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NWA Worldwide
Local airing: 10/14/00
America One Airing (rerun?): 11/28/00

Intros. With no sound. That might have been an omen.

Bert Prentice hypes the NWA Convention Weekend. He runs down the lineups for the Battle of the Belts, but I think it's much too late for you to go - wasn't this a couple weeks ago? I thought America One was only one week behind. Prentice can't pronounce Northwest right on the first try, but we don't have money to re film this bit. Prentice goes on and on and on to hype stuff you'll never get to go to (unless you have access to a time machine - and then you'd probably be smart enough to know that most of this matches didn't turn out too well.) (5:14)

Prentice hypes the NWA Convention more. This is the BIGGEST card he's ever promoted. Mike Rapada hype. I give up and fast forward. The main event is Mike Rapada vs Chris Harris - Prentice says that Harris is under WCW contract (maybe developmental - he has been showing on Worldwide for the last three months) and that he'll get paid $25,000 if he brings the NWA belt with him. He runs down the card and I fast forward some more. Prentice talks to Steve Hall Jr. to talk about Hall's chances for the NWA Rookie of the Year award. When Prentice, who has been hyping the heck out of everything involved here is only saying Hall is a dark horse to win, that's not a good sign. Prentice, perhaps thinking he hasn't hyped Mike Rapada and this card enough, cuts Hall off twenty seconds in. Prentice talks and talks and talks and I ended up going off and juggling video cables when this was first on. Here, I just fast forward. (10:39)

WOW! A match!

Stone Mountain (from NWA Wildside) vs Kendall Windham (from NWA Texas?), first round of the NWA Title Tournament (9/19/00, Tampa, Florida) - Kendall is looking quite like Justin Credible here. Lockup, the much bigger Stone Mountain pushes Kendall into the corner. Nick Nitris (who was trying to convince Mike Rapada to let him be his manager before he won the title) has joined Bert Prentice to commentate. Break. Lockup. Kendall gets the better of this one, into the corner, shots after the break but Stone hits harder. Mountain's like Rick Fuller type, but bigger. Kendall with a knee, chop, chop, chop, whip, reversed, clothesline by Mountain. Let's stall. Lockup, Kendall with an eye poke, body slam. Another. Stone is staggered. Kendall with a punch. Let's talk to the ref. Body slam. Stone doesn't feel like selling that, but he does sells Kendall's punches and kicks. Corner whip, reversed, Stone with a clothesline. Kendall rolls out...perhaps rethinking that whip strategy. This is STALLARIFIC! Kendall's back in, but we're standing around. Lockup, arm bar by Stone. Working on the right arm. Arm yank. Bend the arm around the rope. Punch the arm. Prentice is hyping an upcoming taping. Kendall tries for a mule kick but it misses and Stone doesn't sell. Punches. Kendall runs him into the corner and gets the low shot in. Kendall and the ref converse. Kendall with a kick, DDT. Cover, 2. Chop, Mafia kick. Chinlock! Up into a headlock. Trying to throw him down by the hair, but Stone no sells. Kendall backs off, and gets punched. Kick, whip, between the legs powerslam. Whip, clothesline. Whip, sidewalk slam, leaning cover gets 2. Stone to the second rope, Mountain Jam misses. Kendall with punches. Whip, head down too soon, kick to the chest, choke...Kendall with the mule kick to block the choke slam. Kendall takes off. Stone gives slow chase. Kendall comes back to get punches in, whip, no, reversed into the guardrail (which moves a lot.) Kendall with punches, whip into the guardrail. Shot into the guardrail. As they fight back down the aisle, Prentice tells us that the ref threw this one out. Didn't hear an opening bell, didn't hear an ending bell, but we'll call it (DCO 7:58) Kendall Windham must have been God in Puerto Rico, 'cause he was quite crappy here. Stone Mountain still needs to improve, but I could easily see 

Back in the studio, and Nick Nitris just can't get comfortable in his chair. He helps Prentice hype the card in his own way. "I'm not a bald head gig. We get a clipped in the studio shot? Someone must have really blown a line. Nitris has a warning for the Hot Shots (Air Paris and Cassidy O'Riley - two more names you may be familiar with if you watch the other Worldwide), as he's now managing Bad Attitude, their rivals tonight. (1:48)

Prentice is back with more hype. The whole city of Nashville is buzzing about Mike Rapada's title defense. Here's the whole lineup again. Mike Rapada (w/o a shirt - ICK) is in to hype his match. Well, once Prentice lets him talk. If he'll let him talk. Prentice says that Rapada is wearing the same belt that Dory Funk Jr., Ric Flair, Terry Funk, Harley Race and Ron Simmons wore. Fast forward, because they're repeating the same exact stuff I didn't care about the first time over and over again. (9:52)

Mike Rapada vs Hector Guerrero, NWA Title Tournament, First Round (Tampa, 9/19/00)- Joined already in progress, with Hector in control. Whip, clothesline is ducked and Rapada hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Hector escapes to the mat. Nick escapes to the outside. Back in, but on his knees and asking for the handshake. Rapada looks to the fans. Still thinking, and Hector eye pokes. Shot to the turnbuckle. Corner whip, and Rapada goes in chest first. Hector throws him to the outside. Hector has a chair, shot to Rapada's back. Apron shot. Rolled in. European Uppercut (but he's Mexican!) Bottom rope vertical splash for 2. Yes, we can have 9 minutes of promos, but this match needs to be cut in half 

Back. Rapada is fighting tot his feet with punches, body slam, Hector begs off but Rapada doesn't have any of it, punches, kicks, corner whip, clothesline, cover for 1. Over the shoulder slam - to the second rope, elbow misses. Jumping legdrop by Hector. Hector takes his time going up top - frog splash comes up empty. Rapada going up top - sunset flip for 3. (3:36) Hector attacks Rapada after the bell - eye rake, out of the ring, chair to the back. Eye rake to the ref! Hector throws everyone else out of his way, and talks on the mic, but we can't make him out because Prentice won't shut up.

Back in the studio, Prentice gives one more last plugs for everything. 4:41 more of plugs, and we're done.

Whoa, this show sucked. 

I used to like watching this show because at the time, they had people you saw on the bottom tier of WCW, like the Thrillers (at that time) and it was fun in small doses. With the talent all being moved over to NWA Wildside, it's probably not as interesting. Still, Chris Harris is going be someone you know in two years, I like James Storm and New South for bizarre reasons, and some of the other guys who I don't remember that much.

But none of them were on this show, and so, it was no good.  Hector's good, Stone Mountain has potential, but I don't want to hear about that show ever again.

The Cubs Fan
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