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I'm late again, again...

You plan and build and plan and add and create and push back and STILL it's 0515 the day I said I was going to drop dead on publishing and I'm STILL only up to this point in writing my intro.

At least this is the last thing to be far as I know.

HEY for some reason we can't fathom, this website has passed the third anniversary of first going online and I am FIT to BUST with pride and joy about THIS, my own personal pride and joy. I think today and the day the Awards come out are the highest volume days of the year, and the fact that really *today* is just a testament and monument to my massive ego, well, like I said. FIT to BUST.

Really this is the only time I feel like I can get away with such a self-serving display, but there's so much more to this, our 3rd Anniversay subsite. Because this site, yeah, it's got a lot to do with "CRZ" but also it's so much *more* than that. The revolving door I first unlocked in July 1999 has brought so many people in and out - and back in, and in the process this site ends up so much more than the sum of its parts. I hope you've set aside some time today, because I'd like to share it with you once again, for the first time, again. (Huh?)

We've got content up and out the wazoo - a million flavours from the spice cabinet and I hope you take liberal samples. *Thirty* new pages from old friends, new friends, long-gone friends, and friends who have never written before - what took 'em so long? By the way, they're arranged in the order I received them, so don't just read the ones on top - while the best ones ARE on top, the best ones are also on bottom - and also, there are plenty of the best ones in the middle! In addition, we've got *eighty* pages going back over the past year - the usual suspects (and some unusual ones) hit the high spots...and show no mercy with the low spots. As if that wasn't enough, our first audio content (well, not done by Michaelangelo, anyway) has Eddie Famous checking in with a half hour conversation with nobody special; vsp again completely fails to judiciously edit in filling in another big hole in the archives, finally finishing the 2000 version of the "Year in Quotes" that I was probably NEVER gonna finish - then, for an encore, going back and picking up 1992; we've got two graphical trips down memory lane - at the top of this page, a look at most (if not all) of the logos we've used over the three years... and just in case you haven't had ENOUGH of a hit on the bandwidth pipe today, there is *also* a 2 meg collection of graphics that we can only call "the CRZ shrine" and then slink away and hide just out of the reach of the horrified screams of thousands of web surfers. Now THAT'S a sentence! (What, a life sentence?) Ah ha ha, thanks for coming out.

Once again, I can't put out a proper thank you because there are hundreds to thank and at this point, I can't remember hundreds of names. I hope that *you* take the time to help me make my thank yous by dropping an email or sending public feedback on Wienerville to at least one of the people you read here today - and every day, while you're at it - because at the end of it all, it's all about TALKIN' 'BOUT RASSLIN'.

Of course, I *will* single out The Cubs Fan, Brewguy, Seadawg, cfgb and E.C. "only people over fifty say 'age ain't nothin' but a number'" Ostermeyer for handing the bulk of the "must-read" show/news reports for things I don't seem to have the free time to talk about.

Also, thanks to my brother for doing most of the work on Wienerville, to the new Thread order for constantly reminding me what rules and what doesn't, to the tOA guys for talking about the stuff I hardly ever find the time to talk about, the DVDVR guys for talking about stuff I'd never have time to watch (and doing it in such a way that I feel guilty for missing it), and the 411 guys for all being jealous of me - in my mind, at least.

Finally, thanks to YOU - every one of you who have ever visited [slash] wrestling, whether this is your first time or your thousandth. I certainly hope you'll come back, and if you find this entire display disgusting, I promise we'll start all over with the Russofied NWA TNA #4 report! ;-)

Oh hey, and when you're done here, don't you dare forget to stop by the message board and add your two bits in real time!

There's so much more to say but we'll have to make time for it later. Perhaps in another year? OKAY GO!

Christopher Robin Zimmerman
[slash] wrestling

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