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  • Now, when I mentioned in my last ECW Flashback that I had my mitts on a copy of RF Video's "The Best of the Dudley Boyz in ECW," I got many requests to do a review of it. I guess a lot of people really dig the Dudleys now (and I include myself in that category), but never got the chance to see them in ECW (the Dudleys left right around when the TNN show premiered). Hell, some people may not even know the Dudleys were in ECW. Well, they were, and are counted as one of the three big tag teams in ECW history, the other two being the Public Enemy and the Eliminators. In fact, the Dudleys were the last great tag champs for the fed, since after they left ECW the tag titles have bounced around various teams made up of singles wrestlers. So, now that the scent of nostalgia is heavy in the air, let's hop in the Wayback Machine and see what we see...

  • The tape opens with a Dudleys highlight reel. Included are the first tag title victory, a few flaming tables, and Buh Buh Ray insulting a female fan.

  • We open with Buh Buh Ray's first appearance in a promo for the Dudley family. The Dudleys lineage has been covered before, but I'll do it again: There was Dudley Dudley (the inbred one), Big Dick Dudley (the huge, angry, silent one), Dances With Dudley (the Indian one), and Sign Guy Dudley (the one who, well, held up signs). Oh yeah, there was Little Snot Dudley, too, but he disappeared pretty quickly. Anyway, Buh Buh Ray stutters until Big Dick smacks him. Dudley Dudley makes a reference to the film "Deliverance" that goes over my head. Buh Buh Ray: " That was a fine theatrical release!" I never figured out why Vince brought back the stuttering when the Duds jumped to the WWF. I mean, how does a speech impediment get you over as a heel?

  • BUH BUH RAY AND BIG DICK VS. J.T. SMITH AND LITTLE GUIDO: The Dudleys play goofball faces here. Joel Gertner does straight intros, which is strange to hear. Crowd chants: "What's your name?" at Buh Buh. Buh Buh tries to speak but alas, he succumbs to his stuttering. Then D-Von Dudley runs in the ring to make his first appearance. "This bullshit is gonna stop right now!" sayeth D-Von. "Your name is fuckin' Buh Buh Ray." D-Von goes on to share the three commandments with the F.B.I, which are: 1. Thow shalt not steal. 2. Thow shalt not kill. 3. Thow shalt not fuck with the Dudleys. D-Von attacks the FBI as the match starts. Buh Buh fights with J.T. on the inside while D-Von destroys Guido on the outside with a chair. Then D-Von comes in and beats up J.T. with the chair. Left with no opponents, D-Von punks out referee Pee Wee Moore. John Finnegan comes down and DQs the Dudleys. (3:17) No real match to rate. D-Von's an angry man, doncha know? Bonus fact: Guido was announced as "The Little Guido" Damian Dole (sp?).

  • D-VON AND AXL ROTTEN VS. BUH BUH RAY AND BIG DICK: D-Von was revealed to be fairly abusive, so he started feuding with his "brothers." I don't know how he hooked up with Axl. D-Von calls the bleacher bums "pieces of shit" and tells Hawaiian Shirt Guy to take a bath, thus earning big points in my book. Anyway, big brawl to start with Buh Buh Ray and D-Von fighting on the outside. Buh Buh no-sells a chairshot and splashes D-Von through a table. All four men brawl to the back, which culminates with Buh Buh diving off a speaker and hitting a double clothesline on Axl and D-Von. More brawling through the crowd as we make our way back to ringside. Buh Buh tries to legdrop D-Von through a table, but D-Von moves out of the way. D-Von and Axl double team Big Dick, but an errant chairshot from D-Von flattens Axl. Big Dick disposes of D-Von, then grabs Buh Buh by the back of the neck and gives him an inverted chokeslam onto Axl for the three count. (8:51) I'll give 'em * for effort.

  • D-VON VS. BUH BUH RAY: From November to Remember 1996. Buh Buh Ray starts off controlling the match, then we spill outside. They fight in the crowd, and you really can't see what's happening. Back in the ring, Buh Buh hits a superplex and a Buh Buh Bomb (where Buh Buh Ray goes to powerbomb an opponent, but can't get him up the first two times, but hits it on the third, because he stutters, see? Ah, skip it), but it only gets two. Buh Buh goes for a second rope splash that misses. D-Von hits his big move, a diving headbutt from the top rope, but that only gets two. D-Von grabs a chair and verbally berates Buh Buh, but Buh Buh reverses a whip and hits the Buh Buh Cutter (flapjack into a Diamond Cutter) for the first time, and it's good enough for three. (10:19) *1/2 But Joel Gertner comes in and announces that D-Von won the match on points. He then calls Buh Buh "fat boy," and just when it looks like Gertner's going to be on the receiving end of a Buh Buh Bomb, Axl Rotten runs in with a chair and cleans house. Then Spike Dudley runs in and fends off the heels, but an Axl clothesline turns the tide. Then Big Dick makes his return to ECW, sending Axl and D-Von scurrying. Gertner, however, is completely unaware, and we do the classic "backing into the huge guy behind me" bit. Buh Buh Ray slams Gertner, and Big Dick hits a moonsault (!). Thankfully, the overbooking was held off until after the match was over. If they ever explained why Gertner starting siding with D-Von, I forgot the reason.

  • D-VON DUDLEY VS. THE SANDMAN: Crap match. They punch and hit each other with objects outside the ring. Sandman screws up the table suplex TWICE, hitting the post instead of D-Von. In the ring (finally), Sandman canes D-Von, hits a DDT, then nails the Utah Jam on a chair for the win. (5:32) DUD Then the fun starts. Gertner gets in the ring and announces D-Von won the match on points, so Sandman canes him. But D-Von grabs the cane and starts brutalizing the Sandman. Then Buh Buh (with a chair) and Spike hit the ring, and...Buh Buh nails the Sandman with the chair! Buh Buh and D-Von exchange an evil smile. Spike, in shock, tries to fight off his brothers, but gets hit with the first ever 3D. The Gangstas run in, but the Dudleys soon get the better of them. Joey the shill sneaks in some Barely Legal hype.

  • THE DUDLEY BOYZ (W/AXL ROTTEN) VS. THE GANGSTAS: Big brawl with lots of foreign objects, if you can believe it. The Duds were still in their overalls phase, with Buh Buh wearing a red tye-dye shirt and D-Von wearing a yellow one. It's not a bad look, although I prefer their army fatigues look of the day. If you're wondering why I'm discussing fashion, it's because the match is really boring. Have I ever told you how much I hated the Gangstas? Well, actually, I admit that New Jack has some panache and can cut a pretty good promo. But Mustafa couldn't do *anything,* except an evil laugh. Anyway, they finally fight into the crowd, where D-Von gets placed a table, and New Jack does his famous first balcony dive. He headbutts D-Von on the table, although I don't think that was his intention. Back in the ring, New Jack fights off interference from Axl and goes for a diving headbutt, but Buh Buh catches him with a Buh Buh Cutter for the pin (14:22). * Big upset win for the Duds.

  • DUDLEY BOYZ VS. THE ELIMINATORS [C] (Tag title match): Joey puts over The Dudleys as the fastest rising tag team in wrestling. Match is clipped, which is good, because the full match goes something like 24 minutes. Elims dominate to start with their cool spots. It amazes me how Perry Saturn could just whip off the high flying moves back then with no effort. We clip ahead as Kronus is a bloody mess and the Duds engage in a long beatdown sequence on Saturn. Clip ahead some more as Saturn turns a Buh Buh Cutter attempt into a dropkick and makes the hot tag to Kronus. Kronus cleans house but gets caught with a Buh Buh Cutter. Then Saturn breaks up the pin attempt, but Buh Buh reverses a whip and Saturn gets hit with 3D for the pin and the first of 8 tag titles. BIG upset. (6:00 shown) Match looked to be about **1/2 stars. At the time I thought that the titles were put on the Dudleys so the Elims could win them back at Barely Legal. Turns out I was right, as the Duds got squashed at the PPV.

  • I'd just like to say that so far the match selection for this tape has been excellent, showing us the early days of the Dudleys, how they got together, and their rise to the top of the tag ranks.

  • Promo for the champs. Buh Buh Ray plays "Taps" on a harmonica for the Eliminators' reign. Nothing of note is said.

  • DUDLEY BOYZ VS. THE ELIMINATORS [C] VS. THE GANGSTAS (Tag title match): This is after Barely Legal, so the Elims are the champs again. Big Dick Dudley substitutes for Buh Buh Ray here, who's out with a broken ankle. Big Dick dominates Saturn with some power stuff to start, then Saturn comes back with some cool high flying shit. Kronus and D-Von do a fairly pedestrian sequence, then Buh Buh interferes and drags Kronus outside. Kronus gets put on a table, and Big Dick chokeslams Saturn on Kronus through the table. Then "Natural Born Killaz" fires up and finally the Gangstas enter the match. Things break down as everyone brawls all over the arena. Saturn hits a top rope dive onto Bubba Ray in the crowd. Kronus hits a 450 splash on D-Von. Saturn beats up Buh Buh Ray in the ring, even though he's not part of the match. Elims keep things pretty interesting with some crisp double teams, then it's back to punch, kick, wander around, hit with object, repeat. Crowd seems restless. I know I am. Finally, Big Dick and Mustafa are grappling in the middle of the ring and the Eliminators hit a double TOTAL ELIMINATION that looked just awful. Both Big Dick and Mustafa get pinned at the same time, eliminating both teams and giving the win to the Eliminators. (17:53) 1/2* for the Elim's double teams. But really, why would you stick a crappy match that the Dudleys lose in here?

  • DUDLEY BOYZ VS. GEDO/JEDO : From an FMW show in Japan. Wasn't the world waiting for this one? Actually, match isn't too bad to start, with Gedo and Jedo getting the better of Buh Buh Ray with some double teams. Buh Buh tags in D-Von, who brawls with Gedo outside the ring, beginning a long beatdown sequence. Did the Japanese announcers just say "Buh Buh Cutter?" Heel miscommunication leads to a hot tag to Jedo. Jedo with a brainbuster on D-Von for two. Tag to Gedo, who hits a missile dropkick for 2. Gedo and Jedo go for their suplex/top rope powerbomb combo but it's broken up by Buh Buh Ray. Now all four men are brawling in the ring. Ref gets bumped by a Bubba Ray avalanche. Gedo hits a frog splash and covers D-Von, as Buh Buh Ray hits another Buh Buh Cutter and covers Jedo, but the ref is still out. Buh Buh and Gedo are less than pleased at the slack officiating, so they dump the ref out of the ring for the double DQ. (8:05) Stupid ending to a nothing match. * Match may have been clipped, since the announcement at the end of the match showed 17:48.

  • DUDLEY BOYZ/TERRY FUNK/TOMMY DREAMER/THE SANDMAN vs. ONITA/MIKE AWESOME/HIDO/ HOSAKA/ KURODA: Also from Japan, duh. Sorry, but my knowledge of Japanese wrestling is fairly minuscule, so I don't know which Japanese wrestler is which, so my play-by-play's kinda hampered. Match is just a total brawl anyway. Sandman takes a piledriver on a table from someone in a "Mr. Liar" shirt. Buh Buh Ray hits an ugly dive on everyone to the outside, then Mike Awesome shows 'em how it's done. Awesome then powerbombs Tommy through a table for 2. I've noticed that Japanese tables are smaller and sturdier than American tables. Just an observation. Awesome then hits a top rope splash on D-Von for two. D-Von then takes a running Awesome-bomb, but Tommy breaks up the pin. More random brawling, and Terry Funk goes for a spinning toe-hold on the guy in red, but it gets reversed into a small package, and Terry reverses that for the pin. (5:19) *1/2 Energetic if chaotic brawl. But the Duds didn't really do anything here, so again I have to question why this match is on the tape. This one may have been clipped as well.

  • DUDLEY BOYZ (BUH BUH RAY, D-VON & BIG DICK) vs. BALLS MAHONEY/ AXL ROTTEN/THE SANDMAN: Yes! Joel "I deliver more package than U.P.S." Gertner is doing the intros, with an Olympic theme. D-Von is, for the record, a "slim, trim, buff, cut, ripped, chiseled, and jaaaacked 169 pounds." Joey annoys me by stating that Axl Rotten's the Austin Powers of ECW, which makes zero sense. Sandman's entrance takes forever-couldn't they have cut that out? I swear, entrances chew up 20 minutes here. Buh Buh Ray tells Sandman he wants a wrestling match, so Sandy pops him in the head with the cane, and the brawl is on. Lots of punching, kicking, and hitting with objects. The Dudleys drag Balls to the back and set him up on a table. Buh Buh Ray goes to the balcony to do a New Jack-ian table dive, but "Natural Born Killaz" starts up. New Jack pops up behind Buh Buh and floors him with a cookie sheet, then does the balcony dive himself. At least he hit it this time. Then Kronus and Spike Dudley run in and we have a three way six man match. More random brawling ensues. Spike goes to work on the Sandman and gets some several two counts. Buh Buh Ray and D-Von brutalize New Jack. More brawling. Spike hits a swinging DDT on Balls through a table, but Axl breaks up the pin. Axl then hits an inverted brainbuster on Spike on the table remains. Jesus, that looked nasty. Axl pins Spike at 14:55, eliminating Spike's team from the match. So why have them join in at all? Oh well. Buh Buh Ray and D-Von go for 3D, but Axl takes out D-Von with a chair, and Sandman hotshots Bubba onto a chair for the pin. (16:26) 1/2* Again, why put a match that the Dudleys lose on here?

  • DUDLEY BOYZ (BUH BUH RAY, D-VON & BIG DICK) vs. TOMMY DREAMER/THE SANDMAN/SPIKE DUDLEY (Stairway to Hell Match): In a Stairway to Hell Match, in case you didn't know, there's a batch of barbed wire hanging over the ring, and if you climb up a ladder and get it, you can use it (or have it used on you, too). I never really bought into the concept: I mean, why climb and get barbed wire when you can just grab a chair and whack your opponent? But Sabu and the Sandman had a pretty memorable STH match, so we'll see. Tommy and D-Von do a token wrestling sequence to start. They tag out, then we get a long beatdown sequence on Spike courtesy of Buh Buh Ray (who has dumped the overalls at this point), but Spike makes a comeback with a 'rana out of the corner. Buh Buh tags in Big Dick, and Spike retreats and tags in the Sandman, and a boring sequence followed. They brawl outside, and now...a mindless brawl breaks out, with people randomly fighting in and out of the ring. Big Dick tries a moonsault, but Sandman chops his legs and gets tied to the Tree of Woe. Then Buh Buh Ray gets tied up, as does D-Von. Then Sign Guy comes in and he gets tied up. Beulah enters the ring, and the faces huddle in the middle of the ring, then we get four simultaneous dropkicks to chairs in the Dudleys' faces. Lame! Gertner comes and challenges Beulah, as evil ref Jeff Jones runs in and clocks ref Jim Molineaux. Beulah grabs Joel's breasts, so he responds with a liplock. Beulah responds in kind by kicking a field goal to Gertner's nuts, and goes for the DDT. But evil ref Jeff Jones tries to stop her, so he gets kicked and Beulah hits the ugliest Double DDT you'll ever see. Tommy finally gets a ladder in the ring and bulldogs D-Von onto it, but misses a top rope frog splash and hits the ladder. Sandman comes in and cleans house with the ladder. Tommy climbs up to gets the barbed wire, but Big Dick knocks the ladder over. Spike stands on Sandman's shoulder's to get the wire, but Buh Buh knocks him off, and Spike falls into a Miracle Ecstasy Bomb from Big Dick. Buh Buh powerbombs Spike onto a ladder in the corner, then puts on gloves to get the barbed wire. Tommy gets side slammed on the barbed wire. Spike climbs the ladder, but Sign Guy knocks him off into a Buh Buh Cutter. Cover, but Sandman saves at two. Spike punches Buh Buh in the nuts, and hits an Acid drop on the ladder. But Spike hurt his shoulder, so Buh Buh covers him, but the Sandman makes another save. Sandman cleans house on the Dudleys and hits a DDT on D-Von for the pin. (22:51) 1/2* for some brutal shots. Sandman has to cut the barbed wire off of Tommy with wire cutters. Eww.

  • Clips of the Dudleys hitting 3D on Beulah, "breaking her neck." This was Beulah's last appearance before quitting the sport to attend college.

  • DUDLEY BOYZ (BUH BUH RAY, D-VON & BIG DICK)/JACK VICTORY vs. TOMMY DREAMER/SPIKE DUDLEY/THE SANDMAN/NEW JACK: This is like War Games without a cage, as two men start and then a man for each team enters at different intervals. Buh Buh and Sandman start, and we have a duel with a chair and cane. Buh Buh floors Sandman with a chair shot, then gets on the mic and says "I hated you since the first day you got here. All you have is that cane, a beer, and a pack of cigarettes. I've been paying my dues for as long as your wife has been [bleeping] Raven." We cut to Jack Victory entering, giving the heels the advantage. Tommy comes out next and evens the odds with some barb wire. We clip to D-Von coming out. Joey reveals that D-Von used to be a letter carrier. How cool would it be to have D-Von deliver your mail? Evil ref Jeff Jones has a blow-up doll dressed like Beulah. Spike comes down with a ladder, and actually dives off the top of it to the outside. We clip ahead and Big Dick's out now. New Jack, the last participant is out now, and does his usual. Tommy hits the shopping cart to the groin on Buh Buh Ray. Tommy debuts the Dreamer Driver (Emerald Erosion) on D-Von. New Jack goes for the chair dive on D-Von, but Victory hits him with a guitar in mid air, and gets the pin. (8:53 shown) Match was pretty clipped, but looked like *1/2-ish.

  • DUDLEY BOYZ [C] vs. SABU AND ROB VAN DAM (Tag title match): From an FMW show in Japan, which means more Japanese commentary. Four way brawl to start, which spills out into the crowd. Even Bill Alphonso gets in on the act, throwing a chair at Buh Buh Ray. Sabu and Buh Buh hit the ring, and Sabu nails a springboard 'rana. Arabian press gets two. Sabu tries another 'rana, but it gets turned into a massive powerbomb for a two count. Buh Buh mocks Sabu before tagging out to D-Von. D-Von gets in a slugfest with Sabu, but Sabu tackles him and hits the springboard leg lariat. RVD gets tagged in and goes to work with kicks to the head on D-Von, followed by a body scissors into a pinning position for two. RVD follows that up with a 'rana out of the corner. He clamps on a headlock, and D-Von goes to counter with a backdrop suplex, but RVD flips out. Robby gets caught on the second rope, however, and D-Von hits his second rope neckbreaker. D-Von then kicks Van Dam in the gut and goes for a swinging neckbreaker, but it gets turned into a Northern Lights Suplex by Pothead for 2. Sabu comes in and RVD drops him on D-Von. Buh Buh charges in but Sabu and Rob duck his clothesline and hit a double suplex. Both of the Dudleys are outside now, as Sabu sets up a chair to do a triple jump dive onto them, but blows it THREE TIMES! RVD hits a somersault plancha in meantime, as Sabu blows the move AGAIN, before finally doing a plain old dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Sabu hits the triple jump moonsault on D-Von for 2. Buh Buh throws in a table, and Sabu throws it at him. Buh Buh no sells, as the Japanese announcers laugh like Tony Schiavone during a hardcore match. Sabu tries some clotheslines with no effect before Buh Buh catches him with the Atomic Bomb. Bubba applies a head scissors, and Sabu's shoulders are on the mat for 2. Sabu reverses the scissors into a camel clutch, and RVD runs in and adds a second rope dropkick, and D-Von breaks up the pin. The Duds dump Sabu out of the ring and hit a nasty backdrop suplex/neckbreaker combo on RVD. Sabu breaks up the pinfall at 2. The high flyers take control again with an Air Sabu 'rana on D-Von out of the corner. RVD hits a spinning legdrop and goes for the cover, but Buh Buh breaks it up at 2. The Duds regain control by hitting their tilt-a-whirl slam/splash combo. RVD breaks up the pin at 2. Buh Buh climbs the second rope but gets caught with a top rope 'rana by Sabu. RVD adds a ***** frog splash (only about ***1/2 at this point) for 2. The Dudleys spill to the outside, and Sabu actually hits the triple jump dive, with RVD adding his own top rope dive. Back in the ring, Sabu hits a second rope dropkick and tries another table shot, but Buh Buh ain't selling. Buh Buh waffles Sabu with the table but eats a Van Daminator from RVD (which made sense, since he was holding the table up). Sabu and Robby hit Rolling Thunder on Buh Buh, then hit a variant of that move on D-Von (with Van Dam doing a somersault senton and Sabu hitting a slingshot somersault legdrop). Buh Buh pops RVD as Sabu puts D-Von on a table on the outside and legdrops him through it. Buh Buh no sells another table shot and decks Sabu. D-Von gets back in the ring and nails RVD with a powerbomb as Buh Buh hits a superplex on Sabu and covers for 2. Buh Buh grabs Van Dam and gives him a massive powerbomb, but Sabu breaks up the pin. Sabu pops Buh Buh with a chair and gives him a DDT on it, as D-Von comes in and gets snapmared. Both Dudleys are in the middle of the ring now as Sabu and RVD go to the top, hitting a legdrop and splash, respectively. They both cover for 2. Buh Buh gets hit with a Van Daminator as Sabu hits a top rope chair dive on D-Von. Both RVD and Sabu cover Buh Buh for the pin and the belts. (17:17) ***1/4 Strange ending to a good match. But really, why show the Dudleys losing their belts?

  • Buh Buh and D-Von are in the ring with Spike, who doesn't seem to have a partner. The Dudleys let Spike have his pick of partners, and Spike's got one word for us: Balls. So we get:

  • DUDLEY BOYZ [C] vs. SPIKE DUDLEY AND BALLS MAHONEY (tag title match): This card is in Chicago, and man, the crowd is hot. Balls makes it a Chicago Street Fight, with Falls Count Anywhere. Brawl to start with the faces clearing the ring. Balls presses Spike over the top rope onto his brothers. Spike and Buh Buh get in the ring, and Spike hits a big Bubba Slam. Buh Buh uses the cheese grater as Joey has a heart attack. Spike retaliates with a nutshot and hits a flying forearm. D-Von and Balls enter the ring, as Spike uses the cheese grater on the outside. D-Von uses a foreign object as Spike and Buh Buh brawl outside the ring. Balls reverses a corner charge and stabs D-Von with a fork. Buh Buh and Spike are busted open big time. We come back from a commercial break as Spike hits a balcony dive onto his brothers (and Balls). We make our way back to ringside, as Balls hits a Rydien Bomb and covers for two. The faces hit a pair of X-Factors for another two count. The faces duck two clotheslines and hit their finishers for another two count. Sign Guy levels Spike, and D-Von nutshots Balls and hits a DDT. Dudleys hit 3D on Spike and cover, but Balls makes the save with a chair. Balls sets up a table and spreads thumbtacks on it, then douses it with lighter fluid. Balls goes to powerbomb Bubba Ray, but D-Von makes the save with a chair. The Dudleys, light the table on fire, and one powerbomb later, we've got some cooked Balls. The pin is, of course, academic after that. (11:39 shown) *** I dug this match. Wait, why was this falls count anywhere when the pin took place in the ring? Crowd chants

  • Highlights of the Duds putting Spike through two flaming tables.

  • Weird segment as Joel (wearing a plaster cast on his face) tries to tell the Dudleys that Balls is in the locker room by himself. So they beat him up.

  • D-Von Dudley testifies for RF Video. The end.

  • Epilogue: Who picked these matches? Seriously, the tape started out great, with a quick recap of the Buh-Buh and D-Von started teaming and won the tag titles. Then the tape devolves into pointless, crappy brawls. I mean, rare Japanese footage is great, but *good* rare Japanese footage would have been better.

    Think about it: The Dudleys had 8 tag title reigns, twice as many as any other tag team in ECW history. So how many title victories do we see? One. I mean, you can say that titles don't mean anything in wrestling, but I bought this tape as a fan of the Dudleys, and I expected to see some title victories. Why show Buh Buh and D-Von losing the belts to Sabu and Van Dam? Why not show them winning the belts from them? Why show them losing so many matches? If you bought this tape, you'd like to see the Dudleys win some matches. I mean, it'd be different if the matches were great-if I did a best of the Dudleys in the WWF, I'd include the table match from the Royal Rumble. Sure, the Dudleys lost, but that was a great match, and a big step in the Dudleys getting over. But most of these matches are mindless brawls, that all blend together after a while.

    How about showing the awesome promo the Dudleys cut on Sabu and Van Dam when they lost the belts? The angle with the returning Public Enemy? The Duds' last match in ECW?

    I don't mean to play armchair compilator here, I don't know the selection process for these tapes-maybe they just weren't allowed to use some matches-but the whole tape seems like a missed opportunity.

    Even if you're a fan of the Dudleys, you'll probably be less than impressed by the tape. Trust me, the Dudleys have improved tremendously since entering the WWF. But then again, fighting teams like the Hardys and Edge/Christian and being allowed to mix wrestling with your brawling will do that. Thank God they don't have to fight loads like the Gangstas anymore.

    I've badmouthed the tape pretty badly, but there are some good matches on it, and the first part of the tape is an interesting history lesson. If you're a huge fan of the Dudleys, it may be worth a look. Just don't knock yourself out looking for it, and don't expect to be blown away.

    Send feedback to, and let me know if there's anything you'd like spotlighted in the future. For the next ECW flashback, we'll revisit some more golden age ECW TV, with Steve Austin's best interview and Mick Foley's worst match.

    Take care, and thanks for reading.

    [Thanks to Hisaharu Tanabe for the title information, found at Go there now!]

    Joe Gagne
    ECW Flashbacker

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