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FROM THE BLEACHERS Tell me this isn't happening. Tell me this is all a very bad dream and I'm going to wake up any moment now. PLEASE???

Alright alright, I know this is no dream, but I can't shake this feeling of deja-vu. Sid's gone heel and Hogan's going for the title. Allow me to make a very quick summary of my feelings on this: WHY?!? Granted, Hogan is still getting a decent pop from the Hundreds...and Hundreds of fans that won their free tickets to the show.

Am I a WCW fan? Nope. Not anymore. Some quick back history about me: I was a huge wrestling mark back in the 80s. Wrestlemania III was my first PPV and I was hooked until Wrestlemania VII when I was too busy with Kickboxing to keep track. What brought me back? The NWO. The first NWO. Back when it was still new and fresh and interesting. I watched WCW at just the right time and I was hooked again. Every Monday I was watching Nitro. After about a year of that, I was seeing the same things over and over and gradually started to change channels to see what was happening in the WWF.

Fast ending to that story is I'm a big fan of the WWF. All "smart" stuff aside, I just enjoy watching their programs.

To be fair, I've been watching some of WCW's programming lately and I wasn't all that dissapointed. The WCW is, or was a week ago, at square one. You could see they were trying to get storylines going...they were trying to have some kind of history going into their matches. They were moving slow and it wasn't too pretty to watch at times but they WERE improving.

Isn't it amazing how much difference a week can make? I'll be generous and say that after the events of the past 5 days, the WCW is back at Square -2.

I'll save the Hogan rant for the end. Let's look at the Tag Team picture. It's light. The division is all new teams that are still working to get grooved in. I was one of the many protestors when the Mamalukes won the titles but I will admit that I was wrong for being so quick to judge. They were rough in the beginning but you could tell they were working on their skills and they DID improve. Just as they are starting to get over...they put the belts on the Harris Brothers. I'm not going to try and figure out THAT logic. These two have a pretty standard match format: Punch punch punch punch, kick kick kick, H-Bomb, Pin. Average match time: 2 minutes. Average number of people who switch the channel during their matches? I'll give a conservative estimate and say half a million.

Now you have Booker and Kidman. They have the potential to be a good tag team. I can't deny that. But they have even MORE potential as singles. I can only see these tag team leading one place and that's an eventual break-up and feud with each other. It will give us good matches, but doesn't really do much for either of them. Here's an idea...let them back each other up and do the occassional tag team work but focus on getting some gold.

It looks like Jarrett will be feuding with Bagwell for the US Title. Anybody know why Bagwell all of a sudden gets a shot? Me either. If they're going to just throw stuff like this together, why not add Kidman to the mix? We've got a 3-way dance over in the WWF I'm droolin over. Why can't WCW copy THAT from them?

As for Booker... Get him in the World Title picture! And this ties so easily into my next point:

Hogan winning the title....again. You know what, I'm just going to wait and see about this one. I think everyone reading has got that same bad feeling...Hogan will win that title. This is a long rant. I'll save it until the worst happens here in Chicago.

Interesting thing to watch out for: watch the difference in crowds from Monday's RAW and the upcoming Spring Stampede. I saw that Uncensored had a buy rate of about 200 here in Chicago. Spring Stampede will be at the biggest arena we have in Chicago...The United Center. It's going to be hard all those empty seats from view.

In closing, the outlook for WCW just got a little darker. From all appearances, it looks like Hogan will have the title next month. And now Bischoff might be back. Remember what I said about deja-vu? Just something to ponder.

See ya next week.


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