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Our 3rd Anniversary

Eddie Famous




As this site was coming towards it's third anniversary, I began thinking how I could contribute to something that has given me so much entertainment over those years. In the "real world" I am a talk show host at a small radio station in East Central Illinois. I have been privileged to interview diverse people from Nobel Prize winners to heavyweight boxing champions to local FFA contest I figured, why not interview CRZ? The results are here in this audio file. What was to be a 15-20 minute segment went to the thirty minute mark as we went back to the beginnings of CRZ's recapping days, thru Wrestleline, the beginings of /slash and into Wienerville. Hopefully, you'll be able to get a sense of the history behind this site, and a bit of a glimpse at the man behind the /slash.


Eric Loy
aka "Handsome" Eddie Famous

Hi there, it's me - CRZ! This interview is available two ways - as a 3.5M RealAudio file, or a 10.6M mp3. Keep in mind that this would take a LONG, LONG TIME if you're on what I decided to do is create some links that would open up new windows so you could at least read other stuff while you're wondering why you'd EVER want to download such a massive datafile just to hear me talk about myself for thirty-one minutes. ;-) I want to personally thank Eddie for taking the time to put this together, as well as appearing genuinely interested in the answers to the questions he was asking.

Click here for a RealAudio (RealPlayer) file (3.5M)

Click here for an mp3 file (10.6M)

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