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Hello everyone, this is the Gansobomber and I've been dropping people on their heads since 1984.

Heard the big news lately? Vince Mc Mental is high on Soap Operatic storylines.

While I'm not exactly against it, I'm not for it either. Maybe I'm biased, or maybe the idea just sucks, but I've a very bad feeling about what Vince Mc Dork is onto. My view on this topic is that people switch to wrestling shows because they want to see - wrestling. On the other hand, Vince probably thinks that the core audience is not going to leave unless WWE shuts down, so he's playing his trump card by using these storylines to bring in new viewers. Like it or hate it, you have to applaud Vince's attempts at bringing back wrestling to the top despite the internet community crying foul whenever he tries something new. Back when I was a newbie to the internet and the backstage side of wrestling, I lapped up everything the supposed internet "gods" said about wrestling. That's probably the reason why I hate HHH now. As an aspiring columnist I sincerely advise you against believing straightaway what anyone says. For all you know I might be on the wrong side. Use that thing inside your head.

Coming back to the topic, the reason I feel bad things coming for WWE is because of one major detail the WWE seems to have missed. Make that two.

  • Wrestlers are by nature not good actors. To say say they are mediocre is an overstatement.

  • The supposed to new audience the WWE wants to cater to, the "soap viewers", are definitely not the kind that appreciate a good match. They are the ones who would look at Test act like a C Grade actor and say, "Pfft! This sucks. Lets go back to Ally Mc Beal/ Friends/ <insert name of most hated soap>."

    My point is that in catering to a whole new audience isn't easy and lots of sacrifices have to be made. Don't for a minute think that the soap viewers actually watched WW(E)F during it's glory years, it was all the in-ring product that carried WWF to victory over WCW/ECW. The storylines may have helped just a teensy weensy bit. Well, that's my opinion anyway. The sacrifices could range from acting classes for extremely bad actors (which I hope is what happens anyway), to the extreme such as shift of focus from ring work to actually skits! That's what was happening in RAW a couple of months ago and see what happened. Their ratings came down to an all-time low. Believe me (or don't its your wish, really!) unless the WWE handles the storylines in such a way that they are believable and engrossing, this is just a disaster waiting to happen. And seeing WWE's start to the storyline crap (Kane, HHH 'nuff said...), it probably will.

    Now lets clear our minds of the filth that is WWE and go onto more pressing matters.

    Like Kensuke Sasaki quitting New Japan. Is it just an angle or a the truth? I don't think anyone will know until the match Sasaki wants to have with Suzuki once he quits. There are no leads to whether this is really the end, or the start of an angle that's going to be sure fire hit when ended. There have been so many reports flying here and there about this happening that everyone seems confused. The finger was pointed straight at Riki Choshu who had some disagreements with NJPW and quit, I believe in January. Now Sasaki has thrown a blow at NJPW. You would expect the management to react. The management, however has been, lets say - complacent. Inoki said something which amounted to he doesn't care a damn about Sasaki. Yuji Nagata, the current IGWP champion blames a friend of Choshu, but not Choshu. Sasaki has kept his mouth shut so far. To bring it all into view, blames have been thrown about, but there is no solid evidence that Sasaki is actually leaving. Keep in mind that Sasaki has been in NJPW ever since he started wrestling. To say he is/was an integral part of NJPW is an understatement. The response of NJPW to his resignation pretty much says it all for me. Only time will tell If I am right.

    Over and out.


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