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I really don't know how I ended up writing for CRZ's site-but hey, it's happened somehow, so I might as well make the most of it. My name's Ian Challis, I'm a a fan, writer and jerk who just happens to like wrestling. Not WWF, not WCW, XPW, PPW, AIWF, FWA, just wrestling in general. And this week my eye has fallen onto Paul E's little organisation based in Philly-and the only one noticably absent from the initials above-ECW.

Up until last week we all thought that ECW on TNN was doomed, seeing as the WWF were on their way to Monday nights on the station this week. Then Joey Styles left us with his cryptic statement at the end of the show last week-"Tune into TNN next week to see the conclusion of Credible, Lynn and Corino!" Huh? Tune in where?

Then the news was broken-Vince Macmhaon, in his wisdom, had decided to grant Paul E. a reprieve, giving him the chance to work something out while ECW remained on TNN for the time being. Who knows when ECW will leave TNN? Not real soon, that's for damn sure.

This little deal has opened up a world of opportunities for Heyman, who finally seems to have realised that his promotion's in the toilet and he needs to buck up his ideas. It's not the inring action that's bad in ECW-it's the stories. Six months ago Justin Credible won his first World title, to the collective groan of the fans. Six months ago Rob Van Dam returned and picked another fight with the Network, suggesting a programme for the World title. Six months ago Tajiri competed in the mid card, despite being the most talented member of the roster. What's changed since then? Diddly squat. What Heyman needs to do (much like the WWF) is freshen things up. Shift the big belt onto Van Dam, the most over guy in the fed. Have Rhino work a programme with someone other than the Sandman, possibly Tajiri or Steve Corino, two megatalented guys. Have Jerry Lynn do something other than make others look good. Do something, Paul.

Now is the time for Paul to do it. Vince's generosity has opened up a world of opportunities for the Philly crowd-if they can make a good impression over the next two weeks, pull some more viewers, get some storylines going, then ECW stands a Hell of a lot more chance of staying afloat. If Heyman remains stuck in his own little world, however, the bingohall may shut down for good.

A key place to make some changes would of course be this Sunday's Anarchy Rulz pay per view, and so, here is my opinion on what ECW should o-along with what they probably will do....

WORLD TITLE MATCH: JUSTIN CREDIBLE VS. JERRY LYNN: I'm just begging for Lynn to go over here-it is totally the right thing to do. 1) Lynn is more over than Credible. 2) Lynn is a better wrestler than Credible. 3) Credible has held the belt for a dog's age and has become incredibly stale (no pun intended). The fans are screaming for Lynn to win here-so Heyman'll probably ignore them.

IAN SAYS: Lynn goes over relatively clean, the turns heel soon after and works a programme with Rob Van Dam.
ECW SAYS: Credible wins. Again.

TV TITLE MATCH: RHINO VS. ROB VAN DAM: It sounds stupid, but Rhino should go over here. Van Dam is bigger than the TV belt now, and everyone knows it. There are more talented face midcard challengers for Rhino than there are heel challengers for Van Dam. And a win over Van Dam would give Rhino some major boosting, plus it wouldn't hurt Van Dam none.

IAN SAYS: Rhino and Van Dam have a decent match, then Credible runs interference. Lynn tries to make the save, but it backfires, allowing Rhino to get the pin, and setting up the Van Dam/Lynn programme nicely.
ECW SAYS: Van Dam takes the predictable win, Van Terminator style.

TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: THE FBI VS. TAJIRI/MIKEY WHIPWRECK: This could, quite possibly, be the best match on the card. I'm all for the current champs going over here, as they badly need some credibility as a team, and both Tajiri and Whipwreck are more talented in singles action. Here's a tip, Paul: produce a Cruiserweigh title for all these small guys to fight for-and don't put it on Jazz. Plus, keep the fat bastard back in the locker room for this match.

IAN SAYS: The FBI take the pin with some sneaky Italian double teams.
ECW SAYS: The FBI win-after tons of interference from the fat bastard, thus making the champs look like jobbers.

CW ANDERSON VS. STEVE "ALWAYS JOBS IN SINGLES ACTION" CORINO: God forbid the hugely popular and talented Corino would go near the top of the card. The guy's over, he's a great wrestler, and he's got a good look. So he'll get jobbed out to CW Anderson.

IAN SAYS: Corino actually, y'know, wins.
ECW SAYS: Mini Vader continues his push with a win over everyone's favourite jobber.


IAN SAYS: Stevie Ray runs in, takes out both men, sits at commentary and says "Froot Booty".
ECW SAYS: Gertner, probably.

So, there you have it-five matches announced, and before the week is out no doubt there will be some more-most likely involving some Doring/Roadkill action, New Jack wackiness, and a Sandman entrance (a segment in itself).

Make it count this Sunday, Heyman....

Oh, and to reach me, mail me at

Ian Challis

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