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What a Difference Five Minutes Makes

I spent Monday afternoon making notes about how the WWF had dropped the ball with Survivor Series, with its lame booking and no surprises. And then, near the RAW, everything changed.

To borrow a phrase, "Finally, Ric Flair is back on Monday Night TV." And it couldn't have come a moment too soon. The WWF was staler than three-day-old bread and the Nature Boy is just the shot in the arm the company and industry needs.

. I was royally perturbed when Flair didn't show at the PPV. And then I read he may appear on RAW. So, I patiently waited. And when I heard the music, this jaded and cynical writer marked out like an eight-year-old on Christmas morning.

Regular readers of this space know that I have been campaigning (and hoping) for Flair's return and wrote months ago, during the first Invasion PPV, that Flair would be the perfect person to be the Vince McMahon's foil.

Better late than never, I suppose. And it's not quite as I had envisioned, but it's close enough for me.

And the way RAW ended, who knows exactly what's to come? Flair and Austin appear to be faces and Vince and Angle are heels. But what about everyone else that "got fired" in the Alliance? Do they immediately side with Flair or do they go against him? And, it's not like we've seen the last of the McMahon brood, especially with Mr. Stephanie McMahon due to come off the DL any time now.

But all of that can wait for now. We have Ric Flair back. And for just a moment, all is right with the wrestling world.

Mark Coale
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