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Our 3rd Anniversary





There's something about SlashWrestling.

Do you see it?

If you just passed through to Wienerville you may have missed it.

If the site looks simple to you, you may not get it.

If the color scheme appalls you, it all went right over your head.

But there's something special here all the same. Just take a closer look:

Do you see it now? No? I'll help.

But first, you have to take off your blinders and look past the surface. Look deeper into the heart of SlashWrestling.

What do you see there? Can you make it out?

There's fierceness here-a strong, overwhelming sense of rebellion, strong with conviction, and just with cause.

Can you feel it? I can.

You've got to look closer.

Past what you think is an "Atari style layout."

Past the lack of java script, java applets and pop-up ads.

Past a bevy of flashing headlines and newsletter sale pitches.

Look closer. Do you see it? Can you feel it?

The sense of rebellion? The sense of resistance? The rage against the machine?

That fighting spirit that says that "I will not be assimilated!!"?

That economy of scale and design that says, "I don't need corporate sponsorship to run a wrestling website. You can read a recap with out pop-up or banner ads distracting you."

Those TV and PPV recaps that say, "I'd/We'd rather just give you most of the facts and a little of my opinion instead of the other way around."

Those columns by "regular" Slash guests that seem a little more personal and not as marketed or gimmicked as you might find elsewhere.

That open call for submissions that says, "We are not an exclusive community of elitists. All are welcome to participate and contribute."

When you come here everyday, do you see all that? I do. I feel it too.

And how can you not? It's so authentic that it smacks you in the jaw.

And that's the uniqueness of SlashWrestling that keeps me coming back. That begs me to contribute and write and read.

That sense of driven purpose and genuine love for our so-called sport. That sense of survival that perseveres in the face of website downfalls and industry downsizing. It's all over this place.

But if you just hurry through, you're sure to miss it. If you're conditioned to pop-ups and banners and corporate shills, you might not like it. It might feel uncomfortable at first. But if you give it a try, you just might like it. So do a double take next time you're here and take a closer look.

Below the surface.

At what lies beneath.

I'm Out.


How does one go about choosing his "best" work over the past year? How do you pick and choose when you don't feel that any one thing is ever your best? There is always a sentence that could have been better or that typo that just escaped you. I guess you just go by feeling, and that what I've done here. The columns listed below are what I feel were 'landmarks' for me over the past year. When I think back, I remember almost to the day, exactly what made me write these columns. Actually, I can almost remember what inspired me to write most of them, but you get the idea. These "moments" stand out for me personally. I got more than a few chuckles glancing back and re-reading and I hope you do too.

Even Superman has Kryptonite
This was originally written about face Undertaker a while back when he was, IMO, not really selling or making others look good. Since that time, he has turned heel and become one of the most entertaining parts of WWE programming. I actually thought about resurrecting this column and re-writing to speak to Austin's last face run, but I never got around to it. So as you read, replace all those UT references with StoneCold and see what you think.

Reinforcing Negative Behavior
While we're on the subject of Austin, this column was written after he walked out following his Mania match with Scott Hall. I guess Vince was reading, huh?

Losing Your Markdom
This was basically written on the day I got really tired of reading Keith. He was constantly down on the business no matter what happened. It was all bad and I had really had enough. I coined the term ICD to speak to writers and recappers who got to that negative zone and wrote all about it. I also get a chuckle out of this piece because Kyle Maxwell from OnlineOnslaught credits this column for giving birth to his Smarkies. Go figure.

Open Letter to the WWF
How could I, or anyone, resist responding to the WWF's open letter to Internet wrestling websites. While I never got the idea that they were talking about CRZ and Slash per se, I felt the need to respond anyway and offer some suggestions to help he WWF. They're really quite basic. See what you think.

I promised myself I would only choose four to share with you all and there they are. A year of ...AndMarkingOut captured in four easy doses. Enjoy. If something strikes you and you feel the need, shoot me an email or hit me on AIM. As school gives more relief, you'll see more ...AMOs in the future. Until then, continue to drink beers and mark out. You know I will.

Happy Anniversary Slash,

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