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The Crippler HellSpawn Returns

Dedicated to Soraya, Fernando, Noe, Cristian, Saul, Bernardo, Ana, Alejandro, Victor, Monica.

First, I'm sorry after I talk about Nash and UnderTaker, I catch a rare Lazyness Disease and missed like one month. Like always, Thanks for your feedback, now let's move on, with a batch of random thoughts.

Both WWF and WCW are running a "Whodunnit ?" angle.

Vince McMahon left the WWF because he wants another BABY. And Miss Hancock / Stacy is pregnant.

A Blonde Hulkish Guy left WCW in a shoot angle. And a Blonde guy ran over Austin last year.

In Unforgiven, a McMahon shared the SemiFinal spot with Austin... WHY? Is there a rule in WWF's PPV about havin ALWAYS a McMahon in the Spotlight ?

Here is a recap of some McMahon interventions:

Survivor Series 99, Shane and Vince are involved helping Big Show to beat HHH, Vince hit a chaishot to HHH, Armageddon 99, Vince VS HHH, Royal Rumble 2K, been honest, I can't remember right now what happen, so, lets say this is a 2-1, No Way Out 2K, Shane returns and hit a chairshot to the Rock, WrestleMania 2K, 4 McMahons and Vince turns on the Rock, Backlash 2K, Vince and Shane attack the Rock, but is saved by Austin, Judgment Day 2K, Shane Beats the Big Show and later the McMahons attack the Rock, saved this thime by UnderTaker, King of the Ring 2K, the Rock wins his 5 World title pinning Vince, Fully Loaded 2K, Shane is in Benoit's corner and hit a chairshot to the Rock, who is now saved by Foley, SummerSlam 2K, Shane made the Bump of the night, Unforgiven 2K, like I said one paragraph above, Shane shared the SemiFinal spot with Austin and gets 3, 3, 3 stunners.

So, 11 PPVs, 10 interventions.

Lets continue with Unforgiven...

Benoit was screwed again by your loved Commish Foley.

I hope Benoit finally beat the Rock on the next PPV.

So, after 10 months the Tri-Angle we get a "this isn't over between them!". That is Great.

And... What was the Point of Foley refereeing ?

You know something, I like the HHH / Steph couple.

*I* will turn both faces and handle Angle as an Evil Stalker.

Oh, and talkin about HHH, some people say he steals things from Ric Flair, well, now they can add the Bloody Kiss (from WM VIII).

Now lets talk about last monday 21:00 huge event... Let me get this straight, there was a rumour about Pamela Paulshock, she didn't want to be on the Bikini contest unless she wins, of course, she is out of the contest, then, here comes Torrie, Gunns, Tygress, Paisley, Lea and etcetera, and still Pamela wins the contest ? I remember seen this very little angle on Futurama.

OK, Now with the REAL Huge Event on monday, Finally the RattleSnake has come back to the WWF...

...and I'm already bored and have a Stunner Overdose.

So, in words of Austin, HHH could be tellin Lies or could be tellin the Truth... OK, that makes perfect sense, because you know, there isn't another choice.

here are my picks on the "Who ran over Austin":

  • Angle. I just hate the guy, and thats Its True, oh yeah, Its True.

  • Foley. He didn't answer to Austin question "Why he shouldn't think Foley ran him over ?".

  • Hogan. Hey, Hulk always say "Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you ?" maybe Hulkamania run wild over Austin.


  • Vince "Malebolgia" McMahon. because, you know... the WWF NEEDS a McMahon in the Main Event of Every PPV and on EVERY Angle.

    Well, thats it, I know is a short column, but I still have the lazyness hangover.

    BTW, SPAWN #100 is coming. And my pick is Granny Blake.

    Well Mes Amis, This is The End, Until Next Time, Take Care. The Crippler HellSpawn

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