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It's a "new era" for Big Ed's Random Rants!!

No, wait a minute, it's a "new era" for WCW - I'm stuck in the same old rut!!

Not that my life is in a rut, it's more of a consistant "on-the-go" which doesn't give me a chance to give you my weekly dose of ranting and raving about today's happenings in pro wrestling. But I'm trying to find more time for you, I really am. It's true. It's true.

That leads to my first rant.

I've not found a wrestler in quite some time that entertains me as thoroughly as Kurt Angle. His wrestling skills are far above par, his mic skills are fantastic, and he's got "future superstar" written all over him. He'll be WWF champion within 4 years, I'd almost bet the farm on it . . . . . except that I don't have a farm. Just an apartment. But I digress . . . .

Is it just me, or did Shawn Stasiak have that "I'm gonna be a star" look last night on Nitro? Yes, I agree - he did kinda botch his attack on Hennig a little, it looked like "rookie nerves" - but unlike his stint in the WWF, he actually looked like he may one day become an impact player for WCW. He just had that "look". Or maybe he'll prove to be a flash in the pan like his daddy. But something tells me he's in for a lot better ride than he had in the WWF . . . . . so long as he keeps his fingers off the "record" button of his tape recorder.

DDP was in so much pain last night, it completely slowed down his matches. And now he's main eventing Spring Stampede. It won't be pretty, but at least it looks like they're gonna put the strap on Jarrett. A better choice for the main event would've been Jarrett/Sting, with Vampiro causing Sting's defeat. You still start your Sting/Vampiro feud, and you keep an injured wrestler (DDP) from becoming moreso.

Rock vs. Bossman/Buchanan?? Please, I don't think so. The WWF knows better than this.

TAKA vs. Triple-H?? Please, give us more. The WWF knows so much sometimes.

Did you notice that last night's Nitro was unusually void of women? I know this is gonna be a big part of the "new era" in WCW, so I was surprised not to see many last night. But they didn't want to let it all hang out on one night. They're saving some for later. I think WCW's got a better chance of taking over the #1 spot than anyone realizes. And this is coming from a staunch WWF supporter for the last two years.

I think Jericho is the "money man" for the Astrodome next year. But maybe that's the "mark" inside shining through.

I really dug Scott Steiner last night. And I usually think he's a prude.

Everyone is wondering what side Goldberg will be on . . . He defined WCW for a couple of years, so the "Millionaire's Club" makes sense. He's still a young guy, on the way to the top once he's back, so the "New Blood" fits as well. Personally, I see an "I don't care who you are, I'm kicking your ass" angle for him. An Austin-like attitude would fit perfectly within the angle, as both sides feud with each other, they ALL have to watch out for Goldberg. It'll be interesting to see where they place him.

If I ever look like Mark Madden, someone call Richard Simmons, and Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers, and the nearest liposuction specialist.

But if I ever look like Mark Madden, you probably can't call me late for dinner.

I'm outta here, please e-mail with your comments (good and bad), I'd love to hear from ya!!

Until next time, fans . . . . .

Big Ed
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