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Dennis Dubay




As I sat in my lazy boy chair, stradling my delicious liter of mountain dew, I watched as the WWE killed itself.

I've been a fan of wrestling for about as long as I've been alive. On Monday, my love for the business was tested to the limit.

For the first time, I was embarresed to call myself a wrestling fan. Over the past month or so, I'd finally gotten my girlfriend to sit down and enjoy professional wrestling. Infact, it was not uncommon for us to BOTH sit down and watch Raw, Smackdown and NWA:TNA TOGETHER. It was as if the planets in our solar system had finally fit in their right spots, and all was good in the world.

Then she saw Gonzo McMahon fucking a mannaquin, and sadily, my perfect world crumbled beneath me.

Now, I ask you, the gracious reader. How was I too react to this?

1. Turn the tv off, apologize to her and pack my bags?
2. Pretend I was sleeping during the skit, and then pretend to forget I was watching?
3. Claim i had amnesia and needed to go to Cleveland?

Frankly, I'm pretty sure there was no 'right' or 'wrong' way to deal with this, so I did what all guys do.

When I got home from the bar (I went and got drunk, for those of you who ate your slowpills) I didn't bring up the fact that earlier in the night The Big Slow was on Raw for the very last time ... or atleast until they trade him back for a giant Hulkamania thumb.

No, I just let the night end. She slept on her side of the bed, and I slept on my couch. I know, it's not fair. I mean, just because she pays the rent, and buys the food, and pays the car insurance...wait, I digress.

My point, atleast, I think this is the point I'm trying to make is that the necro angle did nothing to:

1. Further the angle, as the angle was already dead (Ironically, more dead then the mannaquin Gonzo humped.)
2. Create new storyline. What, is Katie Vick's sister going to come out of the woodwork now, claiming that Kane is her babies father, and seeing him hump her dead sister was too much for her to handle, so she had a misscarrage?
3. Create new fans. Infact, I'm pretty sure the LOST more viewers then they gained from that angle. I mean, If we really wanted to see an angle involving the dead we'd fire a tape of Jackie Gayda and Buff Bagwell take on The Big Show in a handicap match.

And there is NO way that Vince McMahon can erase this rediculous event from the minds of his longtime viewers.

And sadly, there is NOTHING he can do now to dig him out of the hole he's created.

Dennis Dubay

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