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Hello everyone!

WWF superstar (Tombstone) Tori appeared on the UK morning show "The Big Breakfast" today (Thursday March 9) on Channel 4, as part of her promotional visit to our shores for WWF Insurrextion (live on Pay-Per-View on May 6). The piece began by showing a clip which I took to be from the home video "Come Get Some", featuring Tori wrestling and standing around in bikinis, etc.

The main things covered in the interview:

  • Asked by interviewer why she had chosen a career in wrestling, she replied that she had more or less fallen into it by accident, as a consequence of her involvement with bodybuilding
  • However, she has been wrestling, or INVOLVED WITH wrestling for almost eleven years now
  • Interestingly, when questioned about the physicality of the sport, she revealed that the WWF have recently increased the "buoyancy" of the ring, i.e., it is not so stiffly sprung these days...
  • She attributed the renaissance of pro-wrestling to the injection of 'attitude', with a move away from the constraints of the old format
  • Both Tori and the interviewer put over Vince McMahon
  • She spoke about her role as protagonist/"troublemaker" in the Kane X-Pac story, explaining that she wasn't currently wrestling matches
  • Johnny Vaughn (the interviewer) does genuinely like WWF, I think, but probably doesn't have the time to be always watching, or obsessing over plot details. His correct assertion of Stephanie's abduction by the Undertaker was undermined by a belief that Mankind escaped from a mental hospital to save her. This sounds like a typical researcher error, especially since it wasn't a recent story line
  • They played the game "Tori Party" (the Conservative Party: former UK governing political body, are the "TORY Party" Geddit?)
  • This involved sitting WWF superstars at a fictional dinner party
  • This segment wasn't very good, and ran long, but did throw up one particularly funny remark
  • Not breaking kayfabe (and remaining within the plot lines of the WWF) Tori asserted that Triple H and Vince don't get along at all Given the recent stories regarding Triple H's closeness to Vince and the book, I couldn't help but chuckle at this unintentionally ironic remark
That was all that arose from the segment, other than a brief reminiscence of the Big Show's visit last October, but funnily enough, they DID NOT EVEN MENTION Insurrextion, which I thought was the whole point of her visit...

Everyone can log onto to hear Tori's webchat from this afternoon, and I will be back with a report on Kevin Nash's scheduled appearance on the Big Breakfast tomorrow (if it isn't cancelled, or he doesn't show up)

Richard Craig
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