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Don't listen to CRZ. The Kings did not upgrade too much with Mike Bibby over Jason Williams. The Sonics are this year's Dallas Mavericks with their perimeter, inside-outside game. Rashard Lewis, Brent Barry, Desmond Mason, and Vladmir Radmanovich: remember these names when the playoffs come around. Sonics over Kings in 4 in first round.

I love everything about Stephanie McMahon. I love her gimmick, and she is my ideal heel for a woman. Don't give me this crap about Ivory being a great heel; all the females should be watching Stephanie for tips on being a heel. She is an attractive woman who can still be taken seriously in the context of a wrestling angle. Her voice is just annoying enough to make your cover your ears, and that is what a heel does. Make you cringe and hate. I am tempted to say that Stephanie is one of the greatest female heels ever, but my e-mail would be filled with hate mail. Stephanie is definitely one of the better heels of this decade and it is about time the internet give her credit, instead of calling her a control freak.

I think starting another Stephanie love mystery might rejuvenate the stale WWF. The three guys she has been involved with are Test, HHH, and Angle. However, I think Stephanie could be used to push a lot of other guys up that level. The obvious guys would be RVD and Chris Jericho. However, RVD can get up to main event level on his aerial game and Jericho is currently involved in a hot angle with the Rock. The WWF writers really have to think outside the box with Stephanie. She could be a very valuable asset if used properly in an angle. People keep on bitching about how the heels and the faces never change. Well, what if Stephanie and the Rock were to feel some sexual tension!!! Would that effectively turn the Rock heel for the first time in four years. That would definitely shake up the main event scene with the Rock and Stephanie. If the writers can develop a possible scenario for the Rock to turn heel, and for HHH to turn back face, then I'd definitely be feeling the WWF. HHH-Rock feud will have just another solid twist to it.

Or if you want to use Stephanie to push somebody in the midcard back to main event status, try Chris Benoit. Benoit is a better heel than face because it covers up his microphone rust. It would be an interesting way for Benoit to come out of surgery, with Stephanie! How about turning Matt Hardy with Stephanie. Possibly, push Maven by having him sleep with Stephanie because he wants to get out of the OVF quicker and this was the only way. The Big Show might finally reach his potential, by having Steph as his valet. All I'm saying is that Steph could be a key to the rebuilding of the WWF after we end the Alliance at SS.


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