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Darkness on the Edge of Town

So, I was finally going to write another column, since I actually ponied up the dough to watch the TNA PPV (You'll forgive me if I don't want to stick the NWA name on it). I was all set to make funny jokes about the trashy chicks in the cages, the overabundance of Indy workers most people hadn't heard of before and the intriguingly Southern flavor of the show.

But, then I heard that Vince Russo was coming back to Titan Towers. It ruined my whole day. Seriously. My lunch didn't take as good as it usually does. Not even the Tony Kornheiser show could raise my spirits today.

Those of you who read my Wrestleline columns know that the amount of bile and vitriol generated in me. I had "affectionately" dubbed him Copernicus, since he thought the world revolved around him and his "Crash TV" sensibilities.

Is this enough to get me to stop watching? You mean less than I am now? Is that possible? In the last few weeks, I still tape RAW and Smackdown. Now, do I always get around to watching it? No, not really. I've been content to read CRZ's recaps and if on the weekend I have some free time, I watched the segments I wanted to see.

At least he's not going to bring Ed Ferrara with him. One, he's shacked up with the Jarretts. Two, I think Jim Ross would have be back home making BBQ sauce before he allows "Oklahoma" to draw a WWE paycheck.

What do we have to look forward to, with the return of the Prodigal writer? Well, Vince has been reduced to giving things away for the quick fix. And he's already filled his shows with Russo-esque T&A and gross-out spots. How much can Russo lower the bar when it's already so small that Mini Me couldn't limbo under it? I really don't want to know.

I'm guessing Ric Flair isn't very happy right now. Maybe he can finally get revenge for getting his head shaved. I doubt it. How long before David Arquette becomes one of the select few men to hold both the WWF and WCW titles? And I can't imagine that Heyman is happy, either. I guess we may have finally found something that he and Jim Cornette can agree on and that's their opinion of Russo.

So, I might not have completely enjoyed the TNA debut show. But you know what, I'm really rooting hard for them to succeed now. There's got to be some kind of wrestling on TV in the United States broadcast in English I can enjoy without feeling dirty.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

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