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Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the national anthem, performed by Canada's Joanie Wilson.

Gorilla Monsoon sits backstage and has some words to kick off the show. "Due to the severity of Shawn Michaels' concussion, I am not allowing Shawn Michaels to compete here tonight. However, there will be an Intercontinental Title defence here tonight. I have asked Shawn Michaels to publicly forfeit the Intercontinental belt to me tonight, right in the ring, at which time I will take it and present it to Dean Douglas, making him the new Intercontinental champion, with all the rights and privileges of that title. However, Dean Douglas will have to defend that title right here tonight against Razor Ramon. Obviously this is one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make in my entire career."

Here's some exciting shots of people waiting to get In Your House!

We are LIVE from Winnipeg, Manitoba! Our hosts are Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler. They discuss the decision made by Monsoon earlier.


Fatu is Rikishi - except he's makin' a difference! Triple H is Triple H - except he's a poor man's Steven Regal.

Fatu sidesteps the referee to nail HHH - and the perfume bottle flies into the air. Fatu catches it and threatens to spray HHH. The referee manages to intervene and get rid of it - then rings the bell. Fatu drops HHH to his ass. Whip - back bodydrop. Into the corner - Fatu mounts the ropes. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! HHH falls back in the corner, but does not get a mouthful of ass. Whip across the ring - and HHH Flair flips to the outside. Fatu heads out and hammers HHH on the floor, then drives him face first into the steps. Jim Ross speculates HHH is on the verge of taking his first WWF loss. Back in, HHH begs for mercy. Fatu's more interested in makin' a difference though and goes for a whip. It's reversed, but Fatu leapfrogs in the corner, leading HHH to doing a blind charge. Fatu comes forward, and HHH is there to deliver a back elbow. Fatu's head gets slammed into the turnbuckle three times - but it doesn't do anything! Fatu dances, blocks HHH's oncoming punch, and drops him with one of his own, all in one sweet move. Headbutt. Off the ropes - HHH sidesteps, and throws Fatu through the middle, though he gets his head caught in the ropes and he's being choked out! HHH comes over and beats on the prone head. The official tries to release Fatu - but HHH heads up to the middle rope, and comes flying with an axehandle blow. Finally he gets out, but HHH is ready for him - setting him up for a spike piledriver, and delivering! Helmsley takes a bow, because he can. HHH delivers a couple of European uppercuts, shoves Fatu back to the corner, and pounds away. Fatu manages a second wind - and fires back with rights of his own. HHH rakes the eyes to stop that, and connects with a neckbreaker. Cover, 1, 2, Fatu kicks out. Fistdrop, right, right, right, right, right, right, right. Stand up - whip - and HHH drives his knee to Fatu's midsection. Cover, 1, 2, Fatu escapes. HHH slaps on a side headlock on the mat. Fatu tries to get some fan support - and manages to fight his way to his feet. He's doin' it all for the kids! What a guy! HHH drives him right back to the mat again. The announcers give Shawn Michaels a verbal blowjob, since he's such a standup guy willing to come out and hand over the belt. Fatu fights out of the headlock. HHH with a whip - drives Fatu HARD into the turnbuckle. Fatu staggers out, HHH comes off the ropes, and hits a massive clothesline. Cover, 1, 2, just gets a shoulder up. HHH argues with the ref, and Fatu rolls him up! 1, 2, HHH just gets away. HHH clocks him the second he gets up. European uppercut. Whip - reversed - HHH comes off the ropes, and catches Fatu right in the Pedigree position! Fatu manages a back bodydrop - but HHH stands and hits him instantly with a DDT! Fatu right back to his feet - and his hips are swivelling! HHH doesn't even know his opponent's in the midst of makin' a difference. He turns right into a NASTY looking superkick! HHH whipped - and met with a backdrop. Fatu comes off the ropes and nails a clothesline. Scoop, and a backbreaker! Fatu heads to the middle rope, and hits a headbutt! Cover, 1, 2, Hunter gets a shoulder up. Fatu sets HHH in the corner, hooks the head, comes running - and hits a Diamond Cutter! Thumbs up for everyone! Fatu heads to the top rope - and misses the big splash! HHH is on his feet, puts him in Pedigree position, and hits it! 1, 2, 3!

Time: 7:58

Jerry Lawler rushes over to interview Triple H about his win. He wonders what it was like being in the ring with someone who had to use a can of raid for under arm deoderant. "Oh, ghastly, Mr. Lawler. It was completely repulsive. I didn't even want to touch the man, but as you can see, I did." Henry O. Godwinn is sneaking up behind the duo with a slop bucket. Triple H uses Lawler as a shield, then bolts towards the back. The best part of the segment? Hunter's British accent!

Dok Hendrix has The British Bulldog and Jim Cornette in the back. This is his first World Title shot. But first, we'll go back and look at clips where he turned on Diesel - then pinned him in a tag-team match on RAW. Cornette promises Bulldog is going to pin Diesel one more time tonight. "That's right, Big Daddy Cool, you thought you could hang in this 50 below hell hole Winnipeg. Well the British Bulldog is here, In Your House, live, and in living color. I beat you last week on Monday Night RAW, and tonight, In Your House, I'm going to beat you again!"

THE SMOKING GUNNS vs. RAZOR RAMON and 1-2-3 KID (for the WWF World Tag-Team Titles)

Vince McMahon sends us backstage to the 1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon. Go ahead Scotty. "You know McMang, we've got all our problems behind us. You know, I've gotta hand it to the Gunns, they ain't runnin' from nobody, they lookin' for a fight. And The Kid, and The Bad Guy, we gonna give it to them."

Razor and Kid offer handshakes to the opposition - and pull back right way to slick back their hair. Kid and Billy start things off. Lock up - Kid gets down to one knee, and manages to hiptoss Billy. Lock up again, this time Billy makes sure to pieface Kid right back to his ass. Another lock up - Kid gets a side headlock, but is shoved off. Into the ropes, Kid rolls under a leapfrog, tries a hiptoss, but gets reversed and winds up the victim of a hiptoss. Lock up - Billy gets an armdrag, and tags out to Bart. Razor gets the tag on the other end to a monster pop! Razor makes the motion of putting his smoking guns away - and goes to lock up. "RAZOR, RAZOR!" Bart shoves him back to the mat. Lock up again, armdrag by Razor, and he drives his shoulder into Bart's body. Bart reverses the armdrag into one of his own - comes forward and hits a fireman's carry takedown. Razor with a go behind, reversed by Bart, and he gets a single leg takedown. Lock up - Bart with an armdrag, but Razor turns and belts Bart. Whip - Bart ducks a clothesline, but on the other end the Kid yanks down the ropes and Bart is flying! Billy is in to complain to the referee, but he'll hear none of it. The Kid throws Bart back in. Whip - Bart charges hard into the corner. He reaches out for a tag, but Razor cuts him off. THIS JUST IN: Fatu and Hunter are on the superstar line. Make that call! Whip - Bart hits the corner hard again, and Razor's right behind him with a clothesline. Razor hammers away in the corner, and tags in Kid, who hits some lightning kicks - finishing with a spin kick. Whip - spinning heel kick! He decks Billy, who comes in to get him some, but the referee chases him off. Off the ropes - Kid drops a leg. Another rush, another dropped leg. Tag out to Razor. Razor gets in with a boot to the midsection. Scoops him up - fallaway slam! Tag right back out to Kid. Razor whips the Kid - and catches him in a fallaway slam position - using the move to launch Kid right onto Bart! Kid covers, 1, 2, Bart kicks out. Kid sets Bart in the corner and chops away - before tagging out to Razor. Razor works over Bart, and tags out to Kid. Double whip - double back elbow. Off the ropes, Kid drops an elbow. Cover, 1, 2, Bart is out. Tag out to Razor, and he nails a kidney punch. Whip - Bart comes off and pulls Razor to the mat head first. Dean Douglas is watching the match backstage and laughing about it. We have tags on both ends. Billy is a man on fire! Backdrop for the Kid! Razor is decked! Dropkick for Razor! Scoop slam on Kid! Elbowdrop on the Kid, 1, 2, Kid kicks away! Tag out to Bart. Scoop into a backbreaker. Another scoop, into another backbreaker. Better make that three. He covers, 1, 2, Razor breaks the pin up. Tag out to Billy. Bart sets a vertical suplex - and Billy dropkicks him in midair. Billy covers, 1, 2, Kid kicks out! Whip - Kid launched into the corner. Billy charges - and Kid ducks away from the splash. Billy's down! Razor tries to revive his little buddy, and the ref chases him away. Bart comes in and places Billy on top of the Kid. The referee catches that and tells off Bart. Meanwhile, Razor's in on the other end to reverse that and put the Kid on top of Billy! The ref turns, 1, 2, Billy JUST gets a shoulder up! We have a tag into Razor! He hammers everyone in sight! Discus punch sends Bart out to the floor, leaving him and Billy. Whip - reversed, but Razor catches him in position for a Razor's Edge!!! Pick up - he hits it!! The Kid REALLY wants a tag to get the victory. Razor makes the tag, covers, 1, 2, Billy reverses, 1, 2, 3!

Time: 12:46

Razor is certainly none to pleased about how that turned out. Razor tries to console the Kid, but Kid shoves him away. Kid dropkicks Bart, then spin kicks Billy. Billy gets sent out to the floor. Kid grabs the gold - and the Gunns get in his face. Razor solves the problem by handing the belts back to the Gunns and tells Kid to calm the hell down. Razor applauds them on a job well done and heads to the back.

Dok Hendrix has life sized cardboard cutouts of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. ONLY $25 (plus $3.95 shipping) if you call 1-800-TITAN-91. Dok is willing to throw in a WWF classic video. He wants a comment from Bret about the title match tonight - but with no response figures he's feeling a little stiff.


This is Goldust's debut. He gets stars on the aisle - but no glitter.

Goldust charges to attack off the bat, but Jannetty was ready for it. Jannetty whips Goldust across the ring and hits him with a clothesline. Whip - backdrop. Jannetty rushes and clotheslines Goldust to the floor. Goldust stands in the aisle trying to regroup. Jannetty heads out there anyway, and runs over Goldust with a clothesline. Rolling him back in, Jannetty follows but Goldust heads right back out. Jannetty dances around the ring like a chicken to aggravate Goldust - and it works because he's right back in again. They stand nose to nose. Goldust sneers a whole lot. They lock up - and Goldust with a go behind and rolls him up. 1, 2, Jannetty gets away. Back to his feet - Goldust hits a HARD right hard. He delivers another shot. Scoop - Jannetty slips away from behind, shoves Goldust into the ropes - Goldust hangs on, comes out, and gets hit with a Frankensteiner! Goldust right back up and shoves Jannetty. Another shove. Make it three, and Jannetty's had enough. He hammers Goldust - goes for a whip, which is reversed, Goldust tries a leapfrog, but Jannetty is waiting for it and punches Goldust! Whip - leapfrog, Goldust from behind and hits a clothesline that turns Jannetty inside out! Goldust violently chokes Jannetty on the mat, and Tim White forces a break. In the corner, Goldust hammers away. Whip - and Jannetty hits the opposite corner hard. Goldust picks up Jannetty and runs his head across the ropes. Snapmare, off the ropes, huge chop to the throat. Cover, 1, Jannetty gets out. And we go to the chinlock! Jannetty gets to his knees, so Goldust lets go to throw a punch, but Jannetty counters with two of his own. Goldust whips Jannetty - and backdrops him. Cover, but Jannetty's in the ropes. Pick up by the hair - Goldust throws Jannetty out to the floor. Goldust drops an elbow, and throws him into the steps. He stomps away, then stops to break up the count. Another shot, and Goldust heads back in. Jannetty catches his breath - gets to the apron, and fights with Goldust. Jannetty snapmares Goldust over the top to the floor, then slams him into the steps! Jannetty puts on a headlock - Goldust shoves him off right into the pole shoulder first and Jannetty is down! Goldust slams Jannetty into the apron a number of times, then heads in pulling Jannetty onto the apron - vertical suplexing him in. Cover, 1, 2, not enough! Goldust slaps on another headlock. Jannetty fights to his feet - but Goldust chops him. Whip - Jannetty jumps over with a neckbreaker! Jannetty whips Goldust - charges after him, but Goldust ducks, and he goes right into the turnbuckle. In the middle, DDT. 1, 2, Jannetty kicks out. Whip - Jannetty armdrags him, and hits the Rocker Dropper!!! Jannetty up to the top rope - stops himself before hitting a splash because Goldust rolled away, and drops an elbow. 1, 2, Goldust with a shoulder up. Whip - clothesline. Another one! Make it three! Snapmare - and Jannetty's going up again...and gets a boot right to the jaw on his way down! Goldust sets him up - Final Curtain! 1, 2, 3!

Time: 11:14

Right now on the Superstar line - The Smoking Gunns and 1-2-3 Kid. Steal your parents chequebook.

Two weeks ago on RAW, Yokozuna and King Mabel beat the hell out of Undertaker with a continuing series of splashes, headbutts, and all sorts of other nasty moves. So Gorilla Monsoon felt the need to punish the guys involved, and every fan who bought the show along with them by putting them against each other.

Jim Cornette is backstage with Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji. Vince McMahon assumes he's not too happy about the upcoming match. "Oh you're absolutely correct Vince McMahon, everybody has wanted to see this match for a long time. But you know why Gorilla Baboon signed it? Because he wants to cause trouble between Yokozuna and Mabel. He's too scared to have two guys as big and powerful on the same side, so he's got to go around instigating trouble. Well I've got news for you, Yokozuna will mow down anybody put in his path. Everybody knows Gorilla Monsoon has set this thing up just to keep the WWF from total destruction." Vince wonders if Cornette might be at all torn between Mabel and British Bulldog. "No, don't try to start any trouble with the Bulldog, because I guarantee ya he's gonna be the champion tonight. And as for Yokozuna and Mabel, my loyalties always lie here, but I will be able to think of a plot should Gorilla Monsoon instigating nudge me in the back and go too far."

KING MABEL (with Mo and Oscar) vs. YOKOZUNA (with Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji)

Mabel kisses his crown, and passes it off to Mo. Yokozuna goes over any last second details he might need with Cornette and Fuji. Mabel gets in Yokozuna's face, and starts telling him how it is. Here's a slap from the King. Yokozuna doesn't really appreciate that, and slaps back. Here comes the punching. Yoko takes advantage, and clotheslines Mabel. It's enough to trip up the big man in the ropes - and fall to the floor. Mabel slowly makes his way back in. Yokozuna needs a couple more tips from Cornette. Lockup, Mabel rakes the eyes and throws some punches. Whip is reversed - Mabel ducks a clothesline and hits one off the other side. Yokozuna stands, here's an elbow to the forehead - and Yokozuna rolls out. I thought it might be fun to point out to the we're about 3 minutes in to the match. Mr. Fuji has some more advice. Yokozuna gets in, and Mo wants to chat with him. That gives Mabel a chance to run across the ring and splash Yokozuna - who apparently is unable to hear a 500 pound man coming his way. Boot, boot, boot, right, right, strut. Boot, whip - Yokozuna hits the corner hard. Mabel prepares another charge, but Yokozuna comes out of the corner with a forearm that sends Mabel down. A legdrop misses. Mabel gets up and misses an elbowdrop. Good god guys - you're each the size of a house, it can't possibly by that hard to hit eachother! Yoko stands, and here come the right hands. Headbutt from Yoko, and Mabel retaliates right away with one of his own. Off the ropes - there's something that kinda resembles a bulldog, only Yokozuna sells it more like a Stunner without hitting the mat. Instead he does the drunken stumble to the floor. Mabel follows. He tries another bulldog, but Yoko shoves him off into the post. Mo nails Jim Cornette, Yokozuna trips and falls on him, and I guess the referee's been embarrassed enough by this and calls it a match. That or they both get counted out.

Time: 5:14

Yokozuna and Mabel both get back in the ring and stand face to face. JR suggests they restart the match. I suspect this is where my JR issues began. Mo and Jim Cornette try to settle the issue by yelling at each other. Belly to belly, and the big guys hug.

Survivor Series promo.

Dok Hendrix stands in the ring, and introduces Dean Douglas. Shawn Michaels is welcomed out to forfeit the Intercontinental Title. The story goes Shawn Michaels was beat up by a dozen guys, give or take a few, outside a bar in Syracuse. Shawn's unshaven and looks ready to cry. Dean's smile stretches from ear to ear. Finally after staring at the belt for ages, he hands it over to Gorilla Monsoon - but Dean reaches over and snatches it away. He poses on the turnbuckle with the biggest grin you've ever seen. He snaps it around his waist - and Dok makes it official. The new Intercontinental champion is Dean Douglas. Meanwhile, we still have to have ourselves a match - and the next person through that curtain gets the title shot.

DEAN DOUGLAS vs. RAZOR RAMON (for the WWF Intercontinental Title)

Razor slides in quickly - ducks a clothesline and shoots off some rights. Whip - Douglas hits the corner, bounces, out, and here's a right! Dean slides out to the floor to collect himself. Dean gets back into the ring - Razor avoids a lockup and has a wristlock. He drags the arm - then works the shoulderblocks to Dean's shoulder. Dean falls, and Razor applies pressure to the elbow. Armdrag pickup, and Dean is dropped back down. He begs for mercy, but Razor does it again. With Dean on his knees, Razor applies more pressure to the arm, but Dean's able to stand back up. Not that it matters - Razor slams him right back down and continues to hold the arm. Razor paintbrushes Dean, then pulls on his hair - still in the armbar. Razor does this about 5 or 6 times. Dean gets to the ropes - Razor breaks the hold, and Dean elbows Razor in the head. Whip - Razor hits the other side, Dean blind charges, hits nothing, and Razor puts the armbar back on. Dean tries a hiptoss - and it works but Razor hangs on, rolls through, and keeps the hold on. Razor drives his knee into Dean's head while holding the arm. To their feet, a break is ordered in the corner - and Dean gets in some right shots. He stomps Razor on the mat. Razor stands - whip is reversed - Dean ducks a clothesline - and leaps right into Razor's arms. Fallaway slam! Dean on the ropes - here's a clothesline over the top and to the floor. Trademark "memememe!" Dean gets back to the apron - but Razor snaps his neck over the top rope and Dean falls back to the floor. Dean gets up a second time - and pokes Razor in the eye. Dean drags Razor towards the corner - but Razor blocks the attempt to have his head slammed into the turnbuckle, and he does it to Dean. A big right sends Dean crashing to the floor once more. Razor makes the "four times" motion with his hands - talking about the IC Title. Dean on the apron - vertical suplex! Stomp, stomp, stomp, Razor whips him and Dean hits the corner hard. Dean to the apron - and Razor boots him to the floor. Razor follows and hits him in the face. JR hands Razor Ramon a bottle of water - which he pours over the head of Douglas. Into the ring, Razor follows. Shoulderblock to the shoulder - and Dean comes back with some rights. Doesn't matter - Razor hits an atomic drop - sets the Razor's Edge, and gets backdropped over the top and to the floor. Dean follows closely behind and gets in some shots. Break of the count - Dean back out and drives Razor into the apron back first. Razor is rolled in - Dean up top - he's caught and chokeslammed! Both guys up - Razor blocks Dean's punches and hits some of his own. Dean set on the top rope - but Dean elbows him in the head. Crossbody, 1, 2, no! Dropkick, cover, 1, 2, foot on the ropes. Whip is reversed - Dean comes out of the corner right into a belly to back suplex. Razor BARELY drapes an elbow over Dean, 1, 2, 3?

Time: 10:59

You know, I almost want to feel sorry for Douglas here. Shawn Michaels doesn't fight him - he's handed the belt, and promptly squashed by a friend of Shawn Michaels and pinned with a weak finish. But as a lot of you know, Shane Douglas is one of two guys in pro wrestling I absolutely cannot stand for whatever reason (Vampiro being the other guy) so I don't.

Douglas loses his mind when hearing Razor's the winner, since his foot was CLEARLY under the ropes. Nobody's listening though, and Razor leaves with the belt.

If you call the superstar line now, you can hear Shawn Michaels discuss his injuries.

Bret Hart is invited down to ringside. Lawler threatens to knock his teeth out if he does come down. Here he comes - Lawler's headset is off, and heads for the hills. Bret does manage to get a shot in before King. Lawler does try to come back twice - but Bret chases him and Lawler decides it might be best to stay in the back. Now how weird is it to see THIS today - Vince puts his arm around Bret and they're both all smiles.

BRITISH BULLDOG (with Jim Cornette) vs. DIESEL

Kids, if YOU wish you were as cool as Dok Hendrix, send $20 for your Two Dudes With Attitudes t-shirt AND he'll throw in a free video.

Lockup, Diesel shoves Bulldog into the ropes. Lockup again, but again Bulldog is shoved away. Clearly this isn't working - so Bulldog fakes a lockup and gets a headlock. Diesel shoves him away - Bulldog ducks two clotheslines - but gets nailed with the forearm. Whip - ducking the clothesline - and Bulldog leaps into the awaiting arms of Diesel. Here's a slam. Scoop and another slam. Bulldog smartly rolls out to the floor. Diesel comes too close to the ropes - so Bulldog takes him down and starts to drag Diesel's legs around the ringpost. Diesel grabs the ropes - pulls back, and Bulldog hits the post headfirst. Back in - Diesel hits a couple rights - whips Bulldog and hits a clothesline in the corner. Another whip - another corner clothesline. Here come the corner knees. Elbow - he barks at Cornette, so Bulldog lunges at the knees! Headbutts follow. Whip is reversed - Bulldog with a go behind - Diesel hooks the rope, Bulldog rolls away - stands and hits the dropkick! Diesel flies over the top to the floor. Down on the floor, he stumbles back into Bret Hart, who tries to stop Diesel's momentum, so Diesel piefaces him. Before anything more comes of it, Bulldog chop blocks Diesel from behind and stomps on the leg. Back in, Diesel is caught in a legbar. Fans chant for Diesel. Diesel's leg is placed on the ropes - and Bulldog drops down on it. Vince wants to know who Bret would rather face - and Bret isn't sure. Bret's lost to Bulldog and would love to take him out, and Diesel's one of the toughest guys he's ever faced. Bulldog looks to be trying to apply a Texas cloverleaf without taking Diesel over. Diesel's shoulders are down, 1, 2, he gets it up. Diesel is slowly turned - but not all the way. Diesel pulls Bulldog close - and gets a shot in at the forehead with the elbow. Bulldog's right back on him with a double axehandle, and Diesel falls out to the floor. Cornette drops an elbow on Diesel's knee outside, and brings over the tennis racket. He stomps on the knee, and Bulldog heads out. Diesel gets in a shot - but Bulldog sends him headfirst into the steps. Bulldog is back in, Cornette scoots over and hammers on the knee. Bulldog back out and kicks at Diesel's knee. Back in, Diesel dives at Bulldog, but Bulldog attacks the knee. Half crab is applied, but Diesel hangs in. Leg is lifted - and Bulldog drives the knee on the mat. Boston Crab - but Diesel's right at the ropes. Diesel tries to power out instead of grabbing the ropes. Diesel does manage to power out - but Bulldog dives right back on him and stomps on the knee. The half crab is put back on - but Diesel hits at the knee of Bulldog until it's released. Bulldog drops a leg down hard, covers, 1, 2, Diesel shoulders away. Bulldog applies more pressure on the weakened knee of Diesel - and Diesel hammers at the head of Bulldog to get the hold leg go. Diesel gets to his feet...and Bulldog clips him right away. I like that. Elbowdrop on the knee, and Bulldog stomps away. Bulldog steps right on Diesel's face, and Cornette taunts him. Diesel stands in the corner and elbows Bulldog away. Right hand, but Bulldog is on him again with a single leg takedown. Bulldog places Diesel's knee on the ropes, and drops down on it. Tries a second time - and Diesel gets his leg up sending Bulldog over the top and to the floor. Bulldog is back in, Diesel dives at him, but Bulldog rolls away and knocks him back down. Elbowdrop on the knee, and we're right back to the grapevine. Diesel kicks Bulldog with his free leg to escape. To his feet - Bulldog with the front facelock - but Diesel blocks a suplex nailing a vertical suplex of his own! A belly to back suplex sends Bulldog down. Diesel fights to his feet - but Bulldog's forearm shots send him down. Cover, 1, 2, kick out. Bulldog drags Diesel right to the middle of the ring - points at Bret - and puts on a Sharpshooter! Bret: "He should learn to put it on right." Amen to that. Diesel powers out - and Bulldog falls back. Bulldog kicks at the knees, tries a powerslam, but Diesel falls on top. 1, 2, just kicks out. Bulldog scoops him a second time - and gets Diesel on the shoulders properly. Bulldog starts his run...but Diesel slips off the back and shoves Bulldog into the ropes. Big boot. Diesel signals for the end - and pulls Cornette into the ring. Bulldog charges at Diesel - but hits Cornette. Cornette falls out of the ring, Diesel gets in some shots - off the ropes, and does his rope straddle thing, sending Bulldog to the floor. Diesel follows, and the idiot jumps to the floor right on the bad knee. Diesel tries to run Bulldog into the post, but Bulldog shoves him off and Diesel heads in. Bulldog turns to slap Bret - and Bret is all over him. That my friends is a disqualification

Time: 18:12

Diesel gets in the ring, and tosses Bret aside. Bulldog is declared the winner by disqualification - so Diesel gets in a cheap shot at Bret. Toe to toe, shots are fired. The refs make their presence felt by stopping this. Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, Henry Godwin, and The Smoking Gunns all aid in breaking this up. It isn't enough, and here comes...well I see Bam Bam Bigelow. I barely made out other people in the ring, but they cut away too quick, so that's that.

After the show, Vince apparently threw down his headset and berated Diesel right then and there telling him more or less that it was over.

Total Matches: 6
Average Match Length: 11:03
Average Match Rating: 1.5 stars
Overall: *1/2

This more or less sums up all of 1995 for the WWF in general. Piss poor. There were very few redeeming qualities about anything - and while I give them props for trying something new (Diesel) I take them away right away for not giving up sooner than they did.

Take a pass on this one.

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