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Who's Job is it Anyway?!?

First, I'd like to thank everyone who sent an email about the last column. That's probably the most email I've gotten ever. Yes, five messages is a LOT to me. =) Anyway, keep on responding. I promise to reply to everybody.

Ever have one of those days when you're having a debate with someone over AIM or on a message board? Well, I sure did. And I'm exhausted because of it. Shocker (of the Mindless Rant variety) decided to get on me about some of my opinions about Jericho. Read on to find more:

Drop1020: Jericho hasn't worked as vulnerable heel champion because he's vulnerable to EVERYBODY. To be an effective vulnerable heel the in fans eyes, Jericho must seem more powerful than the Test's and Rikishi's and Storm's of the world BUT less than the Rock, Austin, UT and HHH. THAT way the fans want to see him lose because while he's a good wrestler, he just ain't quite good enough for the belt(s) (which some see as the truth anyway)
Shocker 02k: REPLIED~! :-)
Drop1020: what?!? Where? Thread? Oh, let me guessŠJericho?
Shocker 02k: Yep. =)
Shocker 02k: Nobody has a solid opponent right now, partially because the Royal Rumble lends itself to a schmozz and partly because there was a 6-7 week break between PPVs. I could go in depth to prove all this, but I haven't been watching as close as I should have. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any particularly hot feud except whatever smushes together in the actual Rumble match. Therefore, if your argument is that Jericho's lack of a strong, solid opponent is his weak point right now, I'd have to disagree, because no one really has a strong opponent, or a hot feud right now.
Drop1020: I see you're all talkative today...
Shocker 02k: I haven't talked in a long while.
Drop1020: yes and you choose a day when I have ZERO time to argue
Shocker 02k: I got sick today, so I went home after my first class.
Drop1020: too much time on your handsŠ
Drop1020: what about his opponents up to now?
Drop1020: What about them?!?
Drop1020: I think I like you better when you're idle... ;-)
Shocker 02k: Har har. ;-)
Shocker 02k: Anyway, I don't even follow what you mean. What about his opponents?
Drop1020: They threw mid-carders at him and had him struggle--WRONG
Drop1020: They kept him away from Rock and Austin--WRONG
Shocker 02k: Actually, I was thinking about that (The mid-carders thing).
Drop1020: He shouldn't have to cheat so hard to beat them. .He should cheat for necessity and convenience
Shocker 02k: A strong champion can have good/great matches with mid-carders and elevate both of them in the process. Angle used to do it well. I don't think Jericho does it particularly well.
Drop1020: Jericho is not supposed to be a strong champ, though
Shocker 02k: But the question of elevation doesn't have to do with booking as a strong champ or not... It's the perception that whoever has the belt is IT, and Jericho's never really exuded it. He's just sorta "That guy who has the belts".
Drop1020: but if they have mid-card guys almost beat him he can elevate them, but he can't because he's not seen as strong, because, as you said, who has he really beaten in the past?
Shocker 02k: Well, when Rock was the champ he had a great non-title match with Rhyno that's one of my favorite matches of the year.
Shocker 02k: Rhyno was in control for the entire match, but Rock made a comeback at the end and won.
Drop1020: yes, But Rock puts over EVERYBODY
Drop1020: he's great like that, a LOT of people overlook that when they bash him
Shocker 02k: Because Rock's perceived as strong enough to do that, whereas Jericho's obviously not.
Drop1020: YES
Drop1020: but how about changing that? Put Jericho over HHH
Drop1020: Put him over Rock
Drop1020: Put him over Austin
Shocker 02k: That still seems to be more Jericho's fault than the bookers' fault, but that's just my opinion.
Shocker 02k: He went over Rock and Austin in the same night..
Drop1020: he can only win when and how they tell him to
Drop1020: AGAINŠOnce more, with FEELING
Shocker 02k: And he won as clean as heel Austin won..
Drop1020: on TV, when people are watching
Drop1020: but Austin has a babyface history of whuppin' ass
Drop1020: we need to do a debate column or something
Shocker 02k: Nah, once he got into his stride, everyone wanted him out of the building. ;-)
Shocker 02k: We really, really should! We could call it "Net Feud"!!
Drop1020: heh.
Okay, so what do YOU think?! Is it a wrester's job to get himself over and make himself look nice and strong?

Or do the bookers hold a lot of the power and, therefore, responsibility to make the wrestlers look good?

Can a champ be weak and still look strong in the ring? If so, who's to blame if that isn't accomplished?

What's wrong with Jericho, anyway? Is anything wrong with Jericho?

Or is the problem with us? I think Y-Pac summed it up pretty well when he said/typed: "The problem with Smarks is that they're never happy with what they have". Or SOMETHING like that.

I'm anxious to see what you guys think (I'm SO channeling BrewGuy's Yin/Yang here). Let me know at You don't even have to agree with me to email.

Until next time. Be a fan. Have a few. Mark out a lot. Have no shame.

I'm out
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