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Our 3rd Anniversary

Mark Coale




A year ago, for slash's second anniversary, regarding the state of wrestling, I wrote: "The business is certainly at a crossroads and I for one am not anxiously to take the trip." And now, who'd have guessed we'd be longing for those days.

A year ago, the Invasion angle was just gearing up. I was afraid it would flop and damned if I wasn't right. Sure, that was like predicting the sun was going to rise in the East and not the West, but you take wins where you can get them.

A year ago, I may have bitched and complained about the state of wrestling, but at least I still watched it. Today, I usually tape RAW and Smackdown, but after CRZ's recaps the next day, I rarely feel like watching them. Maybe if there's a segment or two that I want to see, but that's about it. Even during the last downturn in the business (the 92-95 period), I was still a viewer. Now, who really cares?

These days, I wait for my monthly trip back to my parent's house, where they have DirecTV and I can pick up my supply of CMLL tapes that I recorded in my absence. I can count on one hand the number of people from Stamford who can match the in-ring workrate that I see from Dr. Wagner, Shocker, the Infernales and assorted other luchadors.

I also wait patiently, though not as regularly, for my Japanese tape fix. New Japan holds no major for me and it's just not the same seeing Keiji Mutoh in All Japan, no matter what gimmick he's using today. God bless Toryumon and especially T2P, which is producing the best wrestling package in the business today.

But, enough of my whining. Let's talk about Slash. When was the last time I wrote a column? Hey, it was only 2 months ago. If you can find me something interesting to write about, I'll do it. But, unless 90% of those people on the wrestling boards, I don't really just want to accentuate the negative (thereby keeping me on Chris Jericho's Christmas card list). Yes, it's more fun to write negative than positive (trust me, that's a skill you learn as a film critic), but it's not as fulfilling.

One more thing, and that's Weinerville. Sure, I spend too much time there and I'm sure that the Big Boss (and sibling) have put me on the "posts too damn often" list. But I'd like to think that I only post when I have something worth saying. Or find something worth swiping off the AP wire or from The Digital Bits.

The one bad thing about Weinerville that I can see is that it spelled the end of "I get letters," which I used to look forward to almost as much as the actual recaps themselves.

Happy Anniversary! Here's hoping next year's toast is a little more cheery than this year's.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

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