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Our 3rd Anniversary

Scott Christ




This isn't very well thought-out or anything, I just wanted to contribute to CRZ's big Third Anniversary party here.

So in lieu (haha what a lame phrase) of an actual idea, I would like to talk about retards.

Okay, so retards, right. Retards say things like, "The nWo is a good idea!" or "Give this a chance, it might work!" It never ever works when retards want to give it a chance. How many times do things initially suck your ass and then turn out okay just because you gave it a few days or weeks or months to improve? It's pretty rare, I'd think, as I can't think of anything off the top of my head that's turned out that way.

The InVasion and the nWo were worthless failures and have all but killed my interest in WWE's current product. Retards, though, want to go along and hope for the best, and they always have great ideas. These great ideas are never actually great, they're just stupid and unrealistic and suck. They would also suck immediately, and these fools would say, "Give this a few months to play out!" Fuck you! I'm sick of giving everything a few months to play out, I want some results.

And the only reason I want results immediately is because WWE is pressuring themselves to come up with an instant solution instead of quieting down and going about their wrasslin' business until the next "boom" comes along and we look back on these as Dark Years like the early-mid 90s.

You'd almost think that Vince McMahon has never been in this position before. Or maybe he just thinks that this can't really be happening after the big years with Stone Cold and The Rock. So he became WCW, spending money hand over ass to try and rectify the horrible situation at hand, and it predictably has failed.

So I'd like to kindly ask everyone to do what WWE should be doing, which is shutting up about THE GREAT BIG FIX, 100% GUARANTEED and just live with what we've got in a down period. WWE should worry more about putting on good shows that'll keep the diehards coming back right now, instead of dicking around with Goldberg or Scott Steiner or Eric Bischoff or Russo or whatever the next solution is supposed to be.

But really I don't want to go on and on.

I would like to thank all of the people that have made slash wrestling the one site I've kept going to over the last three years.

Thank you, CRZ!
Thank you, Cubs Fan!
Thank you, E.C. Ostermeyer!
Thank you, Justin Shapiro!
Thank you, Seadawg!
Thank you, Matt Spaulding!
Thank you, Kim [bitchfactor]!
Thank you, Mark Coale!
Thank you, Albert Ching!
Thank you, Tony Ling!
Thank you, Mike Lavieri!
Thank you, Rob Davitt!
Thank you, Gene White!
Thank you, Hobbes!
Thank you, James Kalyn!
Thank you, Rob T! No not really!

And I'm out of people I've read that I didn't dislike. That doesn't mean you! I just might not have read anything by you. Or else you SUCK SUCK SUCK.

Know what rules is when Chris Jericho falls off of things. Argh fuck you, says Jericho.

Did you dudes buy the Green Day b-sides album? I did.

So sad to hear of Bret Hart's stroke. He was my favorite wrestler for a very long time.

So sad to hear of Jeff Jarrett's stroke. He is the Chosen One. Jeff Jarrett sucks.

Hey hey hey. Why are they re-airing old Confidentials? That's like my favorite WWE show. I mean it was a good episode and all, the Davey Boy stuff is totally depressing, but what's with the lack of effort? Did they run out of things to talk about or what? Boo.

Oh you know that Shawn Michaels thing on Confidential where he's hanging out with Whisper and talking about the Lord and stuff? That was so butt ass gay. I wanted to punch it in the face. I hate Shawn Michaels.

I heard Stephanie's coming back to TV. Oh ho ho, just kidding folks! MEOW! ROWR!

Do you ever come here on a Tuesday and really have the desire to know what happened on RAW or Nitro 5 6 7 years ago? Me TOO.

You know what, The Mexican is a totally underrated film. I watched it again today and it rules. The deleted scenes are good too. With my DULL ACHE. Hahaha. I bought White Men Can't Jump the other day too, that movie is still awesome. BEELY YOU SO STUPEED. Haha peed.

JMShapyro: Hey, why doesn't Vince start challenging Bischoff to a fight on TV every week now?
Scottie KStones: Because he's not a fag

It's all over now, baby blue.

Scott Christ
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