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Tom Dean




Something spontaneous happened.

Finally, something happened that didn't have to be forced. Something that wasn't part of some grand plan to con people into feeling something that wasn't real. It happened just because people wanted it to happen... it was willed into being by the audience.

It couldn't have been planned... even if you had planned the setup, you never would have guessed the result. It couldn't have been planned... which is why it worked.

It seems like forever since something happened that hadn't been argued, re-argued, reviewed, and revised by executives, committees and focus groups. And really, that's all that was ever needed, all this time... for something spontaneous, and wonderful, to happen... and to be allowed to happen. Those old things, that didn't work, that felt wrong... some of them, the one thing that worked will make them better... some of them, we'll be able to forget about altogether.

I think everything is going to be okay now. On Sunday, everything definitely was okay.

Thanks, Dwayne. Thanks, Terry. Thanks, Toronto.

Tom Dean
from Wienerville: T.R.
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