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Ian Challis



18th December, 2000

(The show opens with a video montage of last week's events, as Miss Wright brings WCW into the new era, Scott Steiner objects, but is soon talked into co-operating, after a mysterious meeting with Wright. Clips are shown of Goldberg going into Wright's office and leaving, with soundbites of the announcer's speculation playing over the top, and we cut to)

(Opening Credits)

(The fireworks explode at the entranceway of the arena and the crowd goes wild as the show comes live on the air. Your hosts are Mark Madden, Scott Hudson and Stevie Ray on colour, and they tell us that we have three more World Title quarterfinals tonight, as well as a bucketload of other title tournament matchups. Madden also mentions that Goldberg will be here tonight, and questions just what went down between him and Miss Wright the week before. As they talk, Lance Storm's music fills the arena, and the announcers do the time-honoured tradition of "he isn't on the format". Storm walks to the ring, an annoyed look on his face, as Hudson reminds the viewing audience that Storm lost his US Title tournament match to Kanyon-in less than fair circumstances-the previous week. Storm climbs in the ring and takes the mic from ringside, then motions for the music to be cut.)

Storm: If I can be serious for a minute...This whole new era that we are supposedly ushering in WCW, quite frankly, is no better than the disrespectful pile of garbage that this company used to be. Last week I walked into the arena with high hopes in my heart, thinking to myself that maybe, just maybe, now the company was in professional hands, I would be given the chances that all of you know I deserve. I am a former Cruiserweight Champion, I am a former Hardcore Champion, I am a TWO TIME former Canadian Champion-and I have done all of that in just six months. Most wrestlers don't reach that level of excellence in their entire career. I have beaten most of the top names in this company, I forced men to tap out to the Canadian Maple Leaf time and again, I have MADE this organisation what it is today. And how am I rewarded for my efforts? Am I given my shot in the World Title Tournament, just like I deserved? No. Am I given a buy in the first round of the Canadian Title Tournament, due to my superior status over the other competitors? No. Instead I am put in a match with Chris Kanyon, a man who has never held a singles title belt here in WCW, and I am screwed by him and Bam Bam Bigelow, I am screwed out of holding the gold that I should be. But that's alright-I am not out here to moan about how I was screwed-that's something I'll leave to the overpaid veterans clustering up the back. No, I am out here to say that the match between myself and Kanyon simply should not have TAKEN PLACE last week, because I should have been wrestling in the World Title Tournament last week, not the Cat! I am a main event talent, and I should be wrestling the top stars here in WCW, not some–

(Storm is cut off by a wolf howl-and the crowd cheers as Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page appear at the top of the stage, mics in hand. Nash raises a fist to the fans, then motions for the music to be cut.)



(The crowd pops bigtime, and Nash smiles, then continues talking.)

Nash: So Lance, you think that you are being disrespected here in the "new" WCW? You think the treatment of people like yourself is unfair? Yu know what I think? I think you don't know what the Hell you're talking about-or is that "aboot", Lance? You wanna talk about disrespect? How's this-us "Overpaid veterans" never got our rematch with the Perfect Event for OUR Tag Team Titles, and we didn't even get an entrance into the title tournament. We didn't even get any airtime, let alone a match, on the first night of this glorious new regime. How's that for respect, Lance? How's that for treatment of two men who've got seven WCW World Titles between them? What do you think, Dallas?

Page: You wanna know what I think, Kev? I think this guy's so full of crap he blows his nose on toilet paper. Storm, you don't know how lucky you are. Y'see, me and Kev, we were sitting backstage watching your match with Kanyon last week-and truth be told, it wasn't a bad little match. But me and Kev, we were a little annoyed that we'd been left out of the first week of the new WCW, and we were kinda feeling a little antsy, we wanted to get out here in the ring-and we could've done, Lance, we coulda stormed this ring, and Kev here coulda Jacknifed both of your asses straight to Hell. But we didn't, Lance-and that's about all the respect you deserve. So you wanna run with the main event talent here in WCW, huh? You want a shot at proving yourself to the masses? Well I'd be happy to beat the snot outta ya tonight, but I got myself a World Title Tournament match with the Chosen One. I'll tell ya what-you up for a squash tonight, Kev?

Nash: I'm ALWAYS up for a squash, Dallas.

Page: Then that's what we're gonna see tonight, Lance-you and Big Sexy, getting it on tonight, and you're gonna have your chance to prove you belong at the top of the card.

Nash: And Lance, maybe after I beat you black and blue you can shut your mouth and learn your place in this company, because tonight, I'm gonna show you your role, and it will most definitely be too sweet.

(The Wolfpac music plays again as Nash and Page make the "Too Sweet" hand motion at the top of the ramp and Storm fumes in the ring. Hudson excitedly hypes the fact that there are four main event caliber match-ups tonight, and we cut to the back...)

(...where Miss Wright is talking to Mike Sanders in her office.)

Wright: I liked the way you handled things last week, Mike-you're not quite right for the position that Mr. Flair holds right now, but I think that as my personal assistant, you could be just right. Now seeing as I've got a busy night tonight, I've got some things that I want you to take care of for me.

Mike: Shoot, boss.

Wright: First of all, when Lex Luger arrives, I want him sent to my office-I've got some things I need to talk about with him concerning his World Title qualifier tonight.

Mike: Right. Anything else?

Wright: I've booked you in the opening round of the Cruiserweight Title tournament tonight, against an opponent that I think you'll like, so you've got some business of your own to take care of. And there's also something I want you to sort out with General Rection. Can you do that?

Mike: Sure thing.

Wright: Good. Now come in the office and I'll show you the details.

(Sanders and Wright disappear into the office, as we cut to an)

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(When we come back, Reno's music is playing and Reno himself is standing in the ring, flexing and awaiting his match. Stevie concludes that Sanders must have garnered Reno a slot in the US Title Tournament, but Hudson points out that their formats show no opponent for Reno. Madden interjects, suggesting that Sanders may have gained Reno a buy into the second round, but the bell is rung as Reno stands ready for his opponent...and Mike Awesome's music hits! Reno's eyes bug out of his head as he realises what Sanders has gotten him into, and Hudson and Stevie laugh as Madden fumes.)

US Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Reno Vs. Mike Awseome: Awesome seems to have dropped the Seventies gimmick as he rushes the ring in his normal tights and his old "Career Killer" music. He slides in the ring and Reno goes straight for him, hitting him with everything he's got, but Awesome stands there and smiles, then returns the favour with a succession of hard rights. Reno whipped into the ropes and caught with a big boot, then an elbowdrop. Awesome pulls him to his feet and hits a lariat off the ropes for two, then sends Reno into the ropes. Reno ducks a reverse elbow and kicks at Awesome's left leg, trying to chop him down, then comes of the ropes with a chopblock, knocking Awesome off his feet. Legdrop on Awesome, and he gets up, only to be met with a big forearm. Awesome is staggered, but he doesn't fall down, so Reno goes for a belly-to-belly-and Awesome turns it into one of his own. Reno set up for a powerbomb and Awesome flips him up, but he slides out, drops behind Awesome and attempts a Roll Of The Dice. Awesome blocks and turns it into a powerslam, then motions for the top rope and goes upstairs. Frog Splash-misses! Reno drags Awesome into the corner and delivers the ten punch countalong, but Awesome headbutts him in the gut, slips under Reno's legs, and Awesome Bombs him off the second rope for the pin to advance at 3:21. Awesome gets his hand raised as Reno rolls out of the ring, and we cut to the back...)

(Where Mike Tenay is standing with Jeff Jarrett, a guitar over his shoulder.)

Tenay: Jeff Jarrett, you sat out last week's show, for unclear reasons, and now, tonight, you have a World Title Tournament match againt Diamond Dallas Page. Your thoughts on the new era, and tonight's contest?

Jarrett: Listen up, slapnutz, because I'm only gonna say this once. Everyone's rabbitin' on about "new era" this, "new era" that, fact of the matter is that nothing is changing round here. I am still the Chosen One, I am still the best wrestler in this company, and I am still gonna swing this acoustic equalizer at whomever I see fit. Truth be told, I was scheduled for taking Monday night off months in advance, I ain't gonna start changin' my plans just because of some bimbo sitting backstage in a business suit. And as for Page? Well, I beat his slapass twice before for the World Title, and I promise ya, I can do it again. Page, you're the first rung on the ladder of success, and I'm gonna step on you tonight. Besides, I might just have a little backup scheme in the wings...

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(When we come back the cameras are once again present in the arena, where we are ready for the next match.)

Tag Team Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Kronik Vs. Noble/Karagias: Karagias pushes his partner into the ring first, and he starts against Bryan Clarke. Noble tries to keep the big man off balance with quick flurries of offence, hitting two dropkicks, backing off, then trying for a springboard bodyblock, but Clarke catches him and powerslams him, then tags Adams in. Noble ducks a big boot and hits a rolling clothesline, but Adams just laughs at him. He swings at Noble, but Noble ducks once again and dropkicks his knee, then tags Karagias. Droptoehold by Karagias, then both men hit legdrops to the back of Adams' head. Karagias covers but Adams throws him off at two. Evan off the ropes with a bodyscissors attempt, but Adams turns it into a vicious flapjack, then hits a vertical suplex for two. Karagias whipped into the corner, and Adams charges him, but Evan jumps over him and goes for a sunset flip. Adams resists, but Noble hits a missile dropkick to the face on him, and Adams falls backwards into a two count. Tag to Noble, who runs straight into a full-nelson uranage, and Adams muscles him onto the top rope then press slams him down. Tag to Clarke, who knocks Noble down with a lariat for two. Karagias manages a blind tag to Noble as he is whipped into the ropes, and he comes in with springboard back elbow as Clarke comes off the ropes. Noble and Karagias stomp on Clarke, but he shoves them both down, then stack them up in the corner. Adams in, and Clarke whips him into Noble and Karagias, then Adams whips both men out into clotheslines from Clarke. Karagias stumbles out into the centre of the ring as Adams knocks Noble out of the ring, and moments later Kronik deliver High Times, with Clarke picking up the pin to advance at 4:05.

(The camera cuts backstage to what appears to be a hidden camera, as Ric Flair talks to Booker T in his locker room. Booker looks focussed as Flair paces up and down, seemingly giving Booker a motivational speech. Hudson informs us that Booker has signed with the new owners of WCW-after Flair talked him into it. The camera cuts back to the arena, for the next match.)

ruiserweight Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Elix Skipper Vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.: Chavo lays straight into Elix at the bell, with knees to the chest and forearms, then whips him across the ring and dropkicks him. Elix rolls out to the floor to catch his breath, but Chavo follows him with a pescado, then tosses him back in and hits a slingshot bodypress for two. Chavo throws Elix into the corner and works his ribs over with bodyshots, but the ref breaks it up, and when Chavo charges Elix again, Elix scoots out and hits a drop toe hold, sending Chavo face-first into the second turnbuckle. Chavo staggers backward and Elix takes him down with a heel kick to the back of the head. Face-down legdrop gets two for Elix, then he knocks Chavo down with a springboard lariat. Chavo slowly to his feet as Elix climbs to the top rope, and he drives Chavo face first into the mat with a bulldog off the top! Elix showboats, and covers for two. Elix goes to the apron, but Chavo has gotten to his feet, and he catches Elix on his springboard bodypress attempt with a tilt-o-whirl slam. Chavo with a swinging neckbreaker, and goes to the top rope, but Elix manages to turn his flying rana attempt into a powerbomb! He rolls on top of Chavo-for a nearfall. Chavo whipped into the ropes, and Elix catches him with a flapjack, but Chavo turns it into a dropkick in mid-air, then, as Elix rebounds off the ropes, he hits a big swinging DDT. To the top rope, and a frog splash gets two for Chavo, but Elix rolls through the pin and hooks both legs, getting a two-count of his own. Chavo punishes him with a lariat, then catches him with a series of Japanese armdrags. Elix flips out of the last one and turns it into a neckbreaker, then signals for the Play Of The Week, but Chavo blocks it, and Elix falls on his ass. Chavo whips him into the ropes, but Elix reverses and puts his head down-and Chavo turns it into a brainbuster, getting the pin and advancing at 6:13. The fans are solidly behind Chavo as he celebrates and Hudson, Ray and even Madden comment on his determination to regain his title, and we cut to an)

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(When we come back the secret cameras have wormed their way into General Rection's locker rom, where the man himself is doing press-ups on the floor. There is a knock at the door and Rection shouts for his visitor to enter. He does-it's Mike Sanders, in fighting gear.)

Rection: What do you want, Mike? Here to screw me over some more?

Mike: Listen, I know you didn't get what you deserve last week, and I know you're feeling slighted, Hugh, so Miss Wright's gonna try and remedy it tonight.

Rection: What? She gonna put me in the ring with you?

Mike: No, I got my own business to deal with tonight. Just put your trunks on and make sure you're ready for your match tonight. Okay?

Rection: I'll be ready, Mike, don't you worry.

Mike: Good. Now I've got my own agenda tonight.

(He leaves, and the camera follows him as he walks to the ring and out into the arena. The bell rings as he warms up in the ring, awaiting his opponent-and David Flair's Sanders falls about laughing as his opponent makes his way to the ring.)

Cruiserweight Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Mike Sanders Vs. David Flair: David is psyched up and charges the giggling Sanders at the bell, spearing him down and laying into him with right hands. Sanders manages to get to his feet and he catches David off the ropes with a powerslam, then hits a legdrop, but he pulls David off the mat after a two count. Mike calmly works David over, making him look completely inept, and finishes him with the 3.0 at a brisk 1:57 to advance to the semis. Mike stands over the fallen Flair, his arms held up in victory, and we cut to the back...

(...where Ric Flair is watching the happenings in the ring on a monitor, an angry look on his face. He wanders off, muttering to himself:)

Flair: Sonovabitch...

(The cameras cut back to the arena, where the next match is about to start.)

US Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Bam Bam Bigelow w/Kanyon Vs. Buff Bagwell: Kanyon accompanies Bam Bam, making their partnership somewhat official. Buff gets a big pop as he charges the ring and goes straight for Bam Bam, laying into him with punches and kicks, then whipping him off the ropes. Shoulderblock by Buff, but Bam Bam shrugs it off, and catches Buff off coming off the ropes with a sidewalk slam and an elbowdrop. Irish whip, but Bam Bam misses his charge and Buff hits a chopblock, staggering him, then kicks his legs out from under him. Buff sits Bam Bam in the corner and works his knee over on the ropes, then hits a bulldog out of the corner for a one count. Kanyon hops up on the apron, but the distraction only allows Buff to hit a low blow on Bam Bam. DDT gets two for Buff, then a swinging neckbreaker gets another nearfall. Bam Bam manages to reverse a subsequent Irish whip, and he squashes Buff in the corner, then bulldogs him out for a two count. Legdrop gets another two, as does a standing headbutt. Bam Bam climbs to the top rope and nails Buff with a falling headbutt-but it only gets a two count. Kanyon again hops up on the apron, distracting the ref-and Buff hits a low blow! Bam Bam falls to his knees as Buff groggily climbs to the top and the ref turns back to the action. Bam Bam to his feet as the ref checks on him-and Kanyon shoves Buff off the top, straight into a belly-to-belly from bam Bam! It gets two, and the Greetings From Asbury Park finishes it at 3:02, sending Bam Bam into the semis. Bam bam and Kanyon back up the ramp, with Kanyon raising Bam Bam's arm-and Rey Misterio Jr. and Kidman level them with a pair of garbage cans from behind at the top of the ramp! The two remaining members of the Filthy Animals (Konnan, we are told, is out with a neck injury from the previous week) stand over their victims as we cut to Miss Wright's office...)

(...where Flair is angrily berating her for the treatment of his son. Flair is yelling about his on being used a sa sideshow attraction and Sanders abusing his power as Wright tries to calm him.)

Wright: I can understand your concern, Mr. Flair, and I apologise-this is my fault entirely, I shouldn't have given Mr. Sanders the book on the Cruiserweight tournament. I promise you, it will not happen again.

Flair: As long as we're makin' promises, Missy, lemme tell you this-I promise you that if that little twerp crosses the line again tonight, I just might assert my authority myself, and I'm telling you now, neither of you will want that. Just remember-I can take you and these new owners to school if I'm forced to.

(Flair storms out and slams the door, as Wright smiles to herself...)

(Ad Break)

(When we come back Pamela Paulschock is standing with Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow backstage.)

Pam: Kanyon, Bam Bam–

Kanyon: (Interrupting) Did I not make myself clear enough to you last week, Pam? I'M the one who does the talking in these delightful interview segments, now please, leave myself and Mr. Bigelow here to say what we need to say. Go on, shoo-I'm sure there's a low budget porno movie somewhere that needs your services.

(Kanyon takes the mic from Pamela as she runs off, in tears, and Kanyon giggles to himself.)

Kanyon: Hoo boy, never get tired of that. Now, WCW fans and the wrestling world in general, as you can see from the two men on your television screens, the Bammer and myself are back on the same page, running together, any other wrestling cliches you care to name. The reason-who cares? Two good old fashioned tough guys hanging together, watching each other's backs, running the roads, playin' cards, kicking ass...ah, what a load of crap. Point is, my friends, that I've got his back and he's got mine. Now it seems as though there are two guys in particular who aren't paying us the proper respect-Kidman, Rey Rey, no no no, I do not think so. Seems to me that you've got yourselves a tag team match against Three Count tonight-and it seems to me like we've got a little payback to exact. So here's what we propose-


(Before Kanyon can finish Ric Flair storms onto the scene, still angry from his confrontation with Miss Wright.)

Flair: Oh no you don't, Chris. I don't care what you think you're gonna do tonight, it's not gonna happen because if I see EITHER of you two clowns sprinting to the ring when Rey and Kidman fight tonight, both of you will be pulled outta the US Title tournament and suspended WITHOUT PAY. If you don't like it, take it up with Miss Wright, because frankly I got no time for your antics tonight.

(Flair storms off, leaving Kanyon and Bigelow looking confused...)

(WCW Sin Pay Per View promo)

(When we come back, the cameras are back in the arena, ready for the next match.)

Kevin Nash Vs. Lance Storm: Nash enters last, as the announcers tell us Nash told Page to stay back-he can handle it himself. Storm runs at Nash at the bell, peppering him with rights and lefts and pushing him into the corner, but the ref breaks it up and Nash charges out with a big lariat. Elbowdrop gets a one count. Irish whip is reversed, but Nash gets his foot up as Storm runs at him. Storm goes down and Nash picks him up-vertical suplex gets a two count for Nash. Storm into the ropes and Nash goes for a knee to the gut, but Storm rolls over it and gets a schoolboy for two, then chopblocks Nash down. He goes to work on the leg, dropping elbows on it and working it over on the ropes. Nash punctuates it with punches, trying to come back, but every time Storm boots him in the knee, sending him crashing back to the mat. Irish whip, but Nash reverses and squashes Storm with a knee in the corner, then gets a sidewalk slam for two. Storm off the ropes, and Nash goes for a tilt-o-whirl, but Storm drops out and chops the knee out from under him. Inside cradle gets two for Storm, but Nash is up with a big lariat, knocking Storm down. Chokeslam by Nash gets two, then he whips Storm into the corner and follows up with a corner squash. Storm falls onto one knee, clutching at it-and Jeff Jarrett appears from the side entrance of the ramp, guitar in hand. The ref checks on Storm as Nash comes off the ropes gingerly-and Jarrett smashes the guitar across the back of his injured knee! He collapses as DDP runs out from the back and clobbers Jarrett from behind, and Storm drags Nash into the middle of the ring and slaps on the Maple Leaf. Nash tries to make the ropes, but Storm drags him back into the middle of the ring, and Nash is forced to tap out at 4:11. Storm keeps the Maple Leaf on as the ref tries to break it up, and Jarrett and Page are separated at the top of the ramp by officials. Storm finally releases the hold in the ring and raises his arms...)

(And backstage, we see Lex Luger arriving. He is approached by Mike Sanders, who tells him to come to Miss Wright's office...)

(The cameras cut back to the arena as Nash is helped out by EMTs and officials. He disappears down the side entrance as the Filthy Animal's music hits.)

Tag Team Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Filthy Animals w/Tygress Vs. Three Count: The Animals send a shout-out to Konnan, who is at home recovering from the injuries he suffered last week. Three Count storm the ring and seem all business for this match. It starts out with all four men in the ring, as Rey takes on Shane and Kidman fights Shannon. Shannon tossed to the floor and Kidman follows with a pescado as Rey sends Shane into the corner. He flips onto the apron, ducks a Rey clothesline and hits one of his own, but Kidman runs round the ring and yanks him down from the apron, cracking his chin on it. Shannon, meanwhile, slides in the ring and goes to work on Rey, as it settles down into a regular tag match. Shannon with a bodyscissors off the ropes but Rey rolls through and gets a standing senton, then a springboard back elbow. Tag to Kidman, who flips into the ring with a dropkick on Shannon for two. Shannon whipped into the corner, Kidman with a high knee, then he baseball slides Shannon in the groin after the Three Count member slumps down. The ref pushes Kidman back and checks on Shannon-and Shane punks out Kidman. Rey comes in and clotheslines Shane to the floor, but the ref pushes him out of the ring and Shannon takes over on Kidman. Swinging DDT for Kidman, and a tag to Shane. Slingshot huracanrana on Kidman, then a catapult and a dropkick to the back gets two. Shane goes up top and hits a bulldog for two, then goes for another, but Kidman catches him and throws him into the corner, then collapses. He goes for the tag, but Shannon pulls Rey off the apron and fights with him on the floor, and Shane manages to drag Kidman back into the middle of the ring. Dragon screw legwhip and a quebrada gets another nearfall for Shane, and he tags in Shannon. Snap suplex for Kidman, and three legdrops in succession, then a tag to Shane again. Three Count continue the quick tags and offence, grinding Kidman down, until Kidman catches Shane coming off the top with a powerbomb. Both men down, and both men eventually make the tag. Rey in with a slingshot rana on Shane, then an armdrag into a rana for Shannon. Double dropkick on Shane sends him to the floor, and Kidman follows, then Rey sends Shannon into the corner. The ref is checking on Kidman and Shane-and Tygress comes in the ring, delivering the broncobuster to Shannon! Rey follows with one of his own, then calls Kidman back in the ring for the Nutcracker Suite. Rey climbs up top-and Allan Funk appears from out of the crowd. Shane in with a punk shot for Kidman as the ref tries to get both men out of the ring, and Funk shoves Rey off the top to the mat. Rey up quickly, and Funk hangs him over the top rope, then Shannon hits a big heel kick. Inside cradle, and Shannon gets the three count as Shane brawls with Kidman on the floor at 9:43. Funk backs up the ramp, his sadistic smile on his face, and he is met on the stag by Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow, who shake his hand and lead him backstage...

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(When we come back, General Rection is standing in the ring, his music playing with mic in hand. He motions for the music to be cut, then begins to speak.)

Rection: Sanders, I've come out here like you asked me to, and I'm waiting. You told me tonight that I'd get that opportunity that I so rightly deserved after I was stripped of my US Title last week. I don't know what this opportunity is, and quite frankly I don't care who you've got waiting for me in the back, send them out here now, so that I can prove I belong at the top of the card.

(There is a pause, then Mike Sanders appears on the big screen.)

Sanders: Hugh, I told you'd have your chance tonight and I wasn't lying. Now you were excluded from the US Title tournament, and that was a mistake-we realise that now, yes we do. You are a tremendous talent and you deserve to get ahead, so what we've is, we've managed to find you a slot in the World Title Tournament against someone who I think you've got a chance against. Good luck, Hugh...

(Sanders disappears from the screen as Rection nods to himself-and "Invasion" hits. The announcers scream about Sanders setting up Rection for a beating, as Goldberg appears at the top of the ramp...)

World Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Captain Rection Vs. Goldberg: Rection charges Goldberg at the bell, going to work on his ribs with punches, kicks and knees. Snapmare, but Goldberg gets straight back up. Rection with a shoulderblock, but it doesn't phase Goldberg. Rection tries again, staggering him, then hits a third, knocking him down. Legdrop gets a one count, then Rection bodyslams Goldberg and goes to the second rope. He jumps at Goldberg, looking for an axehandle-and Goldberg spears him in midair. Jackhammer, and Goldberg gets the pin to advance at 2:56. He stands over the fallen Rection and gets his hand raised-and Mike Sanders and Scott Steiner appear at the top of the stage. Sanders applauds heartily, as Steiner stands behind him and nods....

(Cameras cut backstage, where Kevin Nash is being tended to by EMTs, having his knee strapped and braced as DDP watches. Nash tells him to go and "beat the living crap outta Jarrett", and DDP nods. He tells the EMTs to make sure Nash is properly fixed up, the disappears...)

(WCW Sin Pay Per View promo)

World Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Jeff Jarrett Vs. Diamond Dallas Page: Page has his old "Smells Like Teen Spirit ripoff" music back. He charges Jarrett and the two brawl to start off, tumbling through the ropes to the floor. Page reverses a whip into the ringpost, then tosses Jarrett back inside. Clothesline and atomic drop, then a DDT gets a nearfall. Jarrett rolls to the floor and Page follows with a baseball slide, but Jarrett sends him into the steps, back-first. Back in the ring Jarrett goes to work on the back with punches and kicks. Irish whip, but Page gets a boot up as Jarrett charges, sending him stumbling back. Page charges out the corner, but gets caught with a powerslam for two. Belly-to-back suplex on Page, then a trio of elbowdrops. Page into the ropes, gutshot, and a bulldog by Jarrett gets a nearfall. Sleeper, but Page hits a belly-to-back to break it. Jarrett up quickly, and he goes for the Figure Four, but Page boots him in the ass and sends Jarrett shoulder-first into the ringpost. Page steals one of Jarrett's moves, hitting an armbar takedown for two. Armwringer, and Page hits a series of shoulderblocks as Jarrett screams with pain. Jarrett manages to reverse the armwringer with one of his own, then goes for the Stroke, but DDP elbows him in the gut and goes for the Diamond Cutter. Jarrett shoves him into the corner, however, and gets a schoolboy for two as Lance Storm joins us at ringside. Page rebounds from the nearfall with a lariat, then catches Jarrett coming off the ropes with a powerbomb. Page signals for the Diamond Cutter, but Storm slides in the ring and takes a swing at him, in full view of the ref. Page ducks and hits a Diamond Cutter on Storm, then kicks him out the ring-and Jarrett sneaks up behind and hits the Stroke, getting the pin at 6:13 to advance. Storm and going to work on Page some more as Jarrett poses-and Kevin Nash hobbles down the aisle. Jarrett slides out the ring as Nash levels Lance with a clothesline, then goes for a Jacknife-but Jarrett is back in, and he spins Nash around and levels him with a guitar shot to the head. Jarrett and Storm back up the ramp as Jarrett's music plays, and the two veterans are left laying in the ring...

(We cut backstage, and see Luger leaving Miss Wright's office, smiling to himself....)

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Main Event, World Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Booker T Vs. Lex Luger: Booker enters second and gets a big ovation. He charges Luger and peppers him with right hands at the bell, but Luger strikes back with an elbow to the forehead. Booker stumbles backward and Luger follows up with a lariat. Luger calls for a lockup, and Booker turns it into a hammerlock. Luger pushed into the ropes, Booker rolls backward behind him, and meets Luger as he turns around with a big clothesline. Luger rolls to the floor to catch a breather, and Booker stands tensed, waiting for him to get back in the ring. Luger does so after the ref begins a count, and Booker stomps him. Into the ropes is reversed by Luger, but Booker ducks another lariat and wrenches his arm. Luger down to one knee, Booker with a spinning kick to the back of his head. Cover, but it only gets two. Luger to his feet, and he catches Booker coming off the ropes with a sidewalk slam. He flexes, then pulls Booker to his feet. Spinning backhand puts him down to one knee, and Luger knees him in the face for a nearfall. Belly-to-back on Booker, and Luger elbowdrops him twice for a two count. Booker into the ropes, ducks a clothesline, Luger turns-and eats a Harlem sidekick. Luger up quickly, kick to the gut, and a DDT gets a nearfall for Booker. Booker stands Luger up and hits a flurry of kicks to the chest, staggering Luger, then comes off the ropes with a bulldog, for two-as Mike Sanders makes his way to ringside. Booker off the ropes-and Sanders trips him as he does so. Booker turns and shouts abuse at him-then walks straight into a big boot from Luger. Sanders applauds as Luger motions for the Torture Rack-and Ric Flair storms down the aisle, removing his jacket as he does so! Sanders sees him and starts backing up, walking around the ring, and Ric slowly stalks him, an angered look on his face. Meanwhile, Luger attempts to hoist Booker up onto his shoulders, but Booker slides out! Low blow, undetected by the ref, and Booker goes upstairs. Sanders tries to jump on the apron and distract him, but Flair pulls him down, and shouts at him "Get your ass to the back now, before I drag ya, ya little weasel!" Missile dropkick on Luger, and Booker breakdances up as Flair backs Sanders up the ramp. Luger groggily to his feet, turns around-and Booker gives him the Bookend for the pi to advance at 4:01. Flair has now reached the top of the ramp and Sanders is out of sight, but Flair turns back as Booker's music plays ans the man celebrates, and nods to him as the credits come up...)

Ian Challis

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