in the WWF possibly ever, even breaking with tradition and retaining his belt at WM 2000 becoming the first heel ever to hold onto the Heavyweight belt at the big PPV.

Sharon: Again, no argument from me. HHH really stepped it up this year.

Rebecca: 3. Chris Benoit: This man has faced every main event guy in the WWF- getting the best matches out of all of them. He has greatly improved on the stick, and he is the leader of his own stable. He was named WWF champion twice only to have it yanked away from him (once while I was in the building at Unforgiven...what bullshit)...the man is a god plain and simple and no one can touch him in terms of in ring ability. He challenges every person he faces to elevate to his level...and most of the time his opponents rise to the challenge...Chris Benoit is one of the best things to happen to the WWF this year...the other is #1 on my list...

Sharon: cue the broken record-I agree!

Best Tag Teams

Rebecca: 1. Christian and Edge: This was really the year of Christian and Edge much to my complete delight...finally my favorite wrestler is getting the recognition he deserves!!! This year the blonde bombshells so totally came into their own...esp. in terms of mic skills- becoming two of the most entertaining in the WWF...I swear they never cease to crack me up...besides that they are incredibly solid wrestlers as well (esp. Christian!) Now 5 time tag team champs...I am hoping their dominance continues...which I think it will with their continued alliance with Kurt Angle and now the McMahons.

Sharon: 2Blonde have consistently been the most entertaining team in the WWF, so again I echo Rebecca's statements.

Rebecca: 2. The Hardys: When you think back to the three craziest matches of the year in the WWF they all involved the Hardys...the Royal Rumble Table Match, The WM Triangle ladder match and of course my personal favorite (and it has nothing to do with the fact that I was there) the TLC match from Summerslam. Both Matt and Jeff are crazy and awesome and this is with them both struggling with health problems for a while now. Give them some mic time or tape more vignettes with a "jealous" Matt Hardy and I think their popularity will grow. Words cannot express how much I love the rivalry with the Radicalz right now...I just wish both brothers were healthy.

Sharon: ditto!

Rebecca: 3. The Dudleys: Even with their mic time being reduced to zero the Duds have continued to be dominant in the WWF. Also part of the 3 crazy matches, they always get a crowd going and they have excellent psychology in the ring. All this and they are not even playing the role that they were meant to play...HEELS...Now I am looking very forward to their feud with Edge and Christian...should be fun.

Sharon: Rock and Sock! Rock and Sock! Just kidding-actually here is where I'd put 3.Tajiri & Mikey. I was a bit taken aback when I saw they'd been put together but their styles worked so well together-and the Sinister Minister's just a cherry on top!

Rebecca: 4. Tajiri and Mikey: When these two guys first hooked up, I thought what a weird combo, but I'll tell you they kick ass as a team...they really their personalities (both seem to be completely nuts) compliment each other really well. Tajiri is a god in the ring, and Mikey ain't to bad himself.

Sharon: 4. The Dudleys are here for me, although I hate when the crowd chats for tables! Let me also put Three Count & the Jung Dragons here too.

Best Technical Wrestler

Rebecca: 1. Chris Benoit: the man has no equal....

Sharon: Have to go back to echo mode and repeat Rebecca's choice! The man is awesome!

Rebecca: 2. Dean Malenko: although Malenko comes close...hell the man actually got a good match from that's amazing.

Sharon: I like Rebecca's choice but mine is Tajiri-his matches are an exercise in high high spots and submission holds, I always look forward to seeing him in the ring! (Rebecca's Note: can't really argue with Sharon here...Tajiri rules the world and his technical skill is amazing)

Rebecca: 3. Jerry Lynn: I think that Jerry is the most underrated wrestler in wrestling today...I think he has a technical mastery that is overlooked. Plus he is able to work so many different styles....if he finds his way to the WWF...I just wish for one match against Chris match...I have been dreaming about this for a while...

Sharon: I really like Jerry too-he's amazing and along with Kid Kash, he's one of the few guys who can keep RVD from showboating too much! (Rebecca's Note: Kid Kash does rule, and his ring skills are extremely solid, definitely not just a bunch of high spots)

Best Move:

Rebecca: 1. 3D: the 3D is my favorite move of all just looks devastating every time they do it. Even cooler when they do it through a, I'm telling you...when they 3D'd Undertaker through the table I was marking out like crazy.

Sharon: 1. I like the 3D but my favorite move is the Van Daminator -that and Bradshaw's 'Clothesline from Hell' -looks brutal as hell!

Rebecca: 2. Swanton Bomb: This move is so beautiful...the one seems to really hurt Jeff every time he does it...which I hate.

Sharon: 2. Tajiri's Octopus move looks devastating, as does the other two he showed on the hardcore show last weekend-it looked like he had Tony Mamalukes's head up is own butt! I can't even explain the other one but God it looked painful!

Rebecca: 3. Crippler Crossface: I think this is my favorite submission move of all time. This move is totally awesome...except of course when the Rock was disrespecting it...but still when Benoit gets all intense and he's snapping back on the there is nothing like it

Sharon: Yeah Rebecca, not TOO biased, are we? :p (R: hey are you trying to tell me that the Crossface isn't awesome as hell) 3.I like the Rock Bottom, simply because it looks like it knocks the wind out of you! (R: and I'm sure bias had nothing at all to do with this choice....hehehehehe)

Rebecca: 4. (or more like honorable mention) Evenflow DDT: Pure bias here...but no one does a DDT like Raven....

Best Rivalry:

Rebecca: This category is really hard for me because I have two rivalries which are my favorites and then the third is really close to the top I will say the first two are tied and the last one is a close second...

1. Benoit vs. Jericho: What is there to say about when these two men get in the ring is so intense and so stiff and so brutal...I love it. No one challenges Jericho like Benoit and everytime Y2J faces the Crippler he brings his "A" game. I recently watched one of their early matches from the Super J Cup Tournament and it was intense as hell even back then...there is just something about when these two get in the ring...I just love it...

Sharon: Yeah, I just watched the SS 2 out of 3 falls match and they certainly put on a GREAT match!

Rebecca: 2. Christian/Edge vs. the Hardys: and this has nothing to do with the fact that 3 of these men are absolutely gorgeous either...these four men simply pull out all the stops when they are in the ring together. I just remember after Unforgiven...after the steel cage match...they went out on RAW and had a ladder match...and even though they were bruised and beaten they still put on a 4 star match...simply awesome...I don't think I have ever seen these four go against each other where it hasn't been entertaining as hell...but usually they just steal the show.

Sharon: *drool* Uh...yeah, what she said! :)

Rebecca: 3. Kurt Angle vs. HHH: I love this it...esp. when they were feuding over Stephanie...I am still hoping for a payoff to this angle somewhere down the road. I have not totally given up hope though....

Sharon: Again, I have to agree with this girl! I was very disappointed the way they wrote off this but damn, if they could fan the flames while HHH is out and restart this feud!

Best Gimmick:

Rebecca: 1. Christian and Edge as the goofy cocky blondes: these guys went from silent and mysterious to loud and obnoxious but not obnoxious in a bad way...obnoxious in a side splittingly funny way...Go guys!!

Sharon: Even though I still miss the Brood sometimes, I really love what they've done with these two.

Rebecca: 2. RTC: Take 5 people that hardly anyone cared about and give them a censoring gimmick and suddenly they are like the most over heels in the biz...(by the way me and my buddies were some of the few who actually did care about Stevie and Ivory so we're happy for them.

Sharon: Yeah, I thought we were the only ones into this gimmick but it's cool to see other fans are supporting the RTC-dressing like them and holding signs for them!

Rebecca: 3. Kurt Angle as "Olympic Hero": I know but this is what this guy really is...well they took the squeaky clean image and turned it up a few thousand notches to make Kurt one of the most hated (or loved) guys in the WWF...

Sharon: Rebecca has the BEST taste, doesn't she? :) I agree, when Kurt starts going on about his medals and his 3 I's, I crack up!

Best High Flyer:

Rebecca: 1. Kid Kash: I feel like I am being disloyal to Jeff here, but I have never seen anything like Kash's reversal of the top rope powerbomb to the 'rana in my he is a little more innovative than Jeff...but...

Sharon: See what I mean? Kid Kash is one of the best! And (sadly) he doesn't grimace after every move like Jeff.

Rebecca: 2. Jeff Hardy: the man is still the craziest person alive...and I was in the audience when he attempted the swanton which missed from the top of that giant ladder...the boy is amazing, but crazy as hell

Sharon: I'll go along with my compadre here-Jeff is nuts but awesome too!

Rebecca: 3. Shannon Moore: I am going to give the last spot here to Jeff's good friend Shannon. I have only seen some of his stuff and the guy is super impressive...

Sharon: Boring me, I echo Rebecca's sentiments YET again!

Sharon and I created the next category:

Stiffest Looking wrestler

Rebecca: 1. Tajiri: I still don't know how in the hell he does those kicks without knocking some out for real.

Sharon: Well he DID puncture Little Guido's eardrum with one of those stiff kicks!

Rebecca: 2. Chris Benoit: the man just makes it look so real and so good...

Sharon: Yeah, I agree. I cringe when he does those chops!

Rebecca: 3. Jericho: I think Jericho looks stiff because he works stiff as hell...

Sharon: Yeah, I was watching Jericho when he was in ECW and he was scary then!

Rebecca: 4. Bob Holly: the guys is a psycho and like Jericho I think he looks stiff because he works stiff...

Best Heel

Rebecca: My problem is I love heels so therefore I love all the guys in this category...but here are my favorites:

1. Kurt Angle: The guy is just so good at making people hate him...

Sharon: Except us, of course. We were marking out like crazy at SS!

Rebecca: 2. Eddy Guerrero: the man just walks to the ring and the Eddy sucks chants start that's heel power

Sharon: Yeah, I love Eddy even AFTER Chyna catching him with the ho's!

Rebecca: 3. Chris Benoit: that missing tooth wild eyed, manic grin is the best!!! His brutality also rocks....

Sharon: Have you guys realized yet what a SICK girl Rebecca is? Hee hee! Benoit is a great choice-ESPECIALLY after this week's Raw.

Rebecca: 4. HHH: HHH is a great heel, but I don't really like his promos so that is why he is on the bottom of the list....he has a tendency to take 20 minutes to say something that should only take 2 minutes...but still he is great at playing the heel...

Best Worker

Rebecca: Now once again, these are my choices for best worker, people who I always see busting their ass out there and looking great...not popular choices I'm sure, well except for one:

1. Chris Benoit: as I've said before...he has no equal

2. Christian: Christian has one of the highest work rates in the WWF in my humble opinion. He always makes his opponents look good...sells like crazy for them without overselling, and has excellent timing...I mean the man rarely if ever botches a spot...esp. if he's working with Edge...he is simply awesome...

3. Matt Hardy: Again, not a popular choice but in my opinion Matt Hardy is one of the hardest working guys out there...always overshadowed by his crazy high flying younger brother, Matt does plenty of crazy stuff in his own right, plus he brings very solid matt skills to the ring as well. Definitely top in my book... 4. Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle's work rate is astounding to me...the man is just a total package...Kurt is another one who does nothing but bust his ass in the ring constantly...bumping like crazy and executing some of the coolest moves also...

Sharon: I definitely agree with these choices but I'd add Kane to this list too, he's always bumping for someone. We've been calling him the jobber to the stars!

Best Matches:

This was so hard to decide so here are my choices in no particular order because it was just too damn hard...although I would say that...

1. TLC match at Summerslam: would definitely be my match of the year. We were in the audience and I can't even tell you what it was like to see live...simply mindblowing in every way...matches like that don't come along very often...and I feel so lucky to have been there live...

2. 2 out of 3 falls match at Summerslam: Again, I loved this match so much, not just because I was there, but because it was amazing as hell. The booking of this match was great, with both men tapping out to the other's end moves to split the first two decisions...and then Benoit cheating pulling the ropes to help him pin Jericho...this just ruled...

3. Tajiri vs. Psychosis on TNN: Again...what can you say about this was like a spotfest but with great psychology and an amazing flow...Tajiri is god too...

4. Tajiri and Mikey vs. FBI on TNN: again, this match just had you holding your breath and marking out the whole time...I miss my ECW!!!

5. Chris Benoit vs. HHH: I cannot even tell you how much I loved this match...I've already watched it 4 times...I cannot believe what kind of effort Benoit got out of HHH in the ring...I have never seen the Game so on his game before well except maybe for...

6. Chris Jericho vs. HHH in the Last Man Standing match: Damn...the blood, the carnage...the sweet as hell ending...This match was amazing...Benoit and Jericho are two guys that really seem to get the best out of HHH...I mean the title match HHH had with Jericho on RAW where Jericho actually won the belt can almost make this list as well...

7. Royal Rumble Table Match...Hardys vs. Dudleys: This match is sometimes overlooked since it happened way back in January...but I remember it...I remember it the time I couldn't believe those bumps those guys were taking...damn...Swanton off the balcony...HOLY SHIT!!!

8. 10 Man Tag Match 2-7-00...HHH/X-Pac/Benoit/Malenko and Saturn vs. Rock, Cactus, Rikishi and Too Cool: For sheer crowd heat alone...what a welcome for the Radicalz

9. Kid Kash vs. RVD: this match reminded me of the awesome matches last year between Jerry Lynn and RVD...Kid Kash gave RVD everything he could handle...

10. Triangle Ladder match: This probably would have been closer to the top if it hadn't been for the TLC match...but not taking anything away from this was amazing.

Sharon: Pretty well split between ECW & WWF, well I'll add the Shane Helms/Shannon Moore match from last week's Nitro and the hardcore match between Matt & Jeff on SD- it's very interesting to see long time tag partners face each other because their chemistry is usually very strong ( I reserve judgement on the last Chetti/Nova match). (R: The Shane/Shannon match was just amazing as hell. I actually taped it..Sharon is right when partners fight each other, it just rules...esp. the Hardys.

Rebecca: These are just random moments in 2000 that I really liked:

  • Matt vs. Jeff in the Hardcore match: the two brothers know each other so well...
  • Christian in the Main Event for the World title against the Rock and Kane (he got a really close 2 count too)
  • Any time Christian and Edge talked or played the Kazoo
  • Anytime the Hardys talked...esp. when Jeff was being stalked by the RTC
  • When Jerry Lynn wrote die on his chest in Steve Corino's blood. I don't know why it just absolutely rocked...yes, I guess Sharon is right, I am just sick.
  • The fact that I was there in Philly when Raven debuted and the Hardys won the tag team titles for the second time!!(well Heather and I did drive 9 hours to see it)
  • The deliciously slashy pin that Raven gave Y2J when he first came into the WWF (and the equally slashy pin he gave to Jeff in their recent hardcore match)
  • Chyna pulling off Steven Richards clothes including pulling down his underwear so we could see his perfect ass!!
  • Anytime Benoit and Jericho got in the ring together
  • Hearing Buh Buh say "D-Von get the tables"
  • Being on Katcam
  • Getting to meet so many of my favorite WWF wrestlers and have them be so cool
  • Having front row for Smackdown after Summerslam
  • Finally seeing a wrestling event at Madison Square Garden
  • The Undertaker riding his bike to the ring
  • Raven wearing the crimson mask
  • Tazz doing commentary on Heat
  • The arrival of the Radicalz in the WWF which forced everyone to step up in terms of wrestling
  • Shane McMahon's insane ass bump in his hardcore match against Steve Blackman at Summerslam
  • Steven Richards emerging as a giant heel
  • Any moment that Vince is not on my TV
  • Any moment that his beautiful son Shane is on my TV
  • Watching Tajiri in the ring
  • Watching Benoit in the ring
  • And last but most importantly...hanging with my women...Sharon, Heather and know I love all you guys to death...and I have had some of the best times of my life with you guys...

    Sharon: Let me add to that, actually meeting Shane after that nasty bump and finding him to be SO sweet! Other than the Raven crimson mask thing (that sick Rebecca! :) ) I again echo Rebecca's sentiments ESPECIALLY the last one! It's been great hanging with the wrestling chicks-I look forward to many more! On that note, let me end with a line I stole from Butch Rosser-these are OUR opinions, your mileage may vary. Happy 2001 everybody!!!!

    Rebecca & Sharon
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