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Hey wrestling fans! I want to welcome everyone to the inaugural edition of "...And Marking Out." I consider myself both a "smart" fan and a causal mark at the same time a plan to try to give this column that kind of feel and spin.

Everything you read here will be my own opinion, so crucify me and me only, please.

I guess the big talk this week will be the fallout of this Monday's RAW where Rikishi said that the Rock knew all along that he had run over Austin and that Rocky even BEGGED him to do so. There has been a ton of talk all over the net about the whole Rikishi Angle. Some love it. Some hate it. "How could they play the race card?" some ask. "Why Rikishi?" ask others.

Well, I'll tell you what's been working for me so far about the angle: It's only about race to Rikishi. No one else anywhere on the roster thinks this si about race. Rikishi thinks that the island boys have been held back, not the Rock. Austin doesn't give a damn about any of that, he just wants to kill the SOB that ran him down. Have no fear, this will not turn into another race war ala the Nation.

How can I say that? Because Rikishi is just a pawn. A prop. For the writers and for the Rock. Vince wants an Austin/Rock feud. Rikishi just happens to be the spark that gets the ball rolling in that direction. I'm sure there will be some more twists and turns before this all plays out. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Rikishi comes out of all of this in a somewhat sympathetic fashion. We'll just have to wait and see.

I anticipate that Rocky will spend the next few weeks attempting to deny his cousin's charges and convince Austin of his sincerity until there is some kind of indisputable video evidence (GTV anyone?) that shows otherwise. Then the feud will really take off. I'm looking forward to the feud, but not if it involves the WWF championship.

You heard me. I don't think that the Rock of Austin need the belt. Vince shouldn't put it on either of them. But that's a story for another column.

I'm Out.


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