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Greg Kliver




I was surprised Friday morning when I checked out Slash wrestling to find that CRZ re-posted my infamous "Thank You Uncle Eric" column. I found it really funny that my final three statements in that column came back to bite me in the ass. Well, after reading that column over I figured I might as well throw my two cents (I doubt it's worth that much anymore) on the major shake up at WCW.

This past Thursday the news spread like wildfire that Eric Bischoff has been brought back to World Championship Wrestling and Bill Busch has resigned as Vice President. Bischoff will not take over the Vice President duties, but will be working on the creative side of WCW, a.k.a. the booking team.

Many fans on the Internet rejoiced while others groaned. I could give a rat's ass.

Another name has all of sudden come into play about a return to WCW. Who? It is none other than Vinny Ru! There is talk right now of Bischoff and Russo working together on this new booking team. If that is the case, Kevin Sullivan, Mike Graham, Gary Juster, and J.J. Dillon should start hunting for a new job because the pink slips may be in the mail.

The question on many people's mind is will these two be able to work together? I think so. Despite Vince Russo wanting to push young talent and Eric Bischoff being a mark for established stars these two can work together. Who cares if Bischoff likes a more traditional style of wrestling and Russo loves sports entertainment? These differences don't matter because they have something in common that is stronger than all the differences. Both of them want to win. Russo & Bischoff want to kick Vince McMahon's ass.

However, WCW and Murphy's Law go hand and hand. If WCW makes a decision, it is bound to go wrong. That's just the way it has been. If this holds true, the team of Bischoff & Russo will self-destruct after a few months.

Let's hope it doesn't. The truth is WCW is the pits right now. The television they have been airing is the definition of boring. I actually enjoyed the product Vince Russo put on TV. It was fast paced and exciting to watch. I taped every Nitro Vince Russo wrote. From his first show on October 18, 1999 to January 10, 2000 I have them all on tape.

I'll admit one thing I didn't care for when Russo was booking--there wasn't enough actual WRESTLING on the show. A three hour Nitro would usually have less bell-to-bell wrestling than a two hour Raw. I realize not many people want to see a ten minute Lex Luger match, but Kidman vs. Bret Hart could have gone a little longer than four minutes. And there's no need to book matches under five minutes on a pay-per-view because once the people have ordered they're hooked in for the night. If you deliver some good in-ring action OVER five minutes with an ACTUAL finish people are bound to order again.

If this change in management means I don't have to see the "Dog" anymore and Hulk Hogan take out every heel and play "1980s superhero" I'm all for it, however, if I see the Nitro debut of the "Frog" I'm done watching WCW for good.

Peace out.

Greg Kliver

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