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Andy Goss



(from 15 Feet High)

Dear CRZ,

I tend to agree with you on many, many things. I like your sense of humo(u)r too. However, I severely -- SEVERELY -- dislike the way you are just pissing away your Nitro recaps out of spite for ONE INDIVIDUAL. So you dislike Russo, big faking deal. A show is a show and a recap should recap.

As near as I can tell, since you do not speak of anything else in your life, and Hyatte has not said anything else, slash and KZiM *are* your jobs. As such, you should go full out on them, or as near to full out as possible. Heck, I've done recaps and columns before while being saddled with the very real job of attending college! How hard can it be?

However, you choose not to go full out. Well, let me rephrase. You choose to do nothing. What is this, a protest of WCW's quality? If so, it's petty. If you don't want the recap job, give it to E.C. or to one of the Rantsylvania members. Heck, I'll take it.

If this seems like a cleverly disguised plea for a regular gig, let me say this: you stop going halfway and give Nitro the same respect you give Raw, and I'll drop my crusade. At the bare minimum, Nitro and Raw are exactly the same thing. They are shows involving a motley crew of athletes doing breakneck stunts to try and obtain the top prizes in the industry. Like any humans, they have their moments of pain, triumph, and distraction. There are those you like and those you dislike. It's just like any other show. They're the same setup.

Last night, I missed both shows while watching the Democratic National Convention. You may call this my loss, but usually I can't watch both shows anyway. I found out Shane Douglas was wrestling; I saw that Booker T was against Jeff Jarrett; and in each of these cases, I was excited. Hearing Shane work the crowd is great, and Booker and Jarrett can go. But, since no other website offers complete recaps, I knew at least I could turn to you for the detailed blow-by-blow.

"Douglas says something, but it's all fake so who cares."



Likewise, Booker T and Jeff Jarrett gets nothing -- not even the finish -- from you. Less than one sentence dedicated to two of the reasons to watch WCW in spite of itself.

Chris, I know you've slowly slid into this, but face facts. You're being blatantly unfair, and you're cheating millions of people. Even if they aren't as interested in WCW's future as I am, they at least want to see what happened on Nitro while they watched Raw. It used to be that reading your recap was as good as watching the show. Now, for all the info you impart, it might as well have not been written.

Your claim for not liking it is the line being blurred between "fake" and "shoot" like it has been. Chris, that's a load of horseshoot. You're just becoming so faking biased against the styles of Vince Russo that you won't give him a third of the time you give others. You vote in the WrestleLine Monday Night Poll to skewer the ratings, then claim it's too faking bad. But what you call bias -- and this is the saddest part -- boils down to hypocrisy.

Under your system, you should have submitted a blank page for Raw. After all, it was entirely fake. The Acolytes drank fake beer. Edge and Christian have fake egos. Triple H and Stephanie are having a fake lovers spat over their fake marriage with Kurt playing fake home wrecker. Vince steps in and gives a fake lecture to Triple H and Kurt. Fake fake fake. How does it sound? Annoying, right?

That's what you became. Now shape up, or ship out. Russo's in charge. Live with it.


Andy P. Goss
Rantsylvania Rant Crew member in good standing

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