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As of today, the rules have changed.

I've seen plenty of other internet guys try to book Nitro. And seeing that I've had some really positive feedback from you guys about my booking ideas (you all loved my "Future Booking" as my alter-ego, James Girouard), so I'm going to try it.

So March 21st's Nitro was the last show of an old era.

Welcome to...


  • Live from South Padre Island, Texas on SPRING BREAK-OUT 2000!

  • Your hosts are Scott Hudson and Mark Madden - and we're going right to the ring!


  • We open with the entrance music of Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the current WCW Television Champion.

  • Jim Duggan comes out an makes an open challenge to any wrestler in the back for his TV title.

  • At the exact moment Hacksaw goes into his "HOOOO", vaguely familliar entrance music is played over the arena's P.A. system - the announcers wonder who this is - and then KANYON makes his way down the aisle, microphone in hand. Kanyon explains that he's the "best wrestler on television" and the only one worthy of that title. He tries to do his "who's better than Kanyon" line, but Duggan leads the crowd in chanting "EVERYONE"!

  • Kanyon gets embaraassed and upset and charges the ring, only to be met by a Hacksaw clothesline. Hacksaw dominates the first minute or two of action with clothesline, kicks, punches and bodyslams - but a corner charge miss puts Kanyon in control. Kanyon runs through his offense until the four-minute mark, when he misses a top-rope move and Hacksaw gets ready for the three-point stance...and NAILS IT! Hacksaw's about to finish off Kanyon when the WALL's music hits the arena's P.A. system. The Wall comes down and chokeslams Duggan while Kanyon distracts the referee. The pinfall is academic, and Kanyon's your new TV champ in about five minutes. The Wall gives Duggan another chokeslam for good measure, leaving Duggan lying in the ring and needing medical attention.

  • Afterwards, Kanyon introduces the Wall as his new "protege" and claims that while Bam Bam Bigelow taught the Wall everything he knew, Kanyon knows a whole lot more than Bam Bam EVER did, and he's glad Bam Bam, Crowbar, and David Flair are in the hospital. Kanyon tells everyone in WCW to fear the Wall's "rage".

  • Back to the announcers, who run down tonight's action, including a non-title match featuring Sid Vicious vs. Curt Henning and Jeff Jarrett defending his United States title against Vampiro.

  • Backstage, Gene Okerlund prepared to enter the nWo locker room for an interview. [C]


  • Gene Okerlund talks to the nWo in their private dressing room. Jarrett tells Sid Vicious that he's earned his respect and should join the elite group in wrestling, the nWo. Scott Steiner does his catch phrases.

  • The announcers ponder whether Sid's joining the nWo or not.

  • Back to the ring for Norman Smiley vs. Hugh Morris. The Barbarian came down with Hugh Morris to ringside. Just like their previous match on Nitro, Morris dominated the action for about three minutes, but missed the No Laughing Matter and Smiley hooks on the Norman Conquest for the quick win. After the match, Morris and the Barbarian pounded on Smiley, but the Demon ran in to make the save. The two then did the Big Wiggle for the fans. [C]

  • Vampiro cuts a promo talking about how moral victories aren't really victories, and how he has to release the demons of self-doubt by finally beating one of the top stars in WCW.


  • A Spring Break video package, which looks like every OTHER Spring Break video package. At the end, though, Riki Rachtman is outside with 3-Count as they appear to be signing autographs and entertaining their fans, when Los Fabulousos appear and the fans go NUTS over their new dapper look and flashy attitude. 3-Count look stunned, and in the background, you can see XS shaking their heads in mock "disgust".

  • Another match, as TAFKA Prince Iaukea faces Psychosis (w/Juventud Guerrera) and Chris Candido in a triangle match for the Cruiserweight title. Candido does his "best real wrestler" spiel before the match to get heat. Juvy tries to do his Rock imitation, but Candido attacks Juvy before he can and that's how the match start. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. comes down to ringside to do color commentary and complain that he's been "left out" of the Cruiserweight title picture, and blames WCW for it. After about five-minutes of good cruiser action, Guerrero decides to get involved and attacks everyone in the match, causing a no-contest. Afterwards, all four men keep fighting to the locker room.

  • Backstage, Team Package is ready to talk to Mean Gene when we come back! [C]

  • Back from commercial, Team Package makes Sid an offer to join their group, saying that while the nWo is bad, Team Package has been bad since before the guys in the nWo were even wrestling.


  • The announcers now wonder whose side - if anyone's - Sid is on.

  • The Mamalukes cut a quick promo, stating that they should be getting a tag-team TITLE shot, not just a number-one contenders match - and vow their revenge on the Disco Inferno.

  • The next match is a number-one contenders match for the World tag-team titles between the Mamalukes and Booker and Kidman. The Mamalukes come down without Disco Inferno, a point that is not lost on the announcers. The Italians get the early advantage with a sneak attack, but Booker and Kidman come back to take control at the five-minute mark. The match degenerates into a pier-four brawl when the Disco Inferno comes down to ringside. Disco comes down, and grabs one of the belts. Disco tries to hit Vito, but he hits Kidman instead! Meanwhile, Booker is rammed into the ringpost, Torrie goes to help Booker on the outside, and the Mamalukes are able to double-team Kidman inside to get the win. After the match, Disco tries to celebrate with the Mamalukes, but they're not sure Disco tried to help them. The announcers wonder where Disco's loyalties lie, and why Torrie once again went to help Booker instead of her man Kidman.

  • It's the top of the hour, and Jeff Jarrett and Vampiro are heading to the ring for their United States title bout! [C]


  • It's United States title match time, as Jarrett squares off against Vampiro. Jarrett comes out with the nWo girls, but sends them back (as is his custom). Vampiro comes out of the crowd this time and gets the early advantage on Jarrett, but a low blow turns the tide back to the chosen one. At about the six-minute mark, the ref gets bumped. Vampiro executes the Nail In The Coffin, but there's no referee to count. Vampiro gets nailed with a belt shot and both men go down. Lex Luger and Ric Flair show up at ringside and slide the bat in for Jarrett, but Vampiro intercepts it and nails Jarrett! Luger and Flair try to interfere, but Sting cuts them off, and the ref wakes up to count the three-count! Vampiro is the new U.S. champion at the seven-minute mark! Vampiro and Sting duck into the crowd to celebrate as Jeff Jarrett argues with Team Package, bringing the whole nWo out to back Jarrett up. Sid comes out halfway to ringside, but doesn't get involved in the argument - once again making the announcers wonder whose side Sid is on. Sid walks to the back as the two heel groups keep arguing.

  • Los Fabulousos with Miss Hancock run into 3-Count backstage, and 3-Count isn't happy that Los Fabulousos "stole their thunder" at the Spring Break, so a match is signed on the spot. [C]


  • Backstage, Curt Henning is with Mean Gene, and tells Sid that he's ready for anything he can dish out.

  • Back to the ring for Los Fabulousos vs. 3-Count (Helms/Moore). 3-Count stars their song, but it's interrupted by Miss Hancock's music - and out come Hancock and the snazzily dressed Los Fabulousos!

  • To the match, where five minutes of back and forth lucha-ish action take place, and Evan Karagias tried to interfere - but Hancock distracts him, allowing Silver King to ram Shannon Moore into Karagias and then hit a twisting plancha for the pinfall. XS (Lane & Rave) come out to the wrestler's walkway to watch the Los Fabulousos (i.e. Hancock dancing) celebration, but XS tries to act "disinterested" in their actions while being jealous at the same time.

  • Dustin Rhodes cuts a backstage promo, proclaiming that since he destroyed Terry Funk, he's the new "King Of Hardcore". Brian Knobbs takes umbrage to that the two end up brawling to the outside of the arena.

  • The nWo are shown coming to the ring as we head to commercial. [C]


  • Jarrett, the Harris Boys, Scott Steiner and the nWo girls come to the ring. They start to talk trash about Team Package, calling them nWo-rip offs, and then call out Sid Vicious again. However, Flair and Luger come out instead, and Flair informs the nWo that he and Luger were bad before "you were wrestling your first match". More words ensue before Sid Vicious finally appears.

  • Vicious basically tells both Team Package and the nWo that he's really not on anyone's side right now - he's a free agent and doesn't work for anyone. However, he could be "swayed" if one side could show their worth by eliminating the one man that he hates the most - Hulk Hogan. So the two sides agree that Scott Steiner and Lex Luger should face Hulk Hogan in a three-way dance tonight! Whomever can beat Hulk Hogan would be the "frontrunner" in the Sid Vicious sweepstakes.

  • More Spring Break nonsense, since it's probably already paid for.

  • Curt Henning prepares for his title match against Sid Vicious, tonight! [C]

  • Back from commericial, Hogan responds by cutting a promo from the locker room that basically states that it doesn't matter what Sid Vicious throws in front of him, he's going to get revenge on Vicious for turning on him last Nitro.


  • Curt Henning gets his chance at Sid Vicious and the WCW World title. Henning actually gets control for a brief moment, but Sid takes the advantage with a clothesline and then proceeds to murder Henning for about three minutes. Henning does manage to make the big babyface comeback when Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner hit the ring. While Steiner distracts the referee, Jeff Jarrett slides into the ring, whacks Henning with the guitar, and allows Vicious to powerbomb him for the win. Vicious, Jarrett and Steiner batter Henning until Hulk Hogan comes out to make the save. The announcers note that the nWo probably took the lead in the Sid Vicious "sweepstakes" with their interference.

  • Team Package plots strategy. [C]

  • Back from commercial, the Harris Boys are found laid out in the locker room by Steiner and Jarrett. The announcers surmise that Team Package has decided to try to get back in the Sid Vicious "sweepstakes" by eliminating members of the nWo.

  • The three-way dance between Hulk Hogan, Scott Steiner, and Lex Luger. Hogan cleans house early, but Luger and Steiner actually work together to take Hogan down for a few minutes. However, Luger and Steiner start to argue about who should get the credit for the pinfall.


  • Luger and Steiner start brawling, which allows Hogan to make his superhuman comeback and double clothesline both men. Hogan cleans house, but Jarrett and Flair interfere for the disqualification. Luger, Flair, Steiner and Jarrett pound on Hogan until Vampiro and Sting come back through the crowd and make the save, clearing the ring. The three faces stand in the ring, the heels stand around the ring trying to get back in, and as the credits roll, Sid Vicious can be seen once again in the entranceway, shaking his head in disgust.

    Jamie Girouard

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