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Well, Kevin Nash DID fulfil his booking on the Channel 4 UK morning show, "The Big Breakfast", so without further ado, I shall run through the highlights for you all:

  • Began by discussing his "broken ankle", which he attributed to snowboarding (I have not been keeping up with WCW storylines: is this injury worked or legit?)
  • When asked by Johnny Vaughan about the reasons behind WCW's 5-year (funnny, I thought it was SIX?) absence from the UK, Nash explained that they'd been looking to come back to the UK for some time, but it was only now that the taping schedule allowed the opportunity to visit Europe
  • Debated the differences between WCW and WWF, Nash responding that WCW had 'more tradition' (Yeah, Jess McMahon and his family have promoted wrestling for more than half a century: Turner buys Crockett at the end of the 80s and WCW has 'more tradition' Does it f*ck!)
  • Clip of WCW home video "Hall and Nash invade WCW" aired
  • Discussed the size of his family (around 75 people, which was quite witty, I thought) claiming that he had a sister that was around 6 ft tall
  • He joked that the family's height was the result of living next to a nuclear reactor
  • Johhny Vaughan mentioned that he was a booker, and this meant that Nash was involved in creating some of the 'plotlines' (this lead to the playing of the game "Weakly Conceived Wrestler")
  • Selected Gail Porter (UK tv presenter) as the model for this wrestling creation
  • Gave her the name of 'Gailforce', a prostitute nurse (this got big laughs from the crew, and prompted Vaughan to joke about the tv censors giving the show into trouble) who had the gimmick of a 'magic stethoscope'. Her finisher would be the 'toungue depresser' (mandible claw?) and would be a main-eventer

    That was the segment, and AGAIN, no shilling of the WCW shows occurred, which is funny since the ticket sales have been abysmal. Overall, Nash handled himself very professionally (unlike Hall on the BBC a couple of months ago, where you wondered when he might do something unprofessional/embarassing) and seemed more relaxed than Tori yesterday. Perhaps, Vaughan felt more comfortable bouncing some of his risque humour (referring to '69's: yeah, we can air sexual innuendo on morning TV in the UK, unlike the more conservative American networks), meaning that Nash was able to show HIS sense of humour also.

    Anyway, I am sure that more WWF personalities (perhaps Triple H) will appear in the days running up to Insurrextion, and you can count on reading the accounts of those appearances RIGHT HERE, on 'the only pro-wrestling site that matters' (as if it would be YOU, WCW.Com), [slash] wrestling!!!

    Richard Craig
    (A Scotsman living in)
    Bedfordshire, England, UK
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