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This is it, the moment we've all been waiting for. Wrestlemania is exactly 78 hours away as I write this. And of course, with the big event right around the corner you know what this column MUST be about....

If you expect predictions and ideas as to who will win, leave this place now because there will be no such thing. Why? Because I hate being like everyone else and second, I'm really steaming over something else and I have to get it off my chest. Are you ready for it? You may not like it but that's the way life is sometimes.

To all the fans, marks and smarts who are bitching about Mick Foley coming back to compete in Wrestlemania, I have this to say: Who the hell are YOU to judge him??? There's an old saying: "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Never have I seen it more readily applicable. If you want to criticize him, then you have to hook yourself up to a polygraph and answer this question for me:

You've been a painter since you were a teenager. It's all you ever wanted to do and every time you completed a picture you were happy. UNBELIEVABLY happy. Painting is what you loved. After about 20 years you find it harder to come up with things to paint and rather than take the risk of creating a painting you weren't happy with, you decided to retire and let what you had done before be your legacy. You make the announcement and do the circuit where people say you will be missed. Shortly after you retire, someone comes to you and says they want you to do one large portrait...something for all the world to see and celebrate your skill and ability. The portrait will be displayed at the largest and most prominent gallery in the world and it is something you have never done before though you had always dreamed of having your work on display there.

Now, what do you do? Do you tell them "No thank you, I'm retired"? Can you say with COMPLETE honesty that is what you would do?

Now scroll back and take a look at my quote about glass houses. What I've seen has been 50/50 either for or against Mick coming back. One post on a forum said Foley was as bad as Hogan for doing this. How the HELL can somebody think these two are even remotely comparable? I won't rant about this particular statement, but I will say (without doubt in my mind) that this is indeed a one-match return for Mr. Foley. His body simply cannot take anymore.

Mick said long before he retired that the one thing he still wanted to do was main event Wrestlemania. So far this year he's given two ****+ quality matches at the expense of his body. In his farewell match, he didn't go out a winner, he did what was best for the company and put HHH over. His place in Wrestlemania is his reward for being one of the best workers in the WWF. He did what was best for the company and, more importantly, he gave the fans a show. Alright, I will make one prediction...Mick Foley is walking out of Wrestlemania the Champion. The next night he will give a moving speech and retire as the Champion setting the stage for a tournament that will see new stars (such as Chris Jericho) elevated to main event status.

This is Vince's way of rewarding Mick for all the brutal bumps, and all the dedication he's shown the WWF. Even more than that, Mick EARNED this with his work, his blood, and his body. And there are people who are speaking in protest about this? To all those people I say this: fuck you (pardon my French). If you say you're a smart and bitch about Mick's return, I pity you. Why? Because you've obviously become so worried over speaking out like YOU ran the wrestling world that you forgot what it was like to be a fan. I'm going to LOVE every minute Foley is wrestling on Sunday and I'm going to be cheering him even if he doesn't win the title because I know that will be the last time for him. You can go right ahead and flame me with e-mails saying how wrong I am...but I'm going to tell you all the same thing: I have a stadium full of fans who went absolutely nuts when Linda McMahon announced Foley would be at Wrestlemania.

You can pout and mope and kick the dirt because Mick Foley "betrayed" you by coming back. You can whine all you want about him going back on his word and wrestling one more time. You go and do all that and enjoy your life. Me? I'll be cheering him on with the millions of other fans who are glad he's come back for this.

Fan before Smart.

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