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NWA Wildside
Taped 11/4/00, Aired (On America One 11/25/00, locally 11/18/00?)

We start in the ring, I dunno. The announcer (Al Getz and Steve Prazak, I think) do name names so I eventually figure out it's The Kohl Brothers beating down some guy while a manager is screaming. Oh, the dudes name is White Trash, and he gets dropped out of the ring through a table. Shank is in. He knocks one Kohl Brother out, and but gets a fireman's carry into a flapjack from the other. Shank gets the momentum back, but a cop (who arrested the prison jump suit attired Shank at a previous show, the announcers explain) helps turn the momentum before taking off himself. Double teaming ends with a back suplex/inverted bulldog combo. Random people from the back run in to clear the ring so we can run the intro.

White Trash in the back - he's bloodied and busted open in the back of the head, but happy about it. He expected retribution after what he and Shank did to Kohl Twins previously, but he's okay with only being blood, because blood gets him pumped up. He's hardcore.

Speaking of Hardcore, Sabu is coming to Wildside. Yes, that NWA World Champion Sabu. He's  to take on AJ Styles on December 14th. 

John Phoenix (w/Air Paris) vs Silky Boom Boom (already in progress) Phoenix off the ropes - Standing shooting star press! (It doesn't look as great as it might sound, though.) Kickout. "Hard to believe wrestlers, in this day and age, kicking out of Shooting Star Presses." Bad booking, if you ask me. Oh, you didn't. Corkscrew elbow from Phoenix misses. Phoenix throws Boom Boom out, and Air Paris runs him into the security railing. Thrown back in. Phoenix goes up top - corkscrew moonsault misses. Right, right, right, corner whip, bulldog, 2 count, Paris puts his foot on the ropes. Whip, double clothesline. Paris sneaks in while the ref watches Phoenix, Superkick for Boom Boom. The ref yells at Air Paris for running in the ring, and out comes Adam Jacobs to make the save for his partner. Oops, the Alabama Jam hits Boom Boom - oh, that's not an accident, he's turned on his partner. John Phoenix covers, and wins. (2:41 shown) So, wait, a top rope legdrop is more powerful than a shooting star press? This really bugs me. The announcers note another person has joined Paris' Suicidal Tendencies group (formerly a tag team, I'd assume/) They celebrate. Apparently Boom wasn't around for Jacobs match last week and he wasn't happy about it and this happens and yea..

Suicidal Tendencies talk about beating the Boogaloo Crew for the tag team titles once before and promising to do it again. They present Jacobs with his new outfit. Some dude walks in so they can point out they're three now.

NCW Commissioner Al Getz hypes Sabu's appearance. And on and on and on. NCW (National Championship Wrestling) is the alternate name for NWA Wildside.  He's not getting along with Styles' manager, who apparently brags about making the Hardys, Joey Abs ("I don't know if I'd be proud of that") and WCW referee Jamie Tucker into stars.

Lazz vs William Worth III - NWA Wildside Junior Heavyweight Title - Lazz, your champion, comes out in facepaint and outfit that Brittany Spears might wear (if she was short on cash) to "Oops I Did It Again." Which would be fine, if he wasn't a guy. Break time.

Worth gives money to the ref to...check Lazz for weapons? Lazz seems to like the idea, till he gets punked from behind. Stomp, stomp, hair pull, shot to turnbuckle, right, right, right, corner whip, reversed follow in misses, Swinging neckbreaker, and a choke hold. One foot cover gets 2. In pointing out three of the bigger faces in NWA Wildside: "In Lazz, Skank, and White Trash, you're talking about a con, a crook and a cross dresser." "All the things that made America great." "Kinda like McMahon, Brisco and Patterson." "You left out Jim Cornette." Punches, spinning kick by Worth for 2. Right, whip, backdrop. Bodyslam. Lazz won the title in the first (and perhaps last) Menage a Trois match. Legdrop, 2 count. Choke on the ropes. Kick to the back. Running knee to the back. Lazz with shots to the gut, but gets an eye poke. Right, right, right. One foot cover, 2. Headshot to the turnbuckle, corner whip, charge into the boot, clothesline misses, Lazz falls behind and pulls Worth's head back as he falls to the mat, maybe by accident? Works, at any rate, and both are slow to get up. Worth charges at Lazz, Worth back dropped to the outside Worth misses a kick, Lazz kicks his legs out from him and knocks him to the floor. Lazz to the top for a plancha, no he's off, no he's going back up again. Somersault senton. Throw back in. Right, Right, Right. Head to the groin. Hip swivel and another head shot to the groin. Worth complains to the ref, Lazz attacks form behind but Worth gets in a low blow. Superkick, cover, 2 count. Whip, reversed sunset flip, Lazz with 2. Lazz with a whip, reversed, Brittany Spear from Lazz and that's the win. (5:01) I think I did all these America One recaps just so I could say "He won with the Brittany Spear." Big kiss for the ref...Lazz chases him to the back.

Fright Night 2000 is only $20 on tape. Stills are shown to hype the card.

"Perfect Abs" AJ Styles isn't too happy to be wrestling Sabu. He's got a modeling contract - he can't get scarred up. His "Attorney/Agent" Jeff G. Bailey isn't too pleased with it either.

AJ Styles & Onyx (w/Jeff G. Bailey) vs Boogaloo Crew (J.C. Dazz & Scottie Wren, w/chairs) for the NWA Wildside Tag Team Titles - The former team is part of NWA Elite - another member won a belt over Stone Mountain last week. We take our time before the match, which allows for the announcers to fill in some more back history: Styles and Dazz had a note able time limit draw match this past summer, Scottie Wren used to be a part of NWA Elite. Dazz teases a superkick on Onyx on the outside before he actually locks up with AJ. AJ with a hammerlock, reverses, reversed into an armbar, climb the ropes to escape, AJ with a back suplex but Dazz lands on his feet, armbar back on AJ but AJ jumps to the top rope to escape, clothesline misses, belly to back is landed on his effect, another clothesline misses and we're down to stare down. This is where the ECW fans would clap for a nice mat exchange, though no one here does. (Maybe because they were wondering why people were flipping on ropes when an elbow would do?) Their partners come in - slug fest ensues. Double whip, double dropkick by Dazz and Styles. Their partners come back in . double press slam by Onyx and Wren, as they take turns throwing their opponents over the other guy's head. Swinging punch misses, Onyx with a back suplex. Onyx doesn't follow up,. They argue, and Wren with a side belly to belly suplex. Stall. Eye poke by Onyx, right, right, whip, reversed, slide under the feet, whip, leapfrog, 'rana try, but powerbombed. No follow up, AGAIN. Now he picks him up - and throws him outside. AF checks on his partner and Dazz is in the ring, whips his partner, running slingshot tope by Wren onto the NWA Elite. Brawling on the floor, with Dazz going into the corner post. Onyx and Wren are brawling in the empty seats behind the barrier (or recently vacated) as AJ with a springboard plancha on to them. Dazz on the commentators position - moonsault. Time for a break. 

We're back and everyone's back in the ring. Well, they were - AJ is clothesline off the apron, Onyx is on the second rope as Dazz joins him. Press Slam into a gutbuster by AJ. Wren in, double clothesline misses, double press slam that ends up dropping Wren near on his head. Dazz up, double clothesline (both guys flip.) Off the ropes, bodyscissors bulldog is turned in to powerbomb by Onyx. The announcers talk about getting complimented on Wrestling Observer Live. Off the ropes, drop down, powerslam by Onyx. Onyx ticks of Wren, Wren comes in, AJ doesn't come in to cheat. Oh, now he's in - sidewalk slam/springboard slam. Cover, Wren pulls Onyx off. Right, whip, backdrop. Tag to AJ, off the ropes, sliding dropkick knocks Dazz out. Bailey with stomps on the outside as AJ get sin a punch on Wren. Now AJ eats up Dazz on the outside. and the throws him back in. Slingshot senton gets 2. AJ argues with the fans. Dazz with a gut shot, but AJ with one right back. Brainbuster by AJ. Tag to Onyx, came clutch, dropkick to the head. "Sabu" chant. That turns in to talk about Sabu from Bombay, "Michigan." "If you've ever been to Bombay, Michigan, you'd be homicidal, suicidal and genocidal too."  Whip, Onyx flips off the ropes but a cross body is ducked. Make the tag, Dazz. Now, he goes after Onyx. Onyx off the ropes, flips off the bottom, back elbow connects. Tag to AJ, top rope ax handle and a cover for 2. Whip, reversed, knee to the gut by Dazz, but AJ reverses into a turning behind the back piledriver. AJ does not cover. Clothesline to the outside so Bailey can kick him on the outside. Dazz rolled in, slingshot legdrop is rolled away from. Dazz whips AJ into the ropes, short powerbomb. Is he finnaly going make the tag? AJ grabs one leg, Dazz kicks enzuiguri like with the other. Tag to Wren, clothesline, clothesline, clothesline, clothesline, clothesline, clothesline Onyx to the floor. Body slam for AJ. Wren to the top rope, but Styles dropkicks him which crotches him. Dazz is getting up to the apron, AJ stands on the top rope, no, he slips off, now he's on, now he slips off again. Slap for Wren to keep him there (don't know what's keeping Dazz from helping out.) Top rope 'rana is blocked and Dazz comes to life - he's on the top rope - top rope powerbomb/reverse neckbreaker is the Super Boogaloo Bounce. Cover, and that does it. (10:16 shown)  The Boogaloos bring in the chairs, but the ref pulls it away. He gets a kick to the gut - Wren holds the chair for Dazz to dropkick him in his face. Bailey gathers his men and takes off.

Here's some footage (9/9/00 NWA Title Tournament, Tampa, Florida) with Sabu beating up Mike Rapada to hype his appearance here. I bet when this was on NWA Worldwide, the announcers didn't use it to build up Sabu as a cool guy. This post match attack goes on so long that we clip out a moment off it. Here's the people from the back running to chase of Sabu before he can moonsault Rapada trough a table. Here's Sabu throwing in chairs. If Aldo told me where he was seated in this, I could probably get a good shot of him.

Here's a still of Sabu (hmm...taken from ECW TV?) to hype his 12/14 appearance against AJ Styles. Time for another break.

The Kohl Brothers are talking, but no one paid for the lighting bill. Anyway, they're part of the NWA Elite too and they're not done with White Trash and Skank.

With much better lighting (like one flashlight) Shank rebutts. He's got jam for them. But I don't think he's gonna use it the conventional way. He wants a former apology - maybe some flowers or something.  Or maybe he'll just beat them up. And that's it.

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