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Wrestlemania Recap

Hello again, everyone, and thank you for stopping by. I am sure that most everyone - if not everyone - has one question on their minds: who the hell is this Miguelito guy? Well, I can't let a good question go by without answering it. Unfortunately, the answer is very long and drawn out. So it is at the bottom of this article.

It is Wrestlemania week. Why is that important? I've forgotten. Once upon a time, I was actually excited the week before Wrestlemania. I would have already purchased the PPV, and would be counting down the days and hours 'til the start of the event. Not so much this year. I am not very excited about Wrestlemania. The WWF is in pretty sad shape right now. Most of the storylines are either boring (most of the midcard) or insulting (the Steph/HHH storyline leaving Jericho on the outside. Who's the champ again?).

What happened to the WWF that I knew and loved? Where did things go wrong? All that, dear reader, is a question for a different article. Instead of focussing on what is wrong or right in the WWF at the current time, I want to focus on the Wrestlemania card itself. Along the way, I may just answer those questions.

So on to the card:

  • Main Event: Rock -vs- Hogan. If this match had been given more build-up, it could've been one of the greatest main events ever. However, the WWF rushed this match, much like the rushed the Hogan -vs- Flair matches back in the early 90s. Without the proper build up, this match lacks the sizzle it should have. This is still a big match, but it is not Hogan -vs- Andre big. It is not Hogan -vs- Warrior big. It is more along the lines of Savage -vs- Dibiase big. And that is not what the WWF needs right now.

    As for who is going to win this match? I think you've gotta go with Hogan. If Rock wins, then the feud is over. Which would just be silly. Of course, the WWF is doing a lot of silly things here, so who knows?

  • Unified Title Match: Jericho -vs- HHH. Who is the champ again? Jericho's title reign started off promising enough. Jericho had a nice little run against the Rock, and then a pretty solid feud against Austin. But once HHH and Steph got involved, things quickly went down hill. Now, Chris Jericho is the third-wheel in this match. The feud is not between Jericho and HHH; this feud is between HHH and Stephanie. Jericho is just an afterthought; he may as well not even been in this feud.

    As has been well-documented, heels usually do not leave Wrestlemania with the gold. HHH and Steve Austin are the only two heels who have managed to accomplish this feat. I would hope that Jericho would get to keep the WWF title as reward for being involved in this crappy angle, but I am pretty sure that this isn't going to happen. I expect HHH to once again leave Wrestlemania as the champ. Jericho deserves a LOT more.

  • Steve Austin -vs- Scott Hall. If the WWF is going to give another chance to a former drug addict/alcoholic, why couldn't it be Eddie Guerrero? Instead, it is Scott Hall. In Scott Hall's defense, he has been looking pretty good in the few matches he has been in since returning to the WWF. Hall is obviously working, and when Hall actually works a match, the results are usually positive. This should be a very entertaining match. With Kevin Nash at ringside, conventional wisdom says that Scott Hall wins. I say to hell with conventional wisdom. An Austin win would put an end to the Hall -vs- Austin feud and set up a feud between Austin and Nash. That's even more money; that's where I would go. So I pick Austin to beat the odds and to beat Scott Hall.

  • Undertaker -vs- Ric Flair. Finally, something the WWF has done right. The buildup for this match has been great. The feud has grown naturally. There are no doubts about anything in this match. Fans know that they should cheer Flair and boo 'Taker. Fans want to see Flair get revenge for Arn Anderson and David Flair. Fans are afraid that 'Taker will dominate Flair. This is excellent story-telling; this is what makes me stand by the WWF through all of the bathroom jokes and Stephanie segments.

    As for who is going to win? We, the fans, will be the winners in this match. This is going to be an old-school brawl. Both Flair and the Undertaker excel at this type of match. They'll put on a show that will be thoroughly entertaining. In the end, I expect the Undertaker to continue his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

  • Intercontinental Championship: Regal -vs- RVD. Speaking of old-school, we have William Regal doing an old-school gimmick: undeserving champion. Regal has held onto this title by using every cheap trick in the book. Regal's challengers have all seemed to be superior, but Regal somehow sneaks out a win (thanks mainly to the brass nux). Ric Flair did this gimmick to perfection in the mid-to-late 80's in the NWA/WCW. Honkeytonk Man rode this gimmick for an I/C title reign which stretched out for more than a calendar year (!!). Hogan did this gimmick in WCW. This is a proven gimmick to get a heel over, and it is definitely working for Regal. Regal is one of the top heels in the WWF right now.

    Which makes it appropriate that he is facing one of the top faces. RVD was heading straight for the main event before his push was cut short last year. The fans don't care that RVD isn't being pushed any more, however; they still love the guy. RVD gets an amazing ovation when he is introduced. There is something about his character that fans really dig. RVD is the man.

    So what happens when you put a very over heel and a very over face into the ring? Normally, you would end up with a match that people are dying to see. Unfortunately, the WWF hasn't done a whole lot to push this match. True, there's been altercations between the two. Regal has interfered in RVDs matches. But there hasn't been anything explosive happening between these two. The spark just isn't there.

    Regal and RVD wrestle VERY different styles. This could cause major problems in their match on Sunday. This match may end up being a dog. But I have the feeling that the conflict in styles is going to enhance this match, instead of detract. In the end, I see RVD wearing the I/C title after an entertaining (if not mind-blowing) match.

  • WWF Tag Team Championship: Chuck and Billy -vs- Hardyz -vs- Dudleyz -vs- APA. Have you ever noticed that Lillian Garcia announces members of a tag team in the opposite order of what the chyron lists them? She did this constant with Edge and Christian (who she ALWAYS introduced as Christian and Edge), and has been doing that lately with Billy and Chuck. I don't know what it means, but I like it!

    As for this match, well... Last year's TLC match for the tag titles ROCKED! It was the best match at Wrestlemania, as far as I am concerned. This year, I don't hold out as much hope. Throwing the APA and Chuck & Billy into the mix is going to ground the activities. And not having Edge & Christian is definitely going to hurt the match.

    In the end, I hope that Chuck & Billy walk out with the gold. The tag-team division definitely needs the new blood kept into the middle of the mix. Having everyone chase Chuck & Billy makes the most sense.

  • WWF European Championship: DDP -vs- Christian. Why isn't the European championship defended on the big 2 tv shows any more? DDP appears to be comfortable slumming it on Heat and Jakked. That's cool, if it is bringing more viewers to those shows. Maybe this will get people used to more wrestling and less crap on WWF tv. Or maybe I am digressing big time.

    This feud probably should've been held off for at least another month. The build-up has been good. DDP trying to help Christian, Christian turning on DDP to prove that he doesn't need help from anyone. It's a good premise, but this kind of feud needs more time to develop, more time to get casual fans involved. This gets both guys onto the Biggest Stage of them All, and that's not a Bad Thing, it's a Good Thing. There just won't be a lot of reason for fans to care about the match at this stage of the feud. And THAT is a Bad Thing.

    Christian has to go over here. There's no ifs, ands nor buts. Christian has to walk out of Wrestlemania with a pinfall victory over DDP. A loss will completely destroy Christian in fan's eyes. He'll quickly become another Bart Gunn if he loses the match. I'd like to see Christian get the pin, and then brutalize DDP after the match. Christian needs to be built up by this match, or this angle was yet another waste of Christian.

  • WWF Woman's Championship: Jazz -vs- Lita -vs- Trish. Jazz RULES! I just wish that someone else on this planet realized that. I blame the WWF for this; they have not done enough to get Jazz over as an effective heel. JR's constant dismissals of Jazz haven't helped things. Ironically enough, Michael Cole (of all people) seems to be doing the most to try to get Jazz over. Cole at least points out Jazz's devious ways, and her mean nature.

    Trish Stratus is also pretty damned impressive. Instead of letting her body get her over, Trish actually goes out there and works. Her ring work has improved dramatically. And she is trying to get over as a legitimate badass (in the women's ranks). I like what Trish has become.

    I also like Lita. I don't think that her character is as strongly developed as Trish's, and Lita definitely is nowhere near as talented as Jazz. Yet, for some reason, she is the most over of the three women. I don't think I'll ever understand main-stream WWF fans.

    Anyway, the smart thing to do would be to keep the title on Jazz. Have Jazz come out on top of the other two women, preferably sending one (or both) out on a stretcher. But what I think will actually happen is Lita and Trish will somehow end up fighting each other, leaving Jazz an opportunity to sneak out with the victory. That's not a bad ending for Trish and Lita, it just doesn't help out Jazz very much.

  • Booker T -vs- Edge. Booker T deserves to be much higher on the WWF's depth chart. Maybe once (if?) the company splits into two different brands, Booker will get back to where he should be. Booker T is one of the best wrestlers in the WWF; he should not be in this match. Edge, however, is right where he should be. The mid-card is the perfect place for Edge (and for his "brother," actually).

    This match will not suck. Both men are very entertaining in the ring, and their styles will complement each other nicely. I predict a very entertaining match, with Booker T getting a clean (if not decisive) victory. Nothing special, but also not crap.

    OOPS! I forgot:
  • Kurt Angle -vs- Kane. Why the hell is this match taking place? Sure, there has actually been some pretty good development for this feud. Angle beating the crap out of Kane over and over has people foaming at the mouths to see this match. I have no problems with that. I just don't understand why you would pair up Angle and Kane in the first place. It doesn't seem to do anything but to place Angle on-hold. He stays in people's minds, but doesn't progress any further. Angle should be in the main event shuffle; why is he now in the upper-mid-card against Kane?

    This is another match that will simply rule. Angle and Kane work VERY well together. They will put on at least a four-star match. Fans will be into it, and will be disappointed when Angle gets the win over Kane. But that still doesn't explain why this feud is happening. It is weird, I tell you. Weird!

    Oh, expect Pete Rose to be up to some shenanigans with Kane, too. Perhaps that'll lead to Angle's win?

    Anyway, that's the card. All in all, Wrestlemania will be a good PPV. If this were, say, SummerSlam or No Way Out, this PPV would RULE! But this is Wrestlemania. It is supposed to be the grand daddy. It is supposed to be THE SHOW. When judged by that criteria, this year's Wrestlemania will be a disappointment.

    Much like the WWF in general is right now.

    As for who I am... My name is Miguelito. I have a spotty history writing about wrestling on the internet.

    Way back in 1996 and 1997, I ran a website that I called Biffster's Wrestling Pages. At the time, I recapped both Raw and Nitro, and ran news updates throughout the week, giving information I had gleaned from Fidonet and the news pages at the time (Scoops, The News From Dayton, etc). For a completely independent website run off of my ISP's webserver in a very small market, I think I did reasonably well. I had a few hundred loyal readers of my recaps, and a few dozen people who checked my updates during the week.

    But then work interfered. I had to give up the website because I could no longer watch Raw and Nitro. I depended upon recappers (mainly CRZ) to keep me up-to-date on what was happening in the world of pro wrestling.

    Fast forward a few years. I had a few articles published on a few different websites (back when we actually got money to freelance), but was losing interest fast. One Saturday morning, however, as I was flipping through the digital cable channels, I came upon "The Golden Age of Pro Wrestling" on ESPN Classic. It seemed like a great show, so I started watching. After the second episode, I realized that I needed to share a glimpse of this show with others. So I started submitting articles to CRZ, who was nice enough to post them on SlashWrestling.

    I did this for a few months, but then real life interfered once again. This time, it was not work, but romance. My wife (then my fiancee) and I had a wedding to prepare for. So I had to once again take a couple of years off.

    But now I actually have some free time once again. I hope to pick up where I left off. I notice that CRZ still does not have a recapper for "The Golden Age of Wrestling" (GAoW). I am wishing and hoping and praying that Mr. Zimmerman will continue to post the articles I send him.

    And now I am off. Cheers, everyone!

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