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1.9?? Anybody else hear Taps playing in the background while the fat lady sings along? The shields of the USS WCW were falling and the hull has just been breached. (No, I'm not a big Star Trek fan but I like the analogy). This is a dark day for the boys in Turnerland. If this trend continues, the WCW won't be talking about competing with the WWF... they'll be struggling to compete with ECW. Now everybody and their sister is talking about how the WCW can save itself. Since I always have to be different and I could really give a damn about the product WCW is putting out, I'll talk about how the WWF can hammer that last nail in the coffin.

Hey, did you know there's a PPV this weekend? I'd watch it but I heard there's a great re-run of the Simpsons on.

Okay, this is where we start: Raw Is War. Not in general, I'm talking about that single show. What did it? Vince McMahon. Look past the mean-on he had Monday night and you'll see bloodlust. WCW is the wounded swimmer and he's going to play Jaws. More on that later.... first,

It's time for a Test. After a short sabbatical for a back injury Test has returned...and he's still getting big pops when he shows up (could it be people see in him a younger, talented Kevin Nash? Nah!). His back injury couldn't have come at a better time in his career. It seemed he was a little lost after the Wedding angle. Everybody was interested in HHH and Stephanie and poor Test was almost forgotten about. They tried to find a place for him with the Hardcore title but it just didn't fit. A short "vacation" and now he's back with the chance for a new direction with his character. I think this guy has main-event written all over his body. A little more work on the mic and this guy will be right up there. For right now, give him a steady push through the ranks. Right now we've got a nice crop of Main Eventers and soon-to-be eventers. He's young and has a long career ahead of him (I hope!). This is one to watch.

Hey, anybody remember D'lo Brown? Whatever happened to him? One of the casualties of the influx of new talent. Somebody send out a search party.

Now to the heart of the matter... the death of WCW. Did you hear that crowd when Vince showed up? Who wasn't marking their ass off when Vince decked HHH? And then he went and did the best thing possible... he left without saying a word. What better way to get people to turn into Smackdown? I want to be sitting there in front of the TV and listen to Vince finally speak his mind and see him prove to his kids they are rank amateurs compared to him.

Thunder? Weatherman said sunny and clear today. OH! You mean that "other" show. That's still on the air? Betcha dollars to donuts they don't do a damn thing to create interest in Uncensored. Any takers? Huh?

Didn't think so.

Vince is back. The Main Event is set. Now the one thing that kills WCW for good: the midcard and undercard matches in the WWF. Wrestlemania consists of only one match right now. Three weeks left. Can they build it up? Oh hell yeah. Why do I keep mentioning Wrestlemania? Because I'm a firm believer Uncensored is going to set a record for the lowest buy rate in the history of PPV wrestling. The fans will be so disinterested in WCW...and they'll see all the hype for the WWF they'll tune in just to see what the hoopla is about.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses" - Vince McMahon (yeah I made it up but you get the idea)

All the WWF has to do is deliver a high quality event at Wrestlemania and they'll take away even more of WCW's shrinking fan base. It shouldn't be hard. Six of the titles should be on the line: Heavyweight, IC, Tag Team, Cruiserweight, Hardcore, and Women's (YES WOMEN's). It won't be difficult to give us enough matches, but they HAVE to build them up. Given their track record in recent months, it should not be too hard to make me interested in seeing a Malenko/Esse Rios match or pushing Lita to go for the Women's Championship. Even better, almost all of the current champions are easily able to give us a *** match at the very least. I hope things go as planned and they give Lita the title shot at Wrestlemania. It will give the division more credibility.

Quick Thought : Jericho VS Benoit VS Angle. It WILL happen. Give these three about 30 minutes for a match and they'll deliver. This is one of those matches where I'll be happy no matter who wins (BENOIT BENOIT BENOIT). Any arguments?

This time next week we'll see what the fate of the WCW will be. The WWF shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, all signs point to them turning it up another notch. My advice to Mr. Sullivan: pray to whatever gods are out there that Uncensored doesn't bomb. Let me tell you just how easy it is for the WWF to capture new fans... the love of my life, my girlfriend, is not a wrestling fan. Even SHE got hooked on Raw and went nuts when Vince came back.

That's it for this week. I can hardly wait for next week. It must be the same sick sadistic part of me that gives me a grin when I beat the hell out of someone in a spar. Stay tuned.

Food for thought : Vince and Hogan are about the same age right? Vince is maybe a little older? Which one put on better matches in the last year and half?


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