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You Know Something

Dedicated to Canek.

First as ever, Thanks for your response to my columns, and for you, Jim Dolla and your Column... Thanks for Reading, Peace, a Friendly advice... *"If Beating Your Head Against The Wall Makes It Hurt, STOP Doing It" and again, Thank You for your time.

* Todd McFarlane.

Let's move on, This time that Censorship stuff, a Mexican wrestler and a few random thoughts.

In late 80's early 90's, the PMRC was born, with their "Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics" tags in many Hard Rock and Rap Album covers, PMRC's leader was (is ?) Tipper Gore, and She is related to Al Gore... Now? just a few years later and (I'm sorry if I Pissin you guys/gals) with or Without Your 1st Ammendment, those Musical Groups are Dead, Do you want some reasons? Over Exposure ? Yeah, Crappy Music/Performance ? Yeah, Politics ? Hell Yeah. And one thing is 100% true, Politics are Stronger in Election Years, and I'm sorry fellow USA pals, 2000 is Election Year in your country (well, here is election year too, but Politics and Censor Groups are more worried about Talk Shows).

Of Course, Mr. McMahon is not an Angel, He is just a Human Being; Oh wait, yeah, He create Wrestlemania, He save the WWF in 1997, he gave us Stone Cold, The Undertaker and The Rock ! He Screw Bre... wait delete that part, Owen Die and Over the Edge conti... wait, delete that part, how about the Steroids Prob... wait, delete that part too, Damn ! You can't talk about that, You can't even find about that in the New and Slow... Improved, and We All know, what Vince tells is always the Truth, like in 1997 in his Open Letter about Attitude or how about the 14 Million Viewers !!! Wow ! Amazing, now Imagine if everyone of that 14 KK watch every WWF sho... But wait, 14 KK is not in every show ? Damn ! I Didn't read the small text in that TV commercial, because Vince will never Never Trick the WWF crowd, We can Trust Him, Can't We ?

Do you read the Rantsylvania article Bob Morris: A Non-Emotional Look at PTC's Issues ( ? Please, Take 5 minutes and check the article.

Do you really think a kid screamin "Suck it", "Stephanie Swallows" or "Poontang Pie" when he/she don't even know what that means is Good ?

No, this is not a Pro-PTC, and obviously neither a Pro-Vince, I'm just tryin to share my 2 cents.

One last word about this: Karma.

Oh Well, let's move on (again).

I'm a proud, a few years ago, when I was was just a kid, I saw Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Bam Bam Bigelow job cleanly to Canek, here in Mexico, and Believe Me people, Hulk was not the only one to BodySlam Andre, Canek made a Great BodySlam over this 3 Big Guys, looks like Canekmania was Stronger and Run Over Hulkamania. BTW, you can watch Canek in the Lucha Libre match in Royal Rumble 1997, and No, he was not in his best days, but been Honest... if you want to see a Great and maybe The Greatest Mexican Heavyweight Wrestler, look for Canek 80's and early 90's tapes.

Another two great Heavyweight Mexican wrestlers are Dos Caras and Enrique Vera.

Hunter really needs a good time for Rest 'n' Relax. He has been carrying over his back the WWF since almost a Year Ago, with a great combo of Workrate and Soap Opera, not like some former "punch 'n' kick" champion, and our friendly CRZ's /Wrestling neighbor CyanIndigo noted that too "HHH has been wrapping his arm because of a badly bruised bicep".

Angelina Jolie Rules !

Now, talkin about Austin, the Tombstone is Banned when my brother and WWF's favorite Cripple Returns, like SNL's Church Lady will say... "How Con-VEEE-nient!".

Possible Summerslam card:

Tazz (a.k.a. Naranjito) VS The King [ECW Mighty Champ is wrestling VS an Announcer]

Hardys VS Blondes [a possible gimmick match, one Hardy said something about HIAC]

Val VS Eddie [good match and some Trish VS Chyna stuff]

Jericho VS Benoit [Oh No !!! another GREAT match between this 2 Canadians]

UnderTaker & Kane VS Shane & Big Show [Best wrestler: KANE, just Imagine what kind of match]

HHH VS Angle VS Rock [Rock wins pinning Angle, HHH gets injured and obtain some rest until Survivor Series]

and maybe a 3 way Lita VS Stephanie VS Trish, some Malenko and a couple of crappy matches with T&A, Lo Down, Saturn, Crash, Too Cool, Rikishi, X-Pac-Sux and Road-Dogg-Too.

Back with CyanIndigo and her Box of Rumours, DOA and UT ? I think you are right, but... DOA, Shane & pals, the FacGime, that Censorship group and also the Raven group, What's This ? 1997 and Gang Wars again ?

Well Mes Amis, This is The End, And remember this is Only My F'n Opinion, and like Todd McFarlane said a few years ago "Everyone's Got Opinions".

Until Next Time, Take Care.

The Crippler HellSpawn

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